God Is Able by Priscilla Shirer Book Review & Giveaway


The winner of the book is Debbie Robitaille! I’m still working on praying for each request submitted yesterday. May the Lord give us strength in His name today!

You know I usually like to give you the whole scoop on a book when I review it, right? I mean, I typically give you the ins and outs, ups and downs, and tell more than the author wishes I would. After all, you can’t give away the punch line- but I like to dance as close to it as I can when I review books. Excitement mounts and my fingers just fly and before you know it, I’ve gone and told you far more than I should have.

So….guess what? I’m not going to do that today.

Only because, to be completely honest with you, I haven’t read God Is Able by Priscilla Shirer in its entirety just yet. Ok, fact is, I’m only on page 43 right now. But…here’s the scoop:

Whenever I see a book I want to read, I pin it to my Books for Future Enjoyment Pinterest board.  A few weeks ago, I saw this very book, God Is Able, and I pinned it. Then moved on my merry way.

Until not even a week later, I received an email from someone on Priscilla’s staff asking if I’d like to review a copy of this book.

Who? Me? Ummm. Duh. Yes! (Ok, so I left out the duh, but I might have thought it. Maybe.)

And that was God’s whisper to me that yes, indeed, this book was for me.

God has proven very plainly to me that He is not held down

by what holds us. – pg. 6

Sometimes God’s best work is not what He does for us,

but what He does inside us.- pg. 14

Now…is the time to connect your current reality with God’s ability.- pg. 42

brokens chains

I don’t have any more words to you to provide a formal book review for this book. I simply wanted to remember that God.Is.Able. and knew that I needed the reminder. Whenever I receive something I need, I love passing it on to you.

So I have one copy of the book to give away today! Can I get a woohoo? I’ll incorporate the help of my staff (aka kids) to randomly pick a winner 8 am EST on 10/25/13 and we’ll post it at the top of this post, as well as make our best attempt to email the winner.

And today, for the giveaway, no standard Rafflecopter. I decided just to ask you to leave a  comment. Not a “oh, yes, sounds great, I’d love to read it” kind of comment. But the answer to this question:

What situation is so big in your life, that job, those family members, that insecurity, whatever…

what situation is so much bigger than you that only the God of the impossible is able to meet your need?

I want to pray for you. And if you’re so bold as to leave a comment answering the question, my guess is this might just be the book for you to grasp the vision- that God is able.

If you want to order the book, you can order it right here:God is Able

See you tomorrow!








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  1. Well Rachael, God has provided a major intervention regarding my situation. I believe it is because I have voiced it and shared it on your blog. Up until now, I have rarely spoken it out loud other than in my prayers. I also changed my prayers to a different request for resolution. It is a harsh lesson for someone to learn, but I believe that it is a turning point that will refocus him on his mental health and physical battle with cancer. I know that only God is able to intervene in such a giant way to heal the brokenhearted. Thank you for giving me a place to speak my heart! God bless!

  2. Rachel,

    I love that you gave us one small glimpse into Priscilla Shirer’s book because that intrigues me more. You shared the quote – now is the time to connect your current reality with God’s ability and it immediately resonated with me.
    I am not good at sharing my current situation with all but what I know is that God is working a mighty work in me and it started last year at this very time of year. There is so much that continues to unfold in my life and the catalyst was a job change a year ago. Each day I wake up, thank God for the blessing of a new day and realize that in order for my day to be successful I need to turn to Him and realize that it is only because He is able that I can then honor Him in all I do. Thank you so much for the glimpse into a book that I feel could truly be life changing. Daily life teaches me that I am able because God has covered me with His strength and provided me with the grace to get up each day and do what I do!

  3. Many gay people in my life and I need to know what God wants from me in that area and how to love and that hearts would be receptive

  4. I’m on staff at my church and our pastor died a month ago and his shoes were huge. It’s hard to stay focused on Jesus and the mission when there is so much transition and uncertainty as far as the church’s future. I want so much to glorify God in the midst of adversity, but it’s hard to do ministry when there is so much heartbreak. Please pray for our staff, leadership and church.

    1. Prayers for your church family.

  5. I am a nurse who works with low income patients. I see so much hurt and need and the majority of the time all I can really offer is an ear and prayer. These people weigh on my heart and stay in my mind because I have such a “fixer” mentality. I need to learn to “let go and let God”.

