How to Keep Going: The Craft of Persistence

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bible reading challenge day 240

She didn’t win the medal.

He didn’t get the promotion.

The door.slammed.shut.

Have you been there? Maybe it has been awhile. Maybe it feels like yesterday. But you felt like giving up and desperately wanted to know how to keep going: the craft of persistence.

Why do I label it a “craft?”

Because a craft is an art or trade that requires additional skill. It’s not just an everyday, ordinary skill. A craft contains a special skill set.

And so does persistence.

When my dad was a young businessman, there was only one way to be successful. He could have quit selling; he could have used his background as a valid reason to stop trying. His lack of education might have been used as an excuse to discontinue any attempts at running and managing his own business. He had limited help, scant resources, and little skill.

But my dad mastered the craft of persistence.

He dug deep, put one step in front of the other, and kept going, no matter the obstacle. He earned a living and provided for his wife and family of 9 children. His business is respected and loved in the community and he is a respected and well-loved man in the community. Why?

Because he owned the art of persistence.

Today I’m giving you 4 tips on how to keep going- the craft of persistence. These tips are disciplines I learned from my parents. So if you don’t like the tips, I’m not to blame. kidding.

how to keep going


1. To foster the craft of persistence, keep company with persistent people. 

Deliberately seek out those who appear to be unstoppable and shadow them. Learn the secrets of what make them tick. Watch their habits and try them in your own life.

2.To nurture the craft of persistence, spend deliberate time forming persistent habits. 

Get up at the same time every day. Spend time in God’s Word each day. Eat your meals at regular times each day. I know- I love creativity and variety and I sometimes get a little bored if things stay the same way for too long. Life hold seasons for a reason, but practice makes perfect. Discipline is a learned merit, not a loose mess.

3. To promote the craft of persistence, be purposeful in making persistent decisions.

Persistence is really just making the same decision over and over again. When you made the decision to do something, did you decide to “try it” or did you decide to do it? If you decided to do it, then do it. Don’t stop trying until you achieve it.

4. To nourish the craft of persistence, choose positive intake that will encourage persistence.

When I feel like giving up and need to remember how to keep going, then I turn to God’s Word. I read books that will encourage persistence. My hubby and I like to watch Biggest Loser when we can. Because we both love to see people achieve their goals and be successful. Deliberately choose intake that will hone persistence.

Committed and persistent work pays off.- Prov. 28:20 MSG

And now I would love to hear from you today.

Has someone in your life been an example of persistence? Brag about them in the comments!

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  1. Totally needed to read this word today, Rachel! Thanks so much for the encouragement to keep on persevering. I was reading in James this morning about how perseverance brings us to maturity…sometimes wish I didn’t need so much maturing!! 🙂

  2. My father persisted and succeeded. I think his generation had little to fall back on, so they just kept on keeping on. We would do well to learn some of that. Good tips, Rachel.

  3. I love the word persistence and the strong image that it portrays of never giving up. I also love how you defined persistence as a craft because it is a skill that needs to be practiced and perfected. The picture that comes to mind when I hear this is a child who is just learning to walk. Concentration and practice are relentless and giving up is not an option. May we all be like the child who persistently keeps going until success is accomplished.

  4. I love this idea- the craft of persistence. In a world where people seek fame as a career option and seem to be forgetting the value of hard work, persistence is becoming a forgotten craft. Thanks for sharing such an insightful, refreshing viewpoint. And credits to your parents, what great role models!

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