How to Find Time With God in Different Seasons of Life

bible reading challenge day 53

Hey there Bible Challenge Readers! So glad to have you checking in today. This week I received a message from one of our readers who felt discouraged because she has not been able to keep up with the Bible Reading schedule. Today as we check in with each other, I thought maybe we could share some tips about how to find time with God in different seasons of life.

 discovering time with god

As mom to 7 kids, I’ve experienced all different types of schedules and routines, as well as challenging combinations of personal care for my family. Family routine and schedule has always affected my time with God.   Work schedules, extracurricular activities, leadership roles, they all affect time management and flexibility.  Today I’m giving you a few solutions for discovering time with God in different seasons of life.  Maybe something that has helped me over the journey will help you too- and I’d love it if you’d add your ideas in the comments!

When you have infants…

Many times I would work on my Bible study or have devotions while nursing the baby.  Nursing is very time-consuming and I never felt that all my focus had to be on the baby for the entire feeding every single feed.  This is a wonderful time to pray also!

When you have toddlers…

take advantage of nap time.  I know, I know…there are a million things you need to run around the house and do during nap time. Prioritize and spend time with God during nap time-it is worth it!

When you have preschoolers…

preschoolers do not nap. And life gets tough! 🙂 Try getting up before the preschooler OR as soon as bedtime routine is over and Susie is in bed.

When you homeschool…

have an afternoon quiet time. Part of the automatic schedule each day needs to include a morning quiet time, afternoon quiet time or even both, depending on the ages and stages of your children.

When you have schoolagers…

have an established daily routine.  If all your children are school-age, then you have reached a plateau! I’m not there yet, but my friends tell me it is easy to lose track of time without wisely using it.  Be disciplined to use your time well for your family.

When you have a combination of ages and stages for your children… 

be time conscientious and take advantage of every minute. Wait lines are always a great place to take a few minutes to read or pray.  Sports practices or music lessons can be good times to utilize a half hour or more to spend time with God.

When you work a job outside the home…

use break time or lunch time to spend time with God. I used to do my Bible study while I was eating lunch and my prayer time was break time and night before bed.  This just worked well for me when I worked a job outside the home.

Where have you found time with God in your current season of life?  I’m hoping you’ll share! Let’s encourage one another!



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  1. Kim Osburn says:

    I am a retired/disabled woman with no children at home. Just an over active puppy. I still have to find time to make time to read the Bible and pray. So many things get in our way, we just have to stop! listen! and wait upon the Lord sometimes. I absolutely dislike starting things in the middle of anything. But, I am just starting your Bible reading challenge and making an effort to spend time in the word and with God each day. Like any other relationship, it takes an effort from each part. He is always there, it is me who makes him wait.

  2. Still reading – although I got a little behind. Honestly, I struggle with using my time wisely when I rise early. It’s easy to check in with my Hello Mornings group & then get sucked into facebook, blogs, etc. Praying I can focus & use my time better this week!

    1. Oh girl. I so get that. Since we started the Bible Reading challenge, I have determined during the week to do my best not to read anything before God’s Word. That has helped me tremendously and God has blessed it so much!

  3. Christina Beebe says:

    Still reading and it’s still Friday! Yay! I read at night after everyone is in bed and there is no noise from anyone or anything! I have found that I am sleeping better since I spend my last half hour with the Lord! I do have a prayer request (if anyone wouldn’t mind) – my Daddy (Gordon) just found out that he has a tennis ball size tumor on his kidney and that he has chronic kidney failure. He suffers from PTSD from Vietnam and is very depressed by the new health problems. I am asking for people to lift him up to the Lord for healing and peace. Thank-you!

    1. You go Girl. Father, today I pray for Gordon, Christina’s dad. We pray that you would be with him and help him feel that You are near to him and love him dearly. May your grace and mercy fall on Christina and Gordon today. We pray in your son’s name.

  4. I’m still reading, too! I am just now discovering the “joys” of a no-naptime day with my preschooler, and it has taken some adjusting in our schedules. But God has blessed me with a child who loves reading, so I sometimes just read aloud some of the daily reading to her! 🙂

  5. Still reading.

  6. Heather P says:

    I find that I am working on less sleep pretty well because I get up an hour earlier than my daughter just to have my time with God. Now, I have to shower before I sit to read or I tend to get sleepy. Having this schedule keeps me on track.

  7. I spend so much of my time sitting in the car waiting in lines to drop off or pick up my children. One time my husband clocked it as taking 1-1/2 hours or more out of my day!! That, of course, is prime reading/studying time!!

  8. Still reading! I’m lucky right now have a baby getting up at five to eat then goes back to sleep until the rest of the house is up, so I get at least an hour to myselft, we’ll see what the next stage brings.

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