Joshua Code and I Can Learn the Bible Giveaway

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The giveaway winner is: Sandy Pasiewicz!! We’ve emailed you! Enjoy the books!!

I’m working my way through email and WOW- you guys sure loved Monday’s post on memorizing Scripture! I am so thrilled that many of you expressed an interest and desire to memorize God’s Word AND to be more intentional about it this year!

So while I was working, I had the thought that it would be super fun to offer a Bible memory giveaway and decided that in spite of day 3 of the worst tooth pain I have ever experienced (I actually went to the dentist and received medication. Have I ever told you I’d rather have a baby as go to the dentist?), I’m making that happen today.



The giveaway is what you see pictured above. Two books for one winner. To get the info on the books, take a peek at 8 Ways to Start A Scripture Memory plan this year.

I’m keeping it simple and all you need to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment answering the question below.

In thinking through purposeful Scripture memory, I could use your help in answering this question:

How do you choose the Scripture passages you memorize?

And that’s it! A comment winner will be chosen at random by one of my assistants. (aka children)

This giveaway is now closed.

Have fun entering! The giveaway closes at midnight, 1/8/16!

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  1. Angela Cullipher says:

    I look for scriptures that pertain to the area that I am struggling with at that particular time and memorize that scripture.

  2. What ever scripture is most powerful for the season I am in and helps me cling to the truth and not lies

  3. i ask the Lord to give me one when i am praying about an area that i need help in.

  4. It is through reading the scriptures that I select a verse I would like to memorize.

  5. At the end of the day (after homework, supper, etc), as I chat with my kiddo about her day- we pray. I then take a few minutes to just be still and let the Holy Spirit lead me to answers I seek about anything that we’ve encountered that day. That’s when the scriptures come, and I’m led to one that encourages & strengthens me to prepare me for the following day, when we start all over again. In the stillness, and quietness is when I seek scriptures.

  6. Judy Smith says:

    I choose a verse that ministers to a current need in my life. When my daughter was battling breast cancer God gave me “He will keep them in perfect pease whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trust you.” Isaiah 26:3

  7. Sarah Baker says:

    Right now my kids and I are working on memorizing Psalm 119, because we highly admire William Wilberforce and read that he would recite it on his fifteen minute walk to work every day. Figure his spiritual discipline practices are worth emulating. We are on verse 34! It has been incredibly enriching so far.

  8. Linda Burnette says:

    I have just recently began following your bible study to go along with your book “One More Step”. Our family is struggling in many ways right now and I am desperately seeking God’s guidance. I haven’t memorized bible verses since I was a child. I stopped going to church from the age of about sixteen till I was in my late twenties. I still prayed but I couldn’t find a church I felt was right for me. When I finally found where I felt I belonged I started attending regularly. I sat in the front row and took copious notes during Reverend Frog’s services. I would go to work at night and study the scripture passages from his sermons. After I became friends with him and his wife he told me that I scared him to death. He was afraid I was going to come back and challenge him on what he had said. I studied but never memorized. Now I m finding verses that I would like to remember, but I’m not sure I have the “tools” in my brain! By the way, they called him Reverend Ron because he attended Texas Christian and they’re called the Horned Frogs.

  9. Julie Cronan says:

    I choose scripture that will help me in the current situation I am in so that I will receive help from His Word!

  10. I choose Scripture from what the Lord is saying to me that day in my daily Bible reading. It is different each day because there are different needs that happen everyday.

  11. Jamie Martin says:

    It mainly relates to how I feel at the time.

  12. Meghan Grotendick says:

    I pick out verses when reading by what calls out to me when reading different scripture

  13. When a verse speaks to my heart I try to memorize it. I will write it out or print it out from the computer and place it in front of me..bathroom mirror, kitchen cabinet, computer monitor, steering wheel of car (while stopped at traffic light) so that I can read it over and over until I learn it.

  14. Marcia M Carter says:

    I choose the verses that speak to me. One that is helpful to me currently.

  15. Cara Atkins says:

    Hi Ms. Rachel,
    Pleasure to meet you! Just found your bloggie a couple days ago…was searching for encouraging poems and prayers and your lovely prayers were perfect for me…So, I’m a new follower…Your giveaway would be so cool for my little one…He LOVES books…but this way, he and I could do memory verses together…Have a blessed start to your weekend!

  16. chickie brewer says:

    I select scripture depending what I am going through.. Example If I am having tough time getting something done.. I may use I can do All things through Chist!

  17. Jennifer Ray says:

    Sometimes I pick an easy one so that I can feel like I achieved something. Then I pick a harder one or one that addresses something I think I need to work on or gives me comfort.

  18. Rochelle D says:

    I choose based on verses that are meaningful to me. My kids are in AWANAS so they are regularly memorizing verses. But I want it to be meaningful to them too!

  19. I learn what speaks to me. I think all scripture is helpful (1 Timothy 3:16), and that God cares most that I am working for Him. Quality learning rather than checking tasks off a “bucket list”.

  20. teresa kao says:

    I usually base what scripture that I memorize on the relevancy of it to what I’m dealing with at the moment. Or else on it’s relevant application to my life in areas that I would like to see transform. The most important verses that I choose to memorize are usually the ones that I can go to everyday and find that it’s power in my life is indispensable.

  21. Sometimes during my Bible Reading in the midst of my prayer time, I feel called to memorize a verse. Othertimes it may be from the message shared by our Pastor. I guess the simple answer is that I find verses to memorize in different ways.

  22. I choose scripture based on what I need to hear at that time. Which ones “speak” most to me when I’m reading.

  23. Cassie D. says:

    For our family we choose verses that are core biblical beliefs to the Christian faith (baptism, one God, how to be saved), and also verses that would be uplifting in time of need in the future. We write them on a small chalkboard tray, and practice them at the dinner table. It is the perfect time when everyone is together, and we go around the table and everyone takes turns saying the verse twice.

  24. Pamela Owens says:

    I choose them based upon the ones that are most meaningful to me during my Bible study…those that keep coming back to me and speaking to my heart.

  25. Kimberly Dewberry says:

    When a scripture really moves me and I know it will help minister to someone else it causes me to want to memorize it

  26. Whenever I am going through something or need something to uplift me, or even if I just feel like I’m missing something, I immediately cling to God! His Word is such a comfort because it reminds me that He understands, cares, and loves me! God’s Word is like a sword when in a battle, so in order to be able to conquer certain thoughts, certain hardships, and unexpected circumstances, we have to be prepared! So memorizing passages and just being able to fall back on scriptures in these times is so vital. So just knowing that I will have hard days, days of discouragement, days of feeling overwhelmed as a single mother, days where I’m just plain depleted motivates me to always have God’s word implanted in my heart! Even if it’s just certain words from a scripture, something is better than nothing!

  27. I pray and ask God for a verse for the struggle I am facing at that moment.

  28. Tracy Stancell says:

    Honestly I haven’t memorized to many scriptures. I have been saved for many years but haven’t memorized a lot of scriptures. I want a closer relationship with God and I know that 2016 is a year of elevation and abundance for me so I am going good to study God’s word and follow God’s word more.

