Joshua Code and I Can Learn the Bible Giveaway

The giveaway winner is: Sandy Pasiewicz!! We’ve emailed you! Enjoy the books!!

I’m working my way through email and WOW- you guys sure loved Monday’s post on memorizing Scripture! I am so thrilled that many of you expressed an interest and desire to memorize God’s Word AND to be more intentional about it this year!

So while I was working, I had the thought that it would be super fun to offer a Bible memory giveaway and decided that in spite of day 3 of the worst tooth pain I have ever experienced (I actually went to the dentist and received medication. Have I ever told you I’d rather have a baby as go to the dentist?), I’m making that happen today.



The giveaway is what you see pictured above. Two books for one winner. To get the info on the books, take a peek at 8 Ways to Start A Scripture Memory plan this year.

I’m keeping it simple and all you need to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment answering the question below.

In thinking through purposeful Scripture memory, I could use your help in answering this question:

How do you choose the Scripture passages you memorize?

And that’s it! A comment winner will be chosen at random by one of my assistants. (aka children)

This giveaway is now closed.

Have fun entering! The giveaway closes at midnight, 1/8/16!

By his grace,




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  1. Angela Cullipher says:

    I look for scriptures that pertain to the area that I am struggling with at that particular time and memorize that scripture.

  2. What ever scripture is most powerful for the season I am in and helps me cling to the truth and not lies

  3. i ask the Lord to give me one when i am praying about an area that i need help in.

  4. It is through reading the scriptures that I select a verse I would like to memorize.

  5. At the end of the day (after homework, supper, etc), as I chat with my kiddo about her day- we pray. I then take a few minutes to just be still and let the Holy Spirit lead me to answers I seek about anything that we’ve encountered that day. That’s when the scriptures come, and I’m led to one that encourages & strengthens me to prepare me for the following day, when we start all over again. In the stillness, and quietness is when I seek scriptures.

  6. Judy Smith says:

    I choose a verse that ministers to a current need in my life. When my daughter was battling breast cancer God gave me “He will keep them in perfect pease whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trust you.” Isaiah 26:3

  7. Sarah Baker says:

    Right now my kids and I are working on memorizing Psalm 119, because we highly admire William Wilberforce and read that he would recite it on his fifteen minute walk to work every day. Figure his spiritual discipline practices are worth emulating. We are on verse 34! It has been incredibly enriching so far.

  8. Linda Burnette says:

    I have just recently began following your bible study to go along with your book “One More Step”. Our family is struggling in many ways right now and I am desperately seeking God’s guidance. I haven’t memorized bible verses since I was a child. I stopped going to church from the age of about sixteen till I was in my late twenties. I still prayed but I couldn’t find a church I felt was right for me. When I finally found where I felt I belonged I started attending regularly. I sat in the front row and took copious notes during Reverend Frog’s services. I would go to work at night and study the scripture passages from his sermons. After I became friends with him and his wife he told me that I scared him to death. He was afraid I was going to come back and challenge him on what he had said. I studied but never memorized. Now I m finding verses that I would like to remember, but I’m not sure I have the “tools” in my brain! By the way, they called him Reverend Ron because he attended Texas Christian and they’re called the Horned Frogs.

  9. Julie Cronan says:

    I choose scripture that will help me in the current situation I am in so that I will receive help from His Word!

  10. I choose Scripture from what the Lord is saying to me that day in my daily Bible reading. It is different each day because there are different needs that happen everyday.

  11. Jamie Martin says:

    It mainly relates to how I feel at the time.

  12. Meghan Grotendick says:

    I pick out verses when reading by what calls out to me when reading different scripture

  13. When a verse speaks to my heart I try to memorize it. I will write it out or print it out from the computer and place it in front of me..bathroom mirror, kitchen cabinet, computer monitor, steering wheel of car (while stopped at traffic light) so that I can read it over and over until I learn it.

  14. Marcia M Carter says:

    I choose the verses that speak to me. One that is helpful to me currently.

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