  6. I’ve got two situations…one is after leaving my abusive marriage a couple of years ago, I find myself in the position of having to deal with my ex-husband on a frequent basis regarding our 10 year old. As long as my ex gets his way things are fine. But when I disagree with him or tell him no or even expect him to reciprocate flexibility in our son’s schedule, I am standing in the road facing a bulldozer.

    Secondly, God has called me to write my stories. And I’m writing…but I often feel such fear and doubt and misgivings. Which I know are not from him…but the echoes of the past that told me I was nothing are so ingrained. I’m trying to replace those lies with God’s truth.

  7. Katherine says:

    Even if I don’t win this book it will be a blessing to be prayed for. Long story short, we need prayer over our finances (coming from the husband’s 3-year unemployment) and our savings has finally run out. Husband is working again part time but it is very little relief. I feel like this book would help me so much in our current situation. Thanks so much for offering it!!

  8. Right now, my older son has such a spirit of selfishness. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He has exposed my younger children to things that they should never see. My younger son is acting out in school and has no regard or pride in his work. Our home is in turmoil and only God can fix it.


  9. My niece is pregnant. That in and of itself is God’s miracle..
    However, the back story..
    She miscarried in June..
    So in Sept (not knowing she was pregnant again) started miscarrying a second baby. Full on. The dr’s had declared it a non-viable pregnancy.
    She went in for her D&C and low and behold, Her numbers have actually risen. She is still pregnant. They had her come back in a week and they have risen again.
    We have a viable pregnancy. She is 12 wks 2 days with an amazing gift from God

    In the meantime, we are blessed with this new baby that God has a plan for ALREADY!! We don’t know the name, the sex, the personality, the color of his/her eyes or hair..
    But despite the odds, this baby has been gifted to us by an amazing God.
    To think 6 ozs grows into an amazing person!
    This magnificent miracle that God gifted this family with, has already touched so many lives already.

    So ueah, that’s our miracle. To hear that heartbeat, so strong, so viable… Thank you Lord for this amazing gift to our family…

  10. What “situation”? Unfortunately, for me, it’s “situationS”. I have more than one situation if my life that seems impossible…Such as my health. I don’t feel good almost every single day of my life, and I don’t want to live like this forever, and we’ve been praying and praying and praying for years that I’ll be healed, but so far…nothing. It keeps me from doing anything. I hate it. It holds me back.
    Another situation is my addictions. It seems impossible to overcome. It’s grown into something much bigger than myself.
    Also, unsaved family members. It brings tension on the whole family.
    And, my fears. They’re uncontrollable. Especially the fear of people.
    I’d appreciate your prayers! ♥ Thanks.

  11. My health and discerning God’s voice on my purpose/calling in this season of my life

  12. I know the Lord brings good from everything, but watching my daughter continue with destructive choices, and her third child, a little girl, in foster care from neglect, her husband is physically abusive and she has a restraining order against him, but she keeps going back, this scenario is heartbreaking for me to watch. Most of the time I find out from other people, and not from my daughter.

    Raising her two sons well when I have forgotten more than what I learned about raising preschoolers from the first time.

  13. So many. But for now, my ministry to encourage others when I’m so weak in the flesh myself. And being a Godly example for my children. Wait–being strong in planning for my daughter, Rachel’s, future. Okay, I guess I should quit there. Thanks for this giveaway, Rachel.

  14. We have been paying two house payments for 20 months and we desperately need God to sell out home in South TX so that we can continue to save obey for our adoption.

  15. wow you really want to get to know me huh? right now I am currently not speaking to my mother. An incident happened here at the house where my husband hurt one of our sons. Thank God he wasn’t seriously injured. But she feels I need to own up to his mistake, I wasn’t even in the room or on the same floor. She thinks I can control him. She also said really mean things, like I don’t deserve my children and that I should lose them. Really? My husband apologized to our son as soon as it happened and he sat with him in his arms and just cried. So when I came down stairs I was like what is going on. Well this so called friend talked our daughter into calling the cops. Instead of getting me. Cops came they looked over our son and said it was an accident and it shouldn’t of happened. then these two decided to call my mother into it and she totally doesn’t care that I wasn’t there. My husband had to go to court on Monday. Found not guilty. Mother doesn’t care. She only wants me to do what she says and my marriage would be great. Yea sure coming from a woman married three times and divorced three times. Two husbands are deceased, one of them being my dad that I lost suddenly two years ago. I am trying so hard to do what God wants. He says I need to honor her and respect her but no where am I seeing am I to take what she says. I am downing here. I so want to change our family history from being a dysfunctional, unloving, and not knowing God, to doing what God wants me to do and living for Him everyday, not just some of the time but all or nothing kind of thing. You see I have 7 children and each time I got pregnant Mother would have some mean thing to say. I am living for God and apparently that is letting my husband talk me into having all these kids. Ahh no. We decided to let God number our family. In the midst of this craziness I have a daughter 17 who feels it’s my fault she is so unhappy. Her birth father abandoned her, but it’s my fault. She didn’t ask to live in a large family and that’s my fault too. How do you deal? I am so befuddled I don’t know if I am getting close to God or further away. So that’s what going on in my world. and in all of this I just found out I have several stress fractures in my foot and have to wear a boot and I have a heel spur as well. Great. But I continue on with the daily mundane and the craziness. I don’t know any other way.