  29. Angela O from Sheffield UK says:

    I try to consider it thematically – I tried ‘ the Romans route’ which is key passages in Romans to help in speaking with others of Christ. I also use cards to help cut to the size of a bank card to fit in my wallet.

  30. Peggy Talbert says:

    I choose verses to memorize in many different ways. If during my reading in the Bible a verse just resonates within my heart, I will stop long enough to note it in a notebook I had to designate specifically for this purpose. When I am reading articles about Bible topics & verses again resonate with specialness to my situation, they also are added to my special notebook. Basically, no matter how verses cross my path, or when, if I see or feel a special one, I put them in my notebook. A few of my favorites due to how they relate to my life’s ‘challenges’ include Romans 5:3-4, Romans 8:28, Luke 12:48, & Matthew 7:12 – when I first actually read this verse was also when I first realized the Golden Rule was from the Bible!! Also very meaningful to how I live my life was, & still is – Matthew 25:41-46. It will forever guide me in how I should treat all others I encounter!

  31. Jennifer O says:

    I recently printed off a list of suggested verses. I’m so all over the place that I like something I can easily follow.

  32. Tammy Green says:

    I choose the Bible verse or verses I memorize, depending upon the circumstance I am going through at that time, and the scripture God places upon my heart to read.

  33. I choose verses that deal with what is happening in my life at the time. Sometimes God will lay a verse upon my heart in my time with Him that gives me encouragement and yes correction that I want to commit to memory. Create in me a clean heart… Scripture says out the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks!!!!

  34. Maria Elizabeth says:

    I choose them by what ever I am going through at the moment. Usually while I am reading something speaks to me and I feel like it was meant for me, & meant for me to share with others.

  35. I choose scripture to memorize…from sermons @ church or daily Bible readin during quiet time or even ones shared with me by Godly friends. 🙂

  36. I try to memorize verses that have been meaningful in my life.

  37. First of all, I hope your too the pain releases you from its grip soon! Toothaches (and dentists!) are my worst nightmare. I’ll pray that you’re pain free soon.

    I memorize scripture chosen from my daily Bible reading and Bible study, as doing so helps me to strengthen what God is trying to get through my thick skull!

    Best wishes and thanks for your beautiful personal ministry, you’re touching so many of God’s children and, undoubtedly, leading others to the family!


  38. Tanya Scalf says:

    Sometimes through a suggestion from Bible study or more than likely if it is especially speaking to me at that moment

  39. Kacie Oglesby says:

    We haven’t started yet actually. I am doing my research, creating a plan and gathering supplies. I plan to start with verses I feel are against bullying. My 12 year old daughter is being bullied and we are battling this as a family they way a family should on their knees in prayer.

  40. Sharon Hill says:

    I open my bible after praying and read. Many times the verses I open it to are familiar, but I have never memorized them. I now read them over and write them down in my journal with their location in the bible so I can go back to them for inspiration.

  41. Maribel Sanchez says:

    Depending on what I’m going through I usually deciede what I will memorize.
    I do love to memorize verses on HIS promises 🙂

  42. I have never done any memorization of bible verses, but it is something I want to start doing for me and my kids, but I have no idea how to go about it. This would be perfect for me.

  43. Linda Hughes says:

    I stumbled on to your wabsite . I love the book One More Step and have been working at letting and be free from my package of junk. I have memorized a couple of verses. It is harder for me to memorize verses.

  44. Cassandra says:

    Which ever verses speak to me. I also accidentally memorise scripture when I bible journal and do scripture art- mainly from writing it out and studying the words. There’s something about physically forming the words that helps them stick.

    1. I agree!!! Especially taking a little extra time to do it. 🙂

  45. Carolyn Irizarry says:

    I choose scripture based on what I’m going through.

  46. I just open my bible and read! Sometimes its exactly what i was needing to hear and sometimes its not. Then I copy it in my journal and each day i rewrite it and read it and recitie it through out the day!

  47. I try to select vereses that are short? then build from there!

  48. Pamela Ferrell says:

    I try and think about past situations. I try to remember the ones from when I was younger. What will also encourage my son.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  49. I choose the verses I memorize based on where God leads me. Majority of the time, the verses I memorize apply to the current situations in my life. He helps me through them in this special way.

  50. I choose verses that have special meaning in my life. One of my favorites is 1John 4:4. Ye are of God little children, and have overcome them; because He that’s in me is greater than he that’s in the world. It’s one that has gotten me through some tough things in my life and also the first one I memorized.

  51. I am new to memorizing scriptures,so right now i”m writing down bible verses in my notebooks one for home and the other one I keep in my purse. I’m grouping the verses by categories such as love,faith,strength,stress and fear. It’s not easy memorizing but I’m taking it one day at a time (-:

  52. Shirley Thornton says:

    I choose them based of what they are saying to me, or the situation I am in.

  53. I choose by either whatever I am working on at the moment or whatever God leads me to 🙂

  54. I am not in the habit of memorizing verses. However, there are a few verses that I have returned to so often that I have memorized them.

  55. I choose a verse to memorize based on what I’m going through in my life at the moment. If I’m content I’ll use the verse that is the focus at church for that week.

  56. Jennifer D. says:

    Right now what I do is look up scripture from the Bible about what I’m working on in my life. Then I choose my favorite one and go for it.

  57. Joanne Peterson says:

    AWANA, and God keeps bringing me to certain scriptures, and then I stand up and take notice and I then memorize them. I find I pray certain scriptures often and then memorize them.

  58. Kelly Davis says:

    Whatever is going on in my life…so I can stand firm in the Word.

  59. We memorize by the needs in our family. When teaching lessons or trying to explain in reasoning with our kids (ages6&4) sometimes you have to go to the bible and read them the truths in order to have them understand. Example: James 1:19 “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.”

  60. I just ask God “:)

  61. Jess Anne Cole says:

    I memorize verses that will help me during difficult times. I’ve just started to memorizing verses. This is a 2016 goal.

  62. Melissa Mortensen says:

    When there is a verse that really touches me during my daily devotional reading.

  63. I enjoy snuggling on the couch with my 9 yr old son (I figure I only have a couple more yrs to enjoy this before he decides I’m no longer a “cool” mom and refuses to come near me. Lol!), sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate on a Friday night while we talk about our crazy week. When we get to a time that something happened and we just don’t understand why, we check out the Bible app on my tablet and look for answers. We read The Message together, and when we find a verse we connect with, we bookmark it and add our notes.

  64. When I am reading my Bible and the Holy spirit high lites a verse, those are the verses that I memorize as they are always of great importance to me.

  65. Anne Gooch says:

    For me it depends on the week (I am trying hard to learn a new one each week for 2016). I will pray over what God wants me to learn/memorize or if I want to learn/study something special I will do it this way (ex. love thy neighbor, faith, worry, etc.)

  66. Whatever scriptures speaks to me during my QT. 🙂 thank you!!!

  67. Misty Mock says:

    I select the verses that speak to me at that moment of my life. I also like to select verses that my kids enjoy.

  68. Vickie Flinchum says:

    I spend time daily reading scripture. As I read, I highlight certain passages if they press upon my heart. And, when a passage, speaks to me in a time of need, I copy it into my daily journal for memorization.

  69. I usually pick by what’s going on in my life-if I need encouragement I find those verses. Or it may be something I read that day in my daily Bible reading.

