Ode to Diapers

Just now I had this awesome thought:

“I’m thankful for diapers.”

And I mean, the fresh, clean ones.  

Now to you, that may not seem so great…but with three in diapers, a panoramic vision flew into my mind of what it would be like…

without diapers.

I have to tell you, however, I’m not so thankful for the dirty diapers.  Most of the time, the need for a change is NOT convenient (ie: in this example) and the creative places in which I’ve found a way to change a diaper is pretty vast, considering the number of babies in this family of mine.

What brilliance would it be if there were some type of recycling business for “disposable” diapers!  I suppose it would take a redemptive miracle, at least for the ones at our house!

But this morning all the diaper thoughts led me to more thoughts…which went something like…


Thank you that You are good with ALL diapers.

The nice clean dry ones.

The saturated ones profusely leaking.

The messed up, smelling-up-the-whole-house ones.

Thank you that YOU take us just as we are.

And you do all the cleaning up.

You forgive our sin and get rid of the stench.

I just love You for that.

Need some redemption? A miracle, even?

 God will take you on. Just as you are.





  1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

    Thanks, Amy! God is so good! 🙂 Praise be for sure!

  2. Seriously Rachel, you have an incredibly creative mind to make diapers into something spiritual … and to give God thanks through it! I love it! Praise be to the awesome God that we serve!!! -Blessings, Amy

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