5 Creative Ideas for Prayer Groups


We made it to Friday, Bible Challenge Readers! No matter where you are in the reading, take a minute to check in so we can encourage one another, would you? I personally have a little catching up to do, but just a few chapters. I can’t tell you how much I love the Olive Tree App and the way their Bible reading plans afford such great flexibility of keeping track of the reading. If you’re not using it, give it a try!


creative ideas for prayer groups

For the summer months, my community Bible Study group took a break this year. We’ve all been busy in other studies, either online or elsewhere. Or in my instance, I delved into personal study through the Bible Reading Challenge because of our family’s summer event schedule. But although we haven’t held Bible Study meetings, we attempted to stay connected through once a month prayer meetings in order to continue to encourage one another in our spiritual journey.

Today I wanted to outline a few creative ideas for prayer groups and I’m hoping you will have some to add to the list! Here we go:

1.Practice using the same journal method for your prayer group.

A few weeks ago, I posted 5 Ways to Keep A Prayer Journal.  If your group intention is to keep one another truly encouraged through prayer, then keeping a journal using the same methods might be a great way to unite the group. When you meet together, you could share your journals and what is or is not working well for your personal tracking of requests, praises, etc.

2. Create a Facebook group to keep each other informed of prayer requests and keep one another encouraged through prayer.

If the members of your group are regularly using Facebook, using a group can be a wonderful option for long distance prayer teams or keeping in touch when you can’t physically meet together for scheduling reasons or whatever! If you are already friends on Facebook, this is a great way to keep each other informed of more urgent requests also.

3. Utilize an email list for your prayer group.

Last spring I was involved in an email prayer chain and it worked fabulously for that particular group. Many of the members did not use social media, but they regularly checked email, so it was a viable option.

4. If you have a large prayer group, perhaps more than 8 or 9 attendees, divide the group into prayer partners. 

The large group can still meet to pray with one another, but to keep the requests more manageable on time, being committed to pray for just one person’s requests can mean a ton. Where 2 or more are gathered, Jesus promised He would be with us.

5. Use the [email protected] prayer pattern during your prayer time. 

Perhaps you aren’t meeting on a regular basis for prayer group, but you know the Lord wants you to hold a prayer meeting. There have been times when I’ve been open to it, scheduled it, opened the doors of my home, and no one but Jesus showed up. 🙂 That’s ok too! But if you do have someone show up, you want to be prepared to guide the prayer time. The [email protected] prayer model can give everyone an opportunity to be prepared for prayer time. There’s also a FREE printable bookmark you can print for everyone!

PS: The Sensational Scent of Prayer is available in paperback too! Sharing the book together would be a simple way to unite your prayer group!

And now I would so love it if you would share your prayer group ideas!

What prayer group ideas do you have?









  1. Heather P says:

    Checking in and seeing some great ideas.

  2. Nancy Miller says:

    Checking in! So very blessed by today’s reading …. And I’m working on getting caught up on the schedule … Hoping to get back to read all the great prayer group stuff …

  3. Hi Rachel,

    You mentioning bible study just now jogged my memory. You talked a while back you did a study on the book of Isaiah. Did you use a formal bible study?

    I am feeling led to study the book and am looking and praying what resources I can use, or to just use something like an inductive bible study.

    Would you be willing to suggest what you used?

    Have a good weekend!



  4. Hi Rachel,

    I went back to the printable link just now. The resources are wonderful! I was not a follower of your blog when the printables were posted.

    Thank you! I am very visual, and use visuals as reminders even when I have something memorized,



    1. YAY- Im glad you enjoyed it! I’m planning to use it for my next local prayer meeting too. 🙂

  5. Hi Rachel,

    These are such excellent ideas. We have already used conference calling, and had a set time and day of the week.

    I now have an accountability partner on Monday at 1:30p and pray for the needs by phone because she is in a different city.



    1. oh yes! Conference calls- thanks for bringing that up! Another great option. Have a great weekend, Joanne!

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