  70. Jenell Watts says:

    I choose a passage based on a particular area I’m struggling in or that I think the Lord wants me to focus on. I read the verse or passage every morning and night until I have it memorized.

  71. The verses I memorize come from passages I’ve read recently in the Bible or ones that I really need to meditate on to help me at that time (i.e. Phil 4:6-7). Hailey’s verse memorization comes from her Awana Spark’s book.

  72. Beth Lockwood says:

    I choose the verses depending on what is going on in our life at that time.
    Thank you for the give away.

  73. I generally choose scripture that I helps me at that time. For instance, when I felt like I need an extra reminder to be kind, but still speak in love, I memorized, “Don’t ever forget kindness and truth. Wear them like a necklace. Write them on your heart and if on a tablet. Then you will be respected and will please both God and people. Proverbs 3:3-4

  74. I have a “homeschooling momma’s bible” that I read daily and each day it gives a new scripture. So I write it on our whiteboard and we as a family memorize it. I like to come up with fun ways to help the kids in memorizing them. So depending on the day we make our own song, make and play a matching game that the kids have to then put in order of how the scripture is said, etc. I try to be creative.

  75. I randomly open my bible and flip. From there it’s what ever number pops in my head. I’ve been amazed that some of the scriptures I never would have studied are the ones where I learned the most. Nehemiah for instance never once thought to study any scripture there however my favorite scripture is now Nehemiah 8:10. the joy of The Lord is my Strength simple simple to have joy in him!!

  76. I choose my verses through verses that I come accross in my devotionals… or something stikes me…

    I use it as a tag line on my emails.

    For example ~ For my Happy New Year ~

    You crown the year with Your bounty, and Your carts overflow with abundance. Psalm 65:11 NIV

  77. I’m working on “Go to” verses right now: verses that will be good to have solidly in my heart for times of suffering–mine or to support friends. I also use verses from your blog!!
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  78. How to memorize scriptures.

    I find writing and rewriting them over and over helps me the most. I have not been doing this very long, more of a newbie. Writing them seems to help my old brain (LOL) the most and post them.

  79. I memorise them as God gives them to me when I need to stand on them or be reminded. Oh and I am soo with you on having a baby rather than going to the dentist! I always say the same thing.

  80. Wendy Franke says:

    I have never chosen a bible verse to memorize!! I REALLY want to start doing that! I use my Concordance to look up verses but I have never tried memorization!

  81. Corinna Root says:

    I choose based on what I need encouragement from, help with, etc.

  82. Rebecca Scott says:

    The verses I choose to memorize are the ones that touch my heart or have meaning for the season of life I am in at that moment. I want to make memorizing scripture a priority this year as I have slipped in doing that.

  83. I choose the scriptures I like to memorize by topics I need to apply to my life and grow as a Christian woman, such as renewing my mind or controlling my mouth.

  84. Paola Ramos says:

    I have always been in church but I found myself trying to learn more of God this will help. Hopefully I win !!!!

  85. The scripture has to pertain to what is going on in my life, what struggles I am having, what things I am celebrating or how I am trying to improve upon my walk with God.

  86. Barbara Pigg-Hawthorne says:

    I normally choose scriptures that I am going to need during stressful and troubling times.

  87. I always choose a scripture that fits me, what I’m going through in life. If I’m going through a difficult time I find a scripture to help me get through it and I stand on it everyday

  88. I memorize the scripture that helps with what I’m dealing with at the time. I keep it simple.

  89. I have memory issues, so I pick a verse based on what is relevant to my life and is easy to remember.

  90. I have an app and I post them on my wall by my desk. I’m try this, this year saying it a 100 times out loud.

  91. When I’m reading my devotions, and there is a passage to read, some part of the scripture really touches my heart. I write it down in my journal and read it again when I’m finished, then read it all week along with others I may have written down. I just have such a hard time MEMORIZING them? Thank you for this opportunity!

  92. I write the verses on colorful index cards and post on my refrigerator

  93. Michele Stutzman says:

    I tend to look for passages that deal with what the struggles that I had been facing or what the people around me need for what is going on with them.

  94. I am on a new journey in my life and I memorize passages that help me heal and stay positive from any struggle or life situation that happens that happens to fit into the situation and it can be based on a struggle that I am going through, my husband or my children may be experiencing something that we need guidance on. I really want 2016 to be the start of a new beginning for our family to heal from past experiences and to make beautiful new memories that they will carry with them forever. These are the passages that truly touch my heart at each particular moment because I believe that God make those availabe to see at that particular time in our lives to help us through it and follow his path.

  95. I choose a scripture passage to memorize based on what I feel like I the Lord is trying to show me at that time or wants me to teach our kids. For example, our 3 kids have just memorized Proverbs 15:1 (A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger) because that is something we have needed to work on (especially during the Christmas holidays!) 🙂

  96. MrsHowley says:

    I memorize verses best by singing… Great repetition!!

  97. I choose a scripture that helps my heart and soul to stay focused in any certain area that I may be struggling.

  98. I usually post up scripture that speaks to me or a certain thing I’m going through at that time in my life in various places around the house (near kitchen sink, bathroom mirror, etc) and try to memorize it that way. I also have a large wall sticker that is a chalkboard on my freezer and I write scripture there.

  99. I read one book at a time and each day I chose a verse to memorize from the chapter i read that gives me inspiration and encouragement or that teaches or give instruction for my day.

  100. When God speaks to me through a speaker or bible reading I am challenged to memorize and refer back to that verse.

  101. Helen Alford says:

    I find and (try) to memorized verses based on where I am at in life. Example: When I was pregnant for my son, I found out his heart had severe defects and he might need a transplant soon after birth. I searched for and found the verse that says “in my pain I cried out to you and you answered me”, I held on to that and every time I started to worry, I would say that to myself and to God. Notice, I do not have where that comes from in the Bible…that is my weak spot…remembering where the verse is from! *side note- my son had open heart surgery just 6 days after birth to repair the most major of defects, but did not need a transplant. He is monitored every 6 months, and the surgery they say he will need just hasn’t happened yet. Hmmmm…….!! 🙂

  102. I memorize the ones my kids memorize. Family time counts even with the “little” things–but this is a big “little” thing.

  103. I choose scripture to memorize based on what’s going on in my life at the moment and how God is leading me.

  104. Hi Rachel,
    The scripture passages that I memorize have a lot to do with what has affected me recently. For instance, James 1:19: Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: you must be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.” I have this posted at my desk right now because I need the reminder frequently. I wrote it down on a day when I knew that I was getting angry easily and letting little things get me down. I frequently post index cards on my mirror at home, or on my desk or dry erase board because that forces me to look at them daily and then they are like second nature to me. Thanks for all that you do!

  105. Elizabeth Conrad says:

    I choose the verses from devotional readings that seem especially relevant to me. Sometimes I choose them topically if I am struggling in a certain area or need to know more about a particular topic.

  106. I chose what verses to memorize by what the verse says to me.

  107. I usually choose based on what I was reading for the day and then what verse really struck me. I also try to keep verses that have to do with worry and anxiety as that is something I struggle with.