    1. Father- I pray for Amy today. Lord, she needs to know how close you want to be to her. Would you wrap your arms around her and give her a sense of your presence in her life? Would you heal her foot and protect her family? We pray that You would give her comfort in her time of need and that her family would experience Your peace in their lives. That You would lead Amy to make wise choices, love her family and look beyond the lies of Satan. I pray all this in Jesus’ name. – Amy, God has a plan for your life. He.Is.Able. I pray you can keep your eyes on Him today and He will reveal Himself to you in ways you never imagined. Eph. 3:20

  16. Last year my 21 year old daughter became pregnant by someone she had only been dating casually. This was not my plan for my daughter. I found out that she was pregnant when she was 12 weeks along. I have struggled with anger, grief (my daughter will most likely never have the big white wedding, won’t be able to travel freely after she graduates college………so many lost hopes and dreams), panic (how can we possibly afford this baby and keep both she and her brother in college), and major depression for which I am being treated medically. Though the situation is not ideal, the baby is fabulous and a tremendous blessing in our lives. Even though the baby is 7 months old now, I still continue to be at war with my emotions that surge when I least expect it.

    I know that God is in the midst of this storm but sometimes the waves of the storm steal my day. I am tired and in desperate need of encouragement.

    1. Denise,

      I will pray for you. My heart feels compassion for you for you see I have lived this, and am now raising two of her three children because the Lord said we are supposed to do this. It IS tough. Your emotions will come and go and that is part of grieving. It has been 3-1/2 years for us, and some days are better than other days. I have also had to let go and grieve the hopes I have had for her and for us. We have seen the Lord provide in very creative ways we would have never even thought of and in just in time. We have had to readjust our spending and expectations to accommodate for raising our children. He is good and will give you what you need, but you may need to adjust what the Lord will ask you to do. It was hard for me to come to this, and that is okay, it is part of the grieving process.

      When I was crying out to the Lord because I could see she was making a huge mistake for herself and her oldest son because she was walking into a very abusive situation. I panicked and was fearful because I saw she had been making progress and making wise decisions, and now this. The Lord told me He did not see this as going backwards because this was part of His plan. I was immediately filled with peace. Even though this was not part of my plan, it is His to be used for His good purposes for her. I can attest the Lord will use this for good for all of you. My son who is almost 19 has said he now knows why the Lord says to wait until marriage before engaging in the behaviors the world says is okay. He also knows very well what is entailed in caring for children. This has been fatherhood training for him. I know more good will come from this.

      I am sorry this is so long. I just want to encourage you there is Life in Christ even with this life change for you.



      1. Bless you, Joanne, for your prayer and comfort to this dear friend! and Jesus, we ask your blessing and favor on both Denise and Joanne today. Provide for their needs as only you can. May we see the deliverance only Your power provides because YOU.ARE.ABLE. Amen.

  17. frances c. says:

    I am blessed. I am loved and I know this with great conviction. I am getting ready to be unemployed by the end of the month, but though fear tries very hard to take hold of my heart, I remember that my heart is safe in the hands of my savior. So even though I would love to receive a copy of this book for free, I think that there are many whose confidence has been shaken and need it a bit more than I at this time. So maybe if someone could lift up a little prayer for God’s great will in the life of our family finances, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

  18. I have severe OCD and am in therapy and see a psychiatrist for medication. I desperately want to keep my kids from picking up my unrealistic habits

  19. The journey of Infertility.

    I have struggled with this for a few years now. I call it a journey because it brings many ups and downs. I have thanked God for the awareness it has a brought to my life and the pain that many other women feel with infertility. I work around new clients daily and the common questions they ask are: Do you have kids? Do you even want them? When are you going to have them? While to someone who had kids easily to someone who has been trying for months or years these questions are harder to answer every time and its hard to know how much to share with others whom you are just meeting.

