How to Find a Prayer Partner

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For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them. Matthew 18:20

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Have you ever wanted someone to pray with? Have you ever wished you could ask a friend to pray for you but no one came to mind? Maybe the problem wasn’t because you don’t know someone who prays regularly but you didn’t want to ask because it seemed like a “small” request. Perhaps you are new in your faith and you simply have not developed Christian friends you can ask to pray.

Many of the emails I receive through this site are prayer needs and requests. In the past couple months, I’ve fallen behind on answering emails and I felt badly when I started to try to catch up and realized how many prayer needs were sitting in my inbox. How wonderful would it be to have more folks we could ask to pray for and with us?  Today I am answering one of the reader email questions:

How can I find a good prayer partner? Someone who will pray for and with me as a team before the Lord?

I love this question because I believe the solution can be easier than we lead ourselves to believe. While there are many unique situations and relationships, today I wanted to explore a few tips on how to find a prayer partner- someone who will pray both for and with you as a friend.

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Idea 1 – Close Friends Who Live Near Each Other

A prayer partner relationship often begins with two people who really know one another. If you are already close friends, then you are starting at a great level, because most likely you have been vulnerable with one another before. She knows that you’re afraid of the dark and you know that she worries about having a car accident.

If you have a Christian friend with whom you are comfortable sharing basic needs, then this person is a great one with whom to discuss prayer needs. The advantage to living close to one another is that you will be able to arrange times to meet to pray or can naturally pray with each other whenever you see each other.

Idea 2 – Close Friends Who Live Apart

Close friends who live in different states or even different countries, in the case of missionaries or military, often can be prayer partners, especially in the current technology age. The many ways two friends who live apart from one another can join together include:

  • texting
  • email
  • Skype or Facetime
  • social media connections
  • old-fashioned handwritten letters

Idea 3 – Friends Who Barely Know One Another

Sometimes friends who barely know one another are hesitant to ask each other for prayer. If a connection is just beginning to form, then it can be difficult to be bold enough to take the first step in asking. But I would encourage you to begin praying for and with each other anyways, although the commitment should be at an introductory level. Some examples of ways to do this are:

  • Simply ask: “Could  we pray for one request for each other this week?” Praying for only one request will keep it easy to complete and yet you are providing accountability and encouragement for one another.
  • Agree to pray for one another on the same day for one week. “What do you think about praying for each other this Monday morning?” Then set a phone reminder and be intentional.
  • Acknowledge that while you don’t know how it might work out, you are looking for a prayer partner and wondering if this person might be wishing for someone to pray regularly with and for. If the answer is “no,” then choose to be open to whatever God has in the relationship.

Idea 4- Make a list of individuals and pray over it.

I believe God will give you the right person to be a prayer partner if you ask him for it. Begin with a few names on a piece of paper and ask God to show you who is the right one. Ask him to place this individual in your path and provide the wisdom to know without a doubt that you should ask to share one another’s prayer needs and thoughts.

Idea 5- Start a public prayer group in your home or at church or find a local prayer group.

Sometimes a public prayer group can be the beginning of a smaller prayer partnership. If you don’t feel close enough to anyone in your community to begin a prayer partnership, then start by attending or holding a prayer meeting. This step will allow you to join in with others in prayer and begin to build relationships through meeting regularly.

Idea 6- Check out MomsInPrayer.

Moms in Prayer is a wonderful organization that joins mothers together in prayer. This organization offers all different ways to find a group in your local area. (formerly known as Moms In Touch.)

Regardless of which idea you choose, finding a prayer partner can be a wonderful way to build your prayer life and encourage your faith. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find someone immediately. Just explore the options available to you and experiment with the ideas listed above. God answers prayer and is drawing you closer to him even through the process of how to find a prayer partner.

I’d love to hear about your prayer partnerships today! Could you answer one of the following questions in the comments today?

How did you meet your prayer partner?

How do you track your prayer requests if you have a prayer partner?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Have a marvelous Monday!



  1. Mabile Bester says:

    All the time I had to pray alone.
    But from last month my youngest son always ask me to pray with him.
    He is 5 years and he pray so beautiful, asking the Lord ” Jesus please protect my mother and father.”
    I love the way he pray, even before eating.
    I think I find my partner for praying times

  2. Thanks Rachel I appreciated your comments, I feel everything has a purpose with some of the stuff I have gone through in my life, to bring glory to God, without tests there wont be a testimony. I really like your site it brings hope to many. So I keep pressing on to be changed into His image.

  3. Trying to have a close to pray with is hard, I get the excuse of I am busy, I have been in the States 3 years originally from the UK, to say its a been a culture shock is understatement. All my family are in the UK, and I long for close friends to just hang out with and pray. One thing that has kept me going is my relationship with the Lord and he has been my constant hope.

    1. oh Patricia- I can’t understand a cross-culture move, but sometimes I completely feel out of place in this world. Honestly I don’t have as much time as I’d like to foster relationships in my local community and that causes loneliness at times. But yes, God is there and never leaves your side. I’m going to pray he sends someone to you!!

  4. I am so blessed to have an older sister that is my prayer partner! But it would be nicer if we lived closer and could share coffee as we prayed!

    1. That is so awesome, Jeri. Yes, I totally get that- I’ve lived away from close family my entire adult life. So glad you have her though!

  5. It’s important to have a prayer partner because it makes you feel loved and supported.

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