  108. I base them on the time of need and their meaning to me.

  109. Rosalind C. Adgers says:

    Sometimes God speaks to my heart whether is thru prayer or dreams or if I or my family and friends are going thru a situation.

  110. Mary Dicke says:

    Many things can influence me to memorize a scripture…what I am studying; verses found when reading my Bible; verses on a topic that I might be using to overcome depression. My big goal someday is to memorize Psalm 119!

  111. I choose to memorize a verse which can help me to view the way God looks at me, my situations, also to renew my mind with his thoughts.

  112. When I’m reading the Bible and I come across a verse that really speaks to me I write it on a note card. I feel like the holy spirit points it out to me and says “hey this one is really important!”

  113. I love my Promise Book. In any situation, may it be a time to rejoice or a challenge, I am able to find the perfect scripture to meditate on & memorize. ❣

  114. Courtney Clay says:

    I choose scripture to work towards memorizing based off directions from the Holy Spirit. He always knows which ones I need to know because the Father always see what I will be facing that day, week, etc… long before I even have a clue at what is coming ahead.

  115. I base them on what’s going on at the time & if the verse really jumps out at me

  116. Ashley Nichole Hill says:

    My children and I write our favorite verses on index cards and share them with each other and with Grandmama.

  117. Kathleen Nesvacil says:

    I usually choose the ones that fit what is happening in my everyday life. I can’t always remember them word for word but there is one I always say to my self everyday practically. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Phillippians 4:13.

  118. I choose to memorize the verses that touch my heart and the ones that will help me in conversations with non-believers. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  119. I will choose a verse if it pops out and me when reading the Bible or if I keep hearing the same verse from different sources. Like in a sermon on Sunday, a friend will say something about it or in a book.
    I will admit that I need to be better about memorizing scripture!

  120. Betty Burress says:

    I read my daily devotional and go with the scripture given for that day.

  121. I choose Scripture to memorize by the press of the Lord in my heart as I camp out in a certain Scripture. For instance, He pressed me to read 1 Peter daily for a year, so certain passages seemed to be in bold font as I read them and those I worked on memorizing.

  122. Hello All,
    I really don’t go searching a bible verse to memorize. For me, I think when a verse is spoken, read, heard or found by his Grace and it provides a strong impact, that is the verse I will memorize. These are the verses that feel as if God is speaking to me directly. 🙂
    Blessing to all.

  123. Something that has carried me though a season of my life, that I have felt God speak directly to me, will be what I commit to memory to always go back to.

  124. I open the Bible and try to let God guide us to what we need to hear that day.

  125. Candi Brown says:

    I like to choose Bible verses that teach, inspire, and uplift. Memorizing verses that teach and show the way of God’s plan of salvation help you to be ready with an answer when someone asks you how they can be saved! Memorizing verses that uplift help you and others in times of feeling down or lonely. I love God’s word because it is The Living Word! ????

  126. Tamara Ruiz says:

    I choose the scriptures I want to memorize by the situations I am experiencing in my life. I use them for encouragement and to help me make the right choices involving the situation. I use them to help me find the joy in anything. I also like to continually repeat them when I am thinking negatively or wanting to say something I shouldn’t. I like ones that keep my thoughts and tongue positive.

  127. Cindy Byrne says:

    I lean toward memorizing promises in scriptures or those verses that are encouraging. I find that these are the ones I can best use in conversations with others to pass on God’s comfort and encouragement to others.

  128. Last couple of days I choose from ‘verse of the day’ of the YouVersion app, because now it allows me to make pictures of the words, which is really amazing! And a more beautiful way to save the words than by just a screenshot (:

  129. Sherry Pope says:

    The verses that I “memorize” are the ones that speak to my spirit. Like the other posts have said, if it is something that I need in my life and stirs my spirit then it is easy for me to hold on to His promises through memorizing what my Father has to say about the situation.
    What I have a hard time remembering is the book and verse to which it relates. 🙂

  130. I chose scripture based on what God is currently speaking into my life. The current verse I am meditating on is Jeremiah 29:11.

  131. Virginia Walter says:

    I memorize a verse specifically when it relates strongly to my life. For example, “She is clothed in strength and wisdom and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25. This is the kind of woman I strive to be!

  132. Linda Harrington says:

    This year I have my first grandchild is graduating high school. With the other’s coming close behind, I am intentionally praying specific prayers, using specific verses from scripture. Those Scripture verses I want to memorize so I can recall them at any time throughout the day and pray them back to God. We need to cover our grandchild & children with His protection, His wings. My grandchildren range from the age of 5 years to almost 18 years. I know Satan would love to get ahold of them an any stage of their life. But this Nana is going to be praying.

  133. Our family, learns them for Awana. So we do it by singing it in a song, if it’s long. Or repeat it out loud everyday for a week.

  134. The scripture I choose to memorize varies from one situation to the next. Sometimes the verse I choose is based on my circumstances. Other times, I pick an entire passage based on its lifelong impact. Much of the time I have my kids memorize along with me and we incorporate our situations and or the season I to our choices.

  135. When I read a scripture that relates to my current situation or what my spirit is feeling at the time, I’ll right it in my study notebook.

  136. Radonna Jernigan says:

    I work from the scriptures that were covered in the weekly message at my church during the sermon. While memorizing the verse; I put it into context as to how it pertains to where I am in my life and that helps me memorize the scripture for that week.

  137. This is so awesome! I would love to share with my daughter in law who home schools my grandchildren.
    Thank you Rachel!

  138. Christie Tyndall says:

    Scripture memory is an area I struggle in. I know it is very important but I let other things get in the way. How I am I supposed to deal with the ups and downs of life if I don’t make time to have the tools ready. Where to start? What do I need to memorize? Those are the questions I struggle with the answer. I get verses that deal with an area I’m struggling with and I write them down in a notebook over and over. I haven’t quite got them memorized though. The struggle is real. Thank you for all the tools and encouragement you provide.

  139. Michelle Brinson says:

    I will meditate on different verses every day, but there always seem sot be a verse here and there that sticks with me. I will then make a point to memorize it. I believe these are promptings of the Holy Spirit.

  140. I look in concordance and search for what I need to hear. For instance: Comfort. Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Then I write it on pretty scrapbook paper and tape it up in my prayer room.

  141. I go to God in prayer and ask him to reveal his wisdom, love and guidance that I need for the day. If I am struggling through a problem or situation I ask God to lead me to averse that helps to understand and trust him more. I read the verse, write the verse down (more than once), highlight, and find supporting stories or testimonies that are relevant to my situation. I reread it every night or free moment and in a matter of time it sticks to my heart.

  142. I chose by verses that have mean to me in a particular way, right then in there, or during a life event, or even something I am going through.

  143. Most of the time I just memorize one that sticks with me and applies to my life at the moment. Other times I just randomly open the bible and find a verse that just feels right that I feel God has chosen for me!!

  144. I chose verses that have special meaning to me; but, I also look up articles online of the best verses to memorize.

  145. Karla Tolson says:

    I choose scripture that pertains to what God is working with me on at the time.

  146. Kimberly Gore says:

    One verse a week & writing it out. I will choose at random as I come across one that speaks to me

  147. Based on waht is happening around me & then also what truely touches me that I can take with me daily

  148. Well, I follow faith-filled Believers such as yourself & basically ride their coat tails to wonderful ways & ideas of learning & memorizing Scripture. I mean, why reinvent the wheel?? I love your idea re: the posters & am going to try this.

