Heaven Is For Real for little ones Book Review and Giveaway

bible reading challenge day 164I’m excited to recommend a new resource for you today- welcome to the Heaven Is For Real for little ones book review and giveaway!

This book is the newest in the Heaven Is For Real lineup. Heaven Is For Real is the #1 best selling trade book and children’s picture book and our family absolutely loves both. You can find my review of the children’s book here and the trade book here. But today, we get to talk about the little ones.

heaven is for real for little ones book and giveaway

One of my favorite aspects of this sweet little book is the emphasis that Jesus really, really loves them. I remember feeling the impression of this emphasis in the children’s book also.

My two year old, Tessa, understands much more than she is able to communicate back to us. Her intuition with her older sister, Taylor, is such a thing of beauty. Although Taylor can’t speak due to her disease of MPS, Tessa seems to understand all Taylor’s needs. Each morning after I dress her, she runs to Taylor’s room to “check” on her. When Taylor is sitting in her feeding chair, Tessa wants to give her a cup to drink from. Tessa pats Taylor’s mouth when she drools, gets her bib, gets her shoes when we are going places and all kinds of little “jobs” to help with Taylor’s care.


Mostly, she simply loves Taylor and accepts her for who she is, an older sister who needs loving care. I am doubly blessed to see their love for each other and you can imagine what it does for this Mama’s heart when I read the words to them from Heaven is for Real for little ones:

No one ever gets sick or hurt in heaven. No bumps, bruises, or skinned knees, no wheelchairs or crutches. People don’t get old; everyone is young and healthy. In heaven, you get to live forever with God!

Oh mercy. Enough said. *tears*

I’m guessing you just might want to read this book to your precious toddler or preschooler too. So you can find the book here AND I’m blessed to be giving one away today. Just follow the Rafflecopter and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Melinda J. says:

    My older kids and I have read the other Heaven Is For Real books…I think this would be a great book to read to my twin boys! Thanks for offering a chance to win!

  2. Dear Rachel,
    Thank you for the beautiful picture of Tessa with Taylor. The love our children have for each other is a gift to treasure!
    Have a blessed Friday.

  3. My son is still young but I teach him by going to church and leading by example.

  4. I teach my son that Heaven is where Jesus lives & where we go (if Jesus lives in our hearts) when our bodies die as a new person w/young, healthy bodies that never get sick.

  5. I would love to have this book for my 2 boys!

  6. I would enjoy reading this book as much as my children hearing it read to them. Your daughters are precious!!

  7. My husband lost his mother and brother a year before my daughter was born and my grandmother passed two after that. We keep telling her about them and how they are living in Heaven with God

  8. My baby girl is still too young to really know what heaven is.. but we have praise baby dvd that she loves singing about the Lord

  9. Amanda Spencer says:

    We have taught our kiddos about heaven through the loss of 3 babies. We tell them that if we are saved and have Jesus in our hearts we will one day be reunited.

  10. I teach my little ones about Heaven by telling them that that is where we go when on our time on earth is ended so Jesus and God can take care of us forever.

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