Life is a Gift

No one wants to get one of those phone calls.  You know the kind I mean… where the person on the other line is trying their best to remain calm but at the same time deliver news that your loved one had an episode of struggling…

with the simple act of breathing.

I received one of those…just yesterday.

So today I want to encourage you to remember that

life is a gift.

Every single day.

The sunny days and the rainy days.

The good days and bad days.

We get to choose to  embrace the breath God gave us today and enjoy it to the fullest or shun the gift of life and turn our faces towards bitterness.

The choice is ours:

passionately pursue and purposely live…

or accept mediocrity and vaguely exist.


invest and improve others’ lives…

or hoard our blessings and selfishly live alone.


give thanks for our blessings and claim joy

or focus on burdens and demand attention.


Life is a gift.

Have you taken the bow off today?




  1. Thanks for the great reminder! I recently wrote about why we need to keep on keeping on–even through the difficult days. Because life is a wonderful gift!

    1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

      Thank you! You have a wonderful blog. Thanks for your perseverance reminders!

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