    My son is 8 & puts me to shame w/his memorization of Scripture. He started memorizing in Awana years ago before he learned to read. A few years back we visited a friend’s church & when we picked him up from the Children’s area, the teacher was amazed at how well he could read at his age! I was puzzled as he wasn’t reading yet. She said when she asked him to read John 3:16 aloud to the class, he opened his Bible & read the verse word for word.?

    Thank you for investing your time, talent & treasure in us to grow His Kingdom (& for sharing free printables).

  149. Charity Blake says:

    In January of every year, my church does a Bible Study on the book My One Word. We choose a word to focus on for the year, (examples are confidence, faith, love) and we choose scripture related to our word to focus on for the year. I write these scriptures down and look at them often. By the end of the year, I know the ones I began with and have added others that inspire me.

  150. First of all, thank you for reminding me the importance of memory verse. I found myself neglecting this important part of our Christian walk. I have become a spoon-fed Christian. In the past, besides the weekly Bible Study Group, I have taken great satisfaction in doing my own Bible Study. It is through it that I have learned my memory verse. I have found an overwhelming joy of discovery of the God we worshiped through knowing His Word and its revelation. For example, as I went through Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby and read Isaiah 6 where Isaiah described when he heard from the Lord. He couldn’t even look but only say, “Woe is me for I am a man of unclean lips and yet have seen the Lord.” And how he described not the Lord’s face as he couldn’t even look at the majesty that behold him. His robe alone filled the temple and the angels with six wings: two for covering their faces, two for their feet and two for flying and round and round they would call to one another: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory.” What a great sight but also a very humbling experience. God is Holy, we are sinful and yet, He sent His only begotten Son to die for us so that we, mere simple creatures can have the opportunity to have an eternal life with Him. Ain’t God great? As we read His word, He plants a desire for us to read and memorize His Words deep into our hearts so that we can draw upon them as and when. Truly, faith comes by the hearing of the Word. Praise God

  151. I choose a verse to memorize so that I can pray that verse regularly for someone with a particular need. Then I use that verse to pray for that person by putting the person’s name within the verse. For instance, I pray Romans 15:13 for someone I love who struggles with bouts of depression.

  152. I choose a verse to memorize based on what I’m going through in life at the time. Something that speaks to my situation and holds great meaning for me.

  153. Some of our classes have verses that go along with what we are reading or studying. I use those on a weekly basis to memorize together.

  154. Jennifer Bittle says:

    I choose them based on how it speaks to me. On how it applies to what I am dealing with at that time in my life.

  155. Typically, I memorize verses that mean a lot to me or jump out to me in my quiet time. Sometimes a verse from a book or blog post stand out or hit my heart in a time of need.

  156. How do I choose memory verses? Really just got started working on this with my kids, this winter. ((((((((( awesome timing 😉 )))))))) we have a book of verses that we use to either go in order and memorize 1 per week, depending on size they are little and can’t all read on there own yet. Or if something in particular is going on in their lives or they have had questions regarding, etc… I will choose a specific on or if there are a few that apply, I will read them all and let them choose which one they will memorize. I am also trying remind them when it applies in our day to day lives so it’s real. Thank you and God Bless!

  157. Martha Pare says:

    I’m not usually searching or looking for them, but rather they speak to me in some way while I’m reading or doing bible study. I know if they speak to me in some way now I will definitely need them in the future for comfort or strength.

  158. Tracey Crisan McDonald says:

    If a scripture really speaks to me, then I try to memorize it. If I am intentionally choosing scripture to memorize, I choose those that I can use in prayer and when praying for others. The most recent verse that ministered to me and reassured me of things I had been praying about was Habakkuk 2:1 ” I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what He will say to me, and what answers I am to give to this complaint. The first part confirmed what has been on my heart for a long time now: to claim the territory God has given me (my blended family) and to faithfully keep watch over it.

  159. I chose Scripture verses because of what it is speaking to me, it is something that I can apply right now or it is something I want to aspire to.

  160. AMY LYNN DARROW says:

    I have always chosen my verses sincerely on a small prayer asking the Lord to direct me to the verse He would have me to read. In doing so, he has always led me to the verse that would bring peace to my soul. Most verses, I’ve read many times before, but there have also been many times the Lord will lead me to a verse that I’ve not paid much attention to before or had forgotten about that particular verse the Lord revealed to me. In those moments, I cherish because I have a “Wow, moment” because in those moments is when God reminds me He knows my heart and his Word better than I ever will.

  161. I choose scripture that I need to make it thru my day. If I need hope. Or strength or just to announce that God is I am.

  162. I have had difficulties memorizing verses in the past (or school related information) so writing it down over and over again on paper or post its or index cards. I then place them throughout the house in areas where I go at least one time during the day and read it as many times as I can throughout the day.

  163. I have 2 ways of choosing a verse to memorize…..either from that day’s devotion from my yearly devotional book, or from my ‘Read the Bible in a year’ section for the day. Sometimes they are ones that I learned in school many years ago, but had forgotten the book/ch/verse, or only remembered some of the verse and need to re-memorize it. In each case, I write it on an index card with verse on 1 side and reference on the other. Then I continue to quiz myself throughout the year as my stack of verses increases. Not only does it help me to have a large source of verses to drawn upon when needed for various circumstances, but I also am learning the everything in the Bible as well as the context of the verse in that particular book of the Bible. Take care. God Bless.

  164. I memorize those verses that really touch my heart. The verses that remind me that God loves me and is with me as well as those verses that help me throughout my day!

  165. My 7 year old and I will sit at the kitchen table together, he will pick a scripture and I will pick one. We exchange scriptures, he will read mine and I will read his.

  166. I choose my verses based on what I am reading from the bible.

  167. Heather H. says:

    – I’m new to this so I haven’t developed a way to learn and memorize certain scriptures (I don’t own a bible yet; so many to chose from). I guess right now I get little scripture readings from the Daily Guideposts- 365 Spirit-Lifting Devotions for Mothers and from the book Spoken For.

  168. How do I choose what to memorize? Hmmm…..some days it is just opening the Bible and asking God to show me what to memorize. At other times I look up a topic. Other times something just jumps out to me when I am reading my Bible.
    I used a memorizing Scripture ‘system’ years ago but it was just too much like schoolwork. I like to hang scripture around the house and I end up memorizing it because it is in my face several times a day. I still struggle with integrating this into my life as much as I would like, though!

  169. Debbie Taylor says:

    I choose scripture quotes that are familiar or that I hear from fellow Christians. I think if they are meaningful to you then you will memorize them and use them to share God’s messages to others!!!

  170. I find verses through study guides & if they spark a feeling of connection with my soul I wil memorize it.

  171. Vilmaris Conigliaro says:

    I currently am working on memorizing whole passages at a time such as phillipians, when it comes to my kid I pick a verse not difficult and keep repeating it to her throughout the day. Right now memorizing proverbs 3:5-6

  172. Jami Blackchief says:

    I choose based on the season of my life, what I need to be daily reminded of.

