His Grace- More Than Enough

Don’t be stingy with love or grace; act like you’re made of the stuff.- Bob Goff

The last few days have brought many notes, quotes, and overall reminders of God’s grace in my life. Each time I receive a reminder of His everlasting grace, I have to think more about how much I’m extending that same…


My husband’s Valentine’s card to me, which proclaimed gracious words, including:

You are truly my gift from God.

A comment from a well-loved author:

Yes — to keep praying His Word, seeking His presence — we can only love as He loves through us.

And then there is this:

Isn’t this artwork just gorgeous?

the colors…

the butterfly… representative to me of how God’s grace takes a scrawny caterpillar like me and gives me wings to fly in His forgiving freedom.

the verse! II Cor. 12:9- Perfect timing from the Lord to me!

If you’ve never been to Rachel Anne Ridge’s blog, Home Sanctuary…NOW is the time.

In a feeble attempt to thank her…won’t you stop by and read what she has written about


In the mean time, thank you- for the grace you extend to me.

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  1. I’m keeping my eyes wide open today to see more of God’s grace for me! 2 Cor. 12:9 is a huge reminder! Thanks Rachel! -Blessings to you, Amy

  2. How beautiful! And I have really been loving that verse lately!!

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