How to Move from Ordinary to Extraordinary

bible reading challenge day 171

Last night Scriptures were floating through my mind as I drifted off to sleep. Mostly about how God loves to take plain ol’ ordinary things and folks, and create extraordinary works of art. Today I’m writing about how to move from ordinary to extraordinary.


Jesus loved to take common, everyday items and transform them into miracles. Let’s discuss these 4 miracles- usual turned into unusual.

1. Water into wine.

Jesus crafted a miracle from the most basic liquid form we are familiar with, water, and changed its core chemical makeup into wine. This certainly qualifies common transformed into uncommon! (John 2)

2. 5 loaves and 2 fish fed 5,000 people.

As an event planner, I know that having enough food is critical. When I think of the phenomena of a little boy’s lunch transformed into a smorgasbord for 5,000 people, my mind is blown. And the leftovers- wow!  (Matt. 14)

3. Mud into medicine.

A man who was born blind was sitting by the temple as Jesus passed by. Everyone wanted to know who had sinned to cause the man’s blindness. The man’s life wasn’t about sin or who sinned- the purpose of his blindness was for God to receive glory through his life.   Jesus spit on the dirt, made a little mud and the man who had been born blind could see for the first time in his life. Definitely mundane transformed into miraculous. (John 9)

4. Touch- a common everyday occurrence.

Jesus was teaching and saw a woman who had been hunched over for years. The Bible says she had a disabling spirit, yet when Jesus saw her, he knew  immediately that she would be healed. He tells her so and then places his hands on her at which point she was healed from her disability of 18 years. The simplest of  Jesus’ expressions- touch- moved this woman from disabled to empowered.

Commonplace was transformed into showcase when touched by the God of the universe.

inspiring barn

Have you ever told yourself:

That will never work. I’m too ordinary.

But I’m just a normal everyday guy. or girl.

There is nothing unique about me- I’m just a  commonplace human being.

The complexity of God’s design for our lives encompasses all of the above.

You see, if God can transform




and touch into visual miracles that could be experienced not only by the witnesses, but also for us today,

then imagine what God wants to do with us.

We know that He really wants to take us- ordinary human beings

and create a masterpiece that will bring glory to His name.

Grit to grandeur.

Ordinary to extraordinary.

Mundane to marvelous.

Ordinary is not a bad thing. Ordinary is simply a beginning point for God to perform His work.

To move from ordinary to extraordinary, we simply yield to God and allow Him to do His work.

What do you think it takes to move from ordinary to extraordinary?




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  1. Wow I love this! I am probaly the most ordinary person I know, but God can even do extraordinary things thru me!

  2. Rachel,
    This was so beautifully timed for what God is stirring up in my heart, encouragement and confirmation, thank you! 🙂

  3. Thank you for these words today, Rachel. I look forward to being extrodinary! (Might take some time, but I am willing!)

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