How to Start A Bible Study Group

One of the questions I receive quite frequently is:

How did you start a Bible study group?

It’s a great question- because there are all different avenues to hold Bible Study groups. If God is leading you to begin, then it can be done! So after six years of leading Bible studies, I believe this article will be helpful to answer this question.

Today I wanted to give you 8 practical steps on how to start a Bible study group.

how to start a bible study group

1. Pray.

I know it seems obvious, but take some time to pray for what God would have for you and your group. Be still and listen to what God impresses on your heart during your prayer times.

2. Determine a location.

Bibles studies happen everywhere. In churches, in homes, in libraries… right now, the Bible study I’m leading meets in a yogurt shop, of all places! It’s what God clearly has given us and who doesn’t love frozen yogurt?

3. Choose a day and time.

Be sure to choose a day that fits well with your family’s schedule.  As the leader, you are committing to this weekly time for as many weeks as the study lasts.  You want to be reliable and your schedule needs to be open for preparation time.

4. Determine the style of Bible study you feel led to do.  

Are you going to lead a study that you have written or write one as you go along?  Do you feel led to coordinate the study and leave the teaching to a DVD series? Or is a book study more of what you feel you can do?  Is offering an online study an alternative that would work well for you? Research and make an informed decision.

5. Set the calendar.

After you’ve chosen the study, you can calendar the number of weeks for the study session.  You may want to allow for an extra week due to possible weather cancellation or to use as a celebratory week at the end of a series.

6. Send invitations.

Once you have all the details in place, the when, where, how, what, and why, then you are ready to invite participants.  There are many ways to accomplish sending invites-traditional mail, email, Facebook, Twitter, church newsletters, and neighborhood newsletters, just to name a few!

7. Prepare for the study.

The information that could be outlined here is enough for an entirely different post. 🙂  But write out a plan and then make a task list based on the plan.  Check off each item as you go and be sure to calendar the progress so you have your materials and you’ve read over them thoroughly in advance.

8. Pray. 

Yes, I know I made that point already. But God loves for His children to ask for direction.  He will lead you each step of the way when you rely on Him.

What questions or comments do you have for starting a Bible study group?  I’d love it if we could discuss it in the comments below!






  1. Rachel –

    I have been reading for a few months but never commented.

    I’d really like to start a bible study, but I don’t know many Christian women in my area. Just one or two. I’ve tried connecting at church, but I always seem to miss the start of each study by a week or two, so I just haven’t been able to connect. Do you have any suggestions for finding any other Christian women who are interested in a study? I just really need some more fellowship in my life! 😉

    Thank you for all the inspiration you provide!

    1. Hi Catie! Glad to hear from you! I totally understand. Keep in mind I have no idea all your circumstances, but here are a few ideas. Maybe one will help you. Much depends on the area in which you live (rural, suburban, city), etc… Maybe your Facebook friends, ask your women’s ministry leader at church, check your local library community board, send an email to or put a note in your neighborhood newsletter (our subdivision has one), check with your local moms connection group, either through church or your community (like the YMCA or city recreational center.) If you’d like to send me an email through the contact page with more info, I’d be so happy to try to offer some suggestions that might be more tailored to your situation! Many blessings!

  2. i have been in a Bible study with 8 other ladies for 3 years now….we typically just decide on a study together and do about 4 a year. Do you have any Bible studies that you would recommend? From experience, we know that our group does not do well if we have to watch a DVD, but we really love the studies that have daily readings with possible questions and then a big group discussion each week. What are your thoughts?

    1. That’s awesome Amy! I have a post coming up next week with a list of studies I recommend ,both with DVD and book only studies. I also know my friend, Courtney Joseph, at has a couple lists of Bible studies she recommends too. Hope this helps you!

      1. I read Courtney’s blog regularly! Thank you for the suggestion and I will continue to look on your site.

        Thank you!

  3. Thanks a lot Rachel. I have never led a Bible study before as of yet. As a convert to Christianity I always feel I am not “ready” and that I need more training under the guidance of mature Christian women who “get it”.

    1. I can see what you mean! One of the reasons I love Proverbs 31 ministries is that under their Gather & Grow program, you have access to resources that help you train to be a leader. This program is developing, but I think it’s going to be awesome for the future of potential leaders such as yourself. The great thing about leading is that you don’t have to know everything! You just have to be willing to search for answers. 😉 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “I’m not sure, but I’ll get back to you.” 😉 Have a great day!

  4. Thanks for this information, Rachel! Very timely.
    When do you start the next session of your next Gather and Grow group?

      1. What are you studying this time? Where was it at again?

      2. on the sidebar there is an ad for it. 😉 Stressed Less Living by Tracie Miles. Cuzzin’s Yogurt in Hilliard.

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