  173. Rachel Perkins says:

    Thank you so much Rachel ??? my son – just turned 4 on Jan. 5th – and I could really use these on our journey

  174. I like to pick a scripture that is especially meaningful to something I’m going through at the time. I know others have mentioned the same thing. If I’m having trouble with anxiety, “Be anxious for nothing…”. If I’m fearful about something, “Fear not…”. Also, I try to pick verses that have to do with the time of year. There are many verses about being thankful that are great during Thanksgiving and verses about the birth of Christ that are great during the Christmas season!

    I also think it’s a good idea to memorize scriptures that help me with things I want to work on in my walk, like being patient, giving more and trusting God with everything.

  175. At times I pray first and ask God to show me what He has for me in the scriptures. I then just open the Bible and begin reading at which time a verse will come out at me and then I write it down and place it under a cross at my bed table and read it over and over until memorized.

  176. Kasey Love says:

    I read the question wrong so I answered the wrong question lol. When choosing a memory verse I try to see what needs we as a family to work on such as worry and loving one another. I normally utilize Google to help me find the right verses!! My favorite it 1 John 4:18. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear!

  177. Kate Chamberlin says:

    When choosing scripture to memorize, I choose ones that God can quickly bring to mind that will combat my thoughts throughout the day that are not pure, true, lovely etc. I memorize them to act as a sword separating truth from lies in the day to day. So when I’m feeling burdened and burnt out I think of Galatians 5:1 and remember it is for freedom Christ has set us free. When I’m thinking like the world does God brings to mind Romans 12:2, when I feel like I’ll never get past a certain sin I recite 1 Corinthians 10:13.

  178. Samantha Bell says:

    I memorize ones that speak to me and ones that will help me when witnessing to lost souls.

  179. Mary Rose says:

    I memorize what will build me up depending on what crisis is emerging. I love memorizing Scripture!

  180. Kasey Love says:

    I really like the idea of putting a bible verse a week on the fridge to remember!! I love making printable sobmaybe even do a framed printable for kitchen table each week and at the end of the year make it into a book! Exciting:)

  181. I pick verses that speak to me. Inspire me to be a better person, or comfort me.

  182. We do what the Sunday school curriculum is doing at church. Repetitiveness is my moto. So they also know it for school but also for church.

  183. I will choose verses based on feelings, such as when I worry or get anxious. Then I will write it out and keep it with me so I can read it as I need to and memorize it

  184. Depending on the journey in my life that I’m in ill have scriptures to either get me through or strengthen me

  185. Ally Richards says:

    I choose verses that help me through whatever I’m going through at the time.

  186. Marilyn Rickerson says:

    I memorize verses that mean something to me at the time. I do this by writing it on several cards and having it with me in the car or at home on the fridge or bathroom mirror. So when I am cooking I can see my verse. When I am at a red light in my car, I can see the verse.

  187. It seems like the older I get the harder it becomes to memorize! I usually pick a verse that is relevant to me at that time, write it on a couple index cards, keep one at home, one at work, and one in my car.

  188. The Lord always seems to know what’s on my heart whether it be a person, a situation or circumstance, or what I myself am struggling with. In that, He always speaks to me through my daily devotionals or many times a post I see on Facebook. Unfortunately, I am terrible at remembering the verse or scripture He put in front of me to get me through the yuck. So, He picks them for me.

  189. I’ve been memorizing them from an Awana book, and then using an concordance for topical ones that relate to daily problems.

  190. Rhonda Downing says:

    I choose scriptures that speak to me about various things – trials, promises, my children/grandchildren, my purpose, the church, etc.

    Would love to be able to give the children’s book to my granddaughter. We were unable to attend church this past Sunday … she cried.

  191. Laura Waite says:

    I will look up verses that mean something to me, for things that I’m struggling with in my life. It really helps me to memorize them. Reading the bible verses encourages me.

  192. It is usually something I’ve heard that speaks to me from a pastor, friend, video, audio, book study, etc. I feel that if it is speaking to you, it’s something God wants to talk to you about and you need to write that on your heart and in your mind.

  193. Mia Braddock says:

    I try to look up scripture tha talk about a current issue I’m going through

  194. I tend to go from scripture I don’t know based on what was used in Sunday School or sermon. If I have memorized what was used I literally open my bible close my eyes and point.

  195. Christy Shepherd says:

    Would love to win! 🙂

    1. Christy Shepherd says:

      I forgot to answer the question…sorry!
      When choosing scripture to memorize, I pray for God to lead me to scriptures that will encourage me. I also love Psalm 91 and I’m working to memorize it now!

  196. I am new to memorization of the Bible, so having direction would be great.

  197. I have a few different ways. I might see a verse on social media that speaks to me. If I am going thru something, I use my concordance to look for verses. If I am doing a Bible study, and come across a verse. My follow they of actually memorizing them is my downfall. I am working harder on that part this year!

  198. Many blessings Rachel! I started a section in the back of my journal the titled memory scriptures… Also I ordered cards from Amazon… I can’t wait to really get in a memorize..

  199. I usually pick a meaningful scripture to me. Something that speaks as to what my life is like at that moment.

  200. I choose the scripture based on what I am going through at the time or what most relates to my current circumstances. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  201. As much as I hate to admit it I have never tried to memorize verses. I am working on changing that. I have been following your bible reading plans for two months now and I have enjoyed it so much. I so want to walk a closer walk with the Lord. I have downloaded the ScriptureTyper app and right now I’m working on verses on forgiveness. I chose forgiveness because I really need to work on that. I have really got to work on forgiving myself and letting go of the past. Your prayers will certainly be welcomed. Thank you!

  202. Brenda Gooch says:

    I’m new to Bible study. Last year, I used a one-year Bible reading plan. I was somewhat successful (read through August) when I rebroke my arm and could not use it. The Holy Spirit touched me deeply about studying the Bible and I believe I am to start with Genesis so I can build my knowledge of God’s Word and strengthen my relationship with Him. Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway. Blessings to you.

  203. Although I haven’t been very dedicated at memorizing scripture, when I do I like to pick verses that stick out to me. Verses from a sermon or devotional that make me just sit back and think, wow, that was definitely you God! I’m looking forward to this year of memorizing more scripture!

  204. Maria Avila says:

    I pray to God for His guidance in whatever I am going through at the moment and then pray He leads me to a verse. I literally say, “Lord reveal Your answer to me, or speak to me through Your word.” For instance, I prayed God would reveal a scripture for 2016 that will carry me through the year. I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds the future, so after praying The LORD led me to Psalm 105:4. “Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always. -This was just a confirmation to me that God led me to this scripture and He no doubt has me in the palm of His hand!

  205. Sharman Gillingham says:

    Verses are selected as I feel Holy Spirit guiding me to make a deposit in my heart. I’ve found this effective for current events, as well as, shedding Light to reach back over past experiences. The selection(s) always provide a sure foundation in preparation for future events.

  206. Michelle Wolfe says:

    I choose verses on whats going on in my life at the time and what speaks to my overall life. I also love to challenge myself with small chapters like Isaiah 53

  207. Catherine says:

    I base my scripture memorization off of what I and my kids are actually studying from the Bible for that month!

