How to Prevent Slipping into Worry Mode

That mode of mind when you are trying to convince yourself NOT to worry, but find your thoughts falling into the worry trap? 4 questions to prevent yourself from slipping into worry mode

You know that bill you received unexpectedly? Or is it the car that seems to be on its last legs?

How about the health of your aging parents or the latest medical report you received?

It’s easy to let everyday issues of life pile up and cause us to slip into worry mode. You know what I mean? That mode of mind when you are trying to convince yourself NOT to worry, but find your thoughts falling into the worry trap?

After spending last month on the Win over Worry Bible reading challenge, today I wanted to share 4 questions to ask when I’m slipping into worry mode. When I find myself wrestling with anxious thoughts that often begin with: “What if..” “If only…” “This could be bad..”, then I stop to ask myself these 4 questions.

1. Have I prayed about this?

Because if I haven’t prayed about it, then there’s my first step to combating worry, right? And if I have prayed about it, then I need to release it into the Father’s hands. Again. Sigh. Yep, I’m a hard-headed gal, folks. I’m hoping I’m not the only one.

2. Will worrying about this situation change anything?

I love how bluntly Jesus posed this question:

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? Matthew 6:27 NIV

Easy answer, right? No. We are not going to create an positive results by worrying about the outcome of an issue or the potential problems we could encounter. Worrying will not transform into an asset. I like to take this question to prayer and ask the Lord to show me if there is anything He wants me to do in the situation and give me peace either way.

3. What replacement thoughts can I use in place of worry?

Creating a list of replacement thoughts is one clear way I can purposely choose to stop worrying. Whatever the thought I’m tempted to place on replay in my mind, I analyze the words of that thought and replace them with their opposites in a prayer to God. For example:

How will I be able to find the time to ___________? 


Jesus, please give me the wisdom to use my time as you see fit.

4. What Scriptures empower me to win over worry?

One of my favorite ways to create replacement thoughts is to read what the Bible says about worrying and replace my worries with God’s Word.

When my thought begins with:                                       God’s Word says:

I don’t know how _____________                                   I know the plans I have for you… Jeremiah 29:11

But what if…..                                                                That is why I tell you not to worry about… Matt. 6:25

I’m not sure what to do!                                              Encourage someone else- A kind word…. Prov. 12:25

When we replace our human thoughts with God’s Word, then our thoughts are taken captive and God’s Word reigns in our hearts. Incomprehensible peace blankets our souls.

Do you have a method for winning over worry? I’d love to read your comments today!


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  1. Need prayer I’m trying to find a job Please pray that I found one.

    1. Father, open the door to Your job for this child of yours. Amen

  2. Great reminders! I have ALWAYS been a worrier! And for what? It never solves anything & just begets more anxiety & worry. And I love #2! Worry does not add any more time but it sure can take it away.

    Thank you so much for your blog!

  3. Deep breathing and saying the same verse over and over again in my head. Then praying about my worries once I have calmed down.

  4. Rhonda McGuire says:

    In order to get through worry I look to my friends to help me. I know I begin to feel anxious and like there is no way out, my friends help pull me out of the quick sand of worry. I truly believe God certain people into our life’s to help us through difficult times.

  5. Kimberly B says:

    LOVE this! Woke up with some things already causing unneeded anxiety! Felt SO much better after reading these PERFECT reminders!

    1. Girl- I get it! Have to remind myself too. 🙂 Have great day!!

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