    I feel like I have gave this situation to God many of times, but each month there is a painful reminder that again its not happening. Everyone tells you their advice to relax, not to try, keep praying, etc., and its so hard to keep positive when others cant seem to understand that its a medical problem. The Doctors have all recommended us to seek more advance fertility treatments, but each treatment comes with a financial burden( that insurance of course doesn’t cover or help with). I have always dreamed of being a mom more than anything in this world, its hard to know when to throw in the towel and say maybe this isn’t God’s plan for our life.

  20. In order to afford my staying home to raise and home educate our children, my husband has worked hard at 2 jobs, through illness and arthritis. He lost his second income in April, and we are losing our home. After 20 years of home-schooling and raising our children in this little home of ours, I graduated my youngest in May, and my oldest was married in September. We are blessed to have the youngest 3 still at home, with the 2 youngest in college/ROTC. They are all working to pay their own way, but I will need to go get a full-time job in order to pay rent wherever we end up. I am trying to come to terms with this, simply because I don’t have much work history for a resume’, and it isn’t what I’d hoped for after retiring from home-schooling. I am so thankful, however, that the Lord blessed us so that we were able to be in our home and I could be at home for those years with my children. I know that there are many that didn’t have that benefit. Even though I praise God for this, I am tired and sad.

  21. Debbie Robitaille says:

    My husband was dignosed with PTSD last year. This has been the roughest time in our marriage, our walk with God & especially on our kids. Living with PTSD is like living with 2 different people. You don’t know who you are hoping to get day to day, hour to hour, even minute to minute. It has torn my family a part. My husband is no longer living with us due his PTSD symptoms. This has especially effected our boys. They are scared of their own father. I feel so alone & helpless. The boys are now dealing with their own anger issues from all of it. I do my best to hold on to God, but at times, I ferl overwhelmed & like I’m drowning.

  22. Cammi Hevener says:

    I would like this book for my mom .. She was diagnosed with parotid gland cancer (in the neck) in April and has undergone major neck surgery.. removing lymph nodes and salivary glands. She then underwent chemo and radiation and had to have all of her teeth removed before the chemo could begin. She still has a feeding tube, at this point, and she cannot get her new “teeth” until she is well enough to undergo surgery again because she has had some bone regrowth in her gumline. She has been SO depressed and hard to motivate to get out of bed. She is only 60 years old and I just need something to make her want to get back to normal. She has a scan today to see if there is any remaining cancer and I ask for your prayers PLEASE that it is a positive report. I really think she’ll quit on life, altogether, if this is a bad report .. Thank you so much for your prayers!! And for such good reading recommendations.

  23. My husband is an alcoholic, he becomes very mean and verbally abusive when he drinks. We have 5 children ages 16 to 7. I work very hard but don’t make enough to provide for my children on our own. I am believing God is going to make a way for us to escape. I know God is able. I am praying daily that he rescues us soon.

    1. Cammi Hevener says:

      I am praying for you .. and your situation .. I hope things are better soon!

    2. Jesus, my heart aches for Tamara today. Please protect her and her babies- they need you. We ask that you would take them out of this situation and provide peace for their household. We pray for Your presence to surround them and keep them from harm. Father, will you please intervene in their situation and make a way of escape when there seems no way?

      Tamara, I’m going to continue praying for you daily. Will you let me know when the Lord provides for you?

  24. My situation that only God is bigger than:
    my marriage – my husband and I have turned into selfish people. We each want things to go our way and we can’t seem to figure out how to die to self and let God have His way.

  25. I was recently let go from my job because they wanted someone FT, but with our kids (we homeschool) and my husband’s crazy work hours (12 hr days/alternating days with possible additional mandatory days added), I can only work PT. We were already on an extremely right budget. Now my husband is working all the overtime he can to make up for the money we are missing because of it. I’ve filed for unemployment for the first time in my life, and even that isn’t going smoothly – somehow my previous employer didn’t report any wages for me, so now I have to get down to the local office sometime soon on a day my husband has off to prove I worked there.
    A little before all this, I felt God telling me my place was at home, being a “house mom and wife,” but I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen, let alone work out. I have a dream to have my own crochet business, and I’ve had random sales, but if I had more consistent sales, it could offset the money we’ve lost and keep my husband from being completely burnt out from working 6 days a week, 12 hr days. I know God will provide, but I stress so much trying to see how.

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