  208. Brooke katz says:

    I choose what God kinda throws at me lol pretty much what I’m needing to learn the most

  209. Theresa Lili says:

    I choose my memory scripture the beginning of the week from something I have read that has touched me

  210. DeAnna Osborne says:

    I choose by what is going on with my life at the time…. also I memorize along with my bible quizzing kids that I coach…. Good luck to everyone!!

  211. What God is teaching me at the moment is usually how my memory verses get chosen.

  212. Heather Diane Ryan says:

    I haven’t had a chance to really memorize any scriptures in a while (health issues and money issues clouding my mind, as well as I am near the end of my 3rd pregnancy (A difficult one) – the 2nd being a miscarriage), but when I was able to, I tended to choose the ones that felt ‘mantra-like’ to me. Something that I could carry through everyday life.

  213. Diane Merlo says:

    I just found your website the other day. A new year to find my connection with God. My year to read scriptures for the first time.

    My way of remembering things is with pictures and printouts. I love cutting things out and posting them on the walls around the house!!!

    God Bless Everyone,

  214. I usually pray and ask God to lay a particular verse on my heart and He is faithful to do that.

  215. I look in the topical portion of my bible which lists passages directed at certain areas of life such as “trust,” or “encouragement,” based upon what I am feeling on the given day. I then go to one of the suggested passages to review and memorize. To memorize I type out the passage and duplicate it numerous times then post it on my computer at work, the mirror in my bathroom, the steering wheel of my car, my refrigerator. So that I am constantly seeing it and reminded to read it which helps me memorize it.

  216. Monica Hodges says:

    I choose what to memorize based on recommendations from others, verses that the Lord is using in my life or verses that grab my heart during my time reading Scripture. As an adult, I’ve done far less memorizing than I would like and am hoping to change that this year:)

  217. Beth Clark says:

    I struggle with memorizing scriptures and retaining it. When I was younger I was able to memorize scriptures. I think it helps in are daily walk with the Lord. It comforts me when I can remember a verse.

  218. Through my daily life feelings and experiences. God Bless

  219. Rhonda Taylor says:

    How do you choose the Scripture passages you memorize? After my morning worship and quiet time with God I asked him what should I be focused on today. Then he gives me different scriptures. I read it, search it and meditate on it. I’m creating my notebook where I write them on a sticky note. I also post them throughout my home.

  220. Jean Reed says:

    I usually pick a verse from a devotional that I’ve read that hits my heart and that I need to keep focused on. I know the dentist feeling, I was a hygienist for 32 years but very different than being the patient (hate it), praying for you.

  221. Well I am just getting started in trying to do this. But I want to find one meaningful to me at this moment in my life. I’ll try the index card idea or get a little blackboard and write in there and put it in my kitchen, where I am most of the time.

  222. I use verses that speak to me or ones that I have found in bible studies that keep me on track! It was so much easier as a child! I know a couple who have memorized whole books. What an accomplishment!

  223. I am looking forward to sharing with my great grand daughters. They will enjoys these so much. Thank you.

  224. Myisha De Nose says:

    I usually select my scriptures based on what I’m going to declare for the month. So depending on what my declaration is I select scriptures pertaining to that declaration write them on index cards and memorize them as I declare allowed daily.

  225. I’m new to God’s word, so I’m memorizing verses along with my children. They are given a verse each Sunday at church and we work on it together all week. Doing this as a family makes it more fun and meaningful.

  226. I choose ones that will help me in sharing the gospel and then I’ll choose them based on what I might need to focus on or am dealing with personally such as worry or anxiety.

  227. I try to memorize scripture with special meaning to me.

  228. Sometimes I memorize them based on the Bible study I am doing, other times it is something that applies to my life.

  229. Tabitha Dukes says:

    I choose them based on situations I may be going through at the time. I learned a lot of verses when I was child and they have held dear to my heart, but as adults we need to continue to study and learn God’s Word daily.

  230. I choose them by meaning and what is revelant in my life at the time, to help me memorize them I put it as my phone lock screen. I always place them on index cards around the house. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway and praying your tooth gets to feeling better.

  231. Simple – if it like the passage and it has meaning to me, I choose it. That’s it, SIMPLE.

  232. Stephanie Cutlip says:

    When I’m looking at a scripture to memorize I tend to go by theme of the verse and use my concordance to choose verses that speak to the struggle or challenge or victory that I am going through

  233. Anne Marie says:

    I choose verses that speak to me during my devotional times

  234. Rhonda Todd says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that I have ever made scripture memory part of growth in His Word. I love Bible Study and the reading of God’s Word, but I have never made scripture memory a part of that, and I’ve been in a relationship with the Lord for 24 years. I would love the opportunity to win this book for myself and my grandchildren.

  235. I select verses that have some significant meaning to me, maybe to meet a need at that time, and also ones that I think will help me in the future.

  236. Hi Rachel! I choose them from what I read from monthly plan you give us… Also, from what I find on Internet on specific subject… I am in the process to learn the bible and there are so much interesting scriptures to learn!!! Hard to choose!!!!

  237. I choose whatever scripture God lays on my heart!

  238. Great topic Rachel! My kids and I usually pick a verse based on what we need to work on…peace, showing love to others, obedience, etc. We say our verses each morning as part of our morning confessions (i.e.daily affirmations). Once they have them memorized, their “prize” is to pick out anything they want at Dollar Tree. They love it!

  239. I choose memory verses depending on the areas I need to work on or goals I’d like to achieve. Also I look for verses that will help my children in areas they’re struggling with.

  240. I choose the verse according to my circumstances, troubles and needs

  241. Michele Mallon says:

    I generally let the Holy Spirit guide me to a verse that is speaking to me about a situation or issue I am going through.

  242. I frequently read a chapter or passage and then narrow down to a verse or two that encapsulate the meaning or the message for me. They usually resonate with what I am learning or struggling with at that time.

  243. Polly Schneider says:

    Sometimes I pick a scripture that stood out to me as I read that day or I pick one that means a lot to me. I have memorized whole chapters that are meaningful to me too like Romans 6 and Ps 103.

  244. Susan Sarver says:

    I usually pick a character trait that I am praying about and working on: This year I am choosing verses on self-control

  245. Gloria Phillips says:

    Sadly in the past I didn’t take the time to memorize it but now that I have kids and we are homeschooling the curriculum gives us different passages each week to memorize. This needs to become something that I do for myself and not only the kids.

  246. Misty DeMan says:

    I memorized by reading the passage over and over again.

  247. Kim Hobbs says:

    Many times I will choose a scripture that has stuck out in my mind from either the sermon on Sunday, from one of the devotionals I’ve read, or if I am (or a friend is) struggling with something and I look up Bible verses to help… I choose one from them.

  248. The verse we choose is determined by one of three ways. 1) We homeschool with Classical Conversations and have specified Bible memory work each co-op week. 2) We also follow the weekly Torah portion schedule, so sometimes our verse is chosen from that section. 3) Sometime we pick a verse that applies to a struggle, a virtue, or an encouragement that we need to focus on at the moment.

  249. I choose a bible verse as i pray and what is placed in my heart by God i look at a bible verse to memorize that week ..

  250. I try to find scripture that will help me with the situations I am facing in that time. Then I try to put them to a song so I can remember them with a tune.

  251. I usually focus on Scripture that I need to hear at the moment. Whether it be for patience, holding my tongue, or peace. It just usually ends up being something I need. 🙂

  252. Dorothy B says:

    Sometimes it is a verse that jumps out at me or touches my heart as I am reading God’s Word.

  253. I work in our Children’s Church Ministry. Each week we have a memory verse for the children to memorize, so I have started working towards memorizing those verses with my children at home! It’s a great way for us all to memorize scripture as a family, and with the other children in our ministry, I also think it’s a lot of fun for the kids to watch the adults stutter over words as we try to recite the verse from memory the next week before learning the new verse. They can see that we struggle with memorization just like they do as well!

  254. Heather Garrity says:

    I usually choose verses that stick out to me in a lesson or book. This makes it easier to apply to my daily life.

  255. Paula Watson says:

    I chose them based on what is going on in my life and what I (or friends) need to hold on to in order to be encouraged.

  256. Laura Cloutier says:

    I choose what speaks to me. The first verse I memorized was 2 Thessalonians 5:17 because I was in a horrible place in life and I needed to know the will of God. And I randomly read 2 Thess, and there it was : give thanks always, for this is the will of christ Jesus! Boom! So I memorized it. And I repeat it 10 years later, often. As a prayer, always, giving thanks. So now, when I’m feeling something, troubles, I find a verse directly related, and memorize it. They hide in my heart, learning in the light what I need in the dark.

  257. I choose scripture passages to memorize by the impact they have on my life at that moment. I can read a scripture passage multiple times but some days it really sinks in! I will write it on post it notes through out my house, car, etc! Just a little reminder of what my God has done for me and my family! =)

  258. I have always choose based on what sticks in my heart as I read. Now that I have a child I want to find the best verses for her.

  259. If I find a scripture that answers a concern I have prayed about, I want to remember it. I find memorizing difficult, so hopefully I can learn techniques to help me.

  260. Brenda Wohlford says:

    I choose Scripture that jumps out at me as I do my daily Bible reading. Before I begin reading, I pray that God would show me what He wants me to focus on in that part of Scripture. Without fail, He gives me a verse (or two or three) that He wants me to chew on. Those are the verses I highlight in my Bible and begin memorizing.

  261. I choose a verse that is relative to something that I am going through at that time. Or a verse that seems to keep “appearing” over and over in different places.

  262. I am an elementary school Christian Education teacher and am always looking for new and engaging ways to teach and lead our students into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Sometimes, I use our curriculum suggestions or the church calendar and seasonal or holiday verses. Often times I look for verses that speak to a need or theme in one or most of our student’s lives.
    I’ve shared your blog with our teachers, as your bible reading challenges have challenged me! And, as I prepare Children’s messages, I try to take ‘me’ out of the equation and listen to God’s promptings! (His are ALWAYS the best!)

  263. I let the scripture talk to me. My boys and I read our bibles together each morning and we talk about our reading and talk about what spoke to us the most. We will then highlight it, journal about it, I like to draw it, and we write it on an index card and place it on our prayer board we made. Before dinner we read every prayer on our prayer board and play a game to see who memorizes the scriptures on the board first.

  264. I choose my scriptures by writing them down on an index card – if I am reading something and a scripture jumps out at me (God sent it to me), then I write it down. I have a big pile of these cards 🙂 and just randomly pull one out and carry it with me for a while and memorize it. Hope everyone has a Blessed Day!!

  265. Stacey Scott says:

    I pray and ask GOD to give me the scripture for a specific need.

  266. I don’t choose the scriptures, sometimes I close the book, cover my eyes, let the book fall open and put my finger on it. Other times, I will be reading and I will come to a scripture that just sticks and I hold on to that scripture and pray on.

  267. Ashley Gallman says:

    You choose the Scripture passages you memorize by finding ways that they relate to your own life and also by how they relate to every other person in this world. God died for every single sinner out there, so God has a way to work in every life, and the passages you choose to memorize have a way of its own in every individual.

  268. Tiffany Hurtado says:

    I like to memorize scriptures I recognize from Christian songs.

  269. Kathleen Tatone says:

    When I am reading and a verse truly speaks to my heart and pulls on my heart strings, I know I am supposed to memorize it.

  270. I choose a scripture for memory by thinking of which verse has meaning for me or resonates with me.

  271. Brandy Maxwell says:

    I memorize scripture passage by writing the passages down when I am reading thru bible the ones that I guess you would say the ones that Jump out at me. And after I get thru reading for the day I go back and say them out loud and really think about them.

  272. Darlene R. says:

    The verse usually chooses me, it’s something that speaks to my heart.

  273. I choose my scripture based on my needs for my day and life. I think about how God’s word can make his way into my life and help me. Then I write it down in either my journal or on my phone and I wrote a quick reflection to it. The reflection usually helps me connect with the scripture a little more. Sometimes I rehearse it every night and recite it to myself.

  274. When my children were in Awanas I would memorize whatever they had to, I liked making it a family affair. Now, I’m following a 2016 memory plan that I found on Instagram. First one started this week which is 1 Corinthians 15:58. Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not vain.
    Thanks for the giveaway and Monday’s post, I struggle so I’m using the app that you mentioned, it’s working!!!! ?

  275. Karolyn K. says:

    When I find a verse I like i try to memorize it.

  276. Mary Lynn says:

    The scriptures I memorize most likely are about things I need to remember, i.e. trust God, not to worry, His Provision and Protection,etc. A lot of them are discovered in my reading. It always amazes me how God provides the right words at the right time.

  277. I’ve been reading “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young which has great scripture references. I pick the ones that really “speak” to me, especially if I’m believing God for more wisdom, direction or grace about something. Thanks to your inspiration I then I will usually journal my favorite ones for future reference. Thank you for all your encouraging words 🙂

  278. I like to choose a topic that I’m interested in and look up verses that apply.

  279. Jana smith says:

    My kids’ Sunday school class gives me plenty of inspiration for scripture passages to memorize! We like to memorize them as a family, abs enjoy lots of different- sine times very interesting and creative!- techniques to do so!

    1. Jana smith says:

      Oops please ignore the typos! 🙂

  280. I usually pick a specific passage that is especially meaningful or poignant to memorize, like Romans 1 or Psalm 27. I’d like to begin picking out verses that are scattered throughout the books of the Bible though.

  281. Marcia Glase says:

    When I find a scripture I like I write it on an index card and tape it to my bathroom mirror!

    1. That is a great idea!

  282. catherinebrown says:

    I choose verses to renew my mind.To help me do God’s will.To overcome sin.

  283. I choose a verse & the reference that is especially meaningful to me!

  284. I choose them based on their meaning to me.

  285. Lisa Rettig says:

    I choose them based on their meaning to me, for long term, or for a particular need of the moment.

    1. How do you choose the Scripture passages you memorize?
      I choose the verses I memorize depending on a problem I am struggling with. For instance, if I need to stop worrying then 1 Peter 5:7 would be a great one to memorize.

  286. I homeschool my son, so the verses we memorize are selected by the curriculum we use.

    1. I pick verses based on what the Lord is walking me through at the time.

    2. Wilda Ernst says:

      From my scripture reading for the day. I choose which verse(s) are speaking to me.

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