From Hurting to Healing Bible Reading Challenge Summary

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Welcome to the Bible reading challenge summary for the first week of May! I’m excited to share this “From hurting to healing Bible reading challenge summary”… because we now have a sweet new environment for web reading, thanks to Moritz Fine Designs! My prayer is that the changes we’ve worked to make over the last few days are going to benefit you greatly! More on that later, let’s get going!

Psalm 34:1-11

Each of the passages in this challenge is a reminder that God loves us and longs to be close to each of us individually. Relationship is what God wants with us, not religion.

Psalm 34:12-22

Has your heart been broken or your spirit crushed? The Lord is near to you and verse 18 is a promise you can hold close to your heart:

The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

Psalm 147:1-11

While we know that Jesus is with us, sometimes I think we forget that he is the healer. We start to see hope and cling to it, but sometimes we pull the scabs off our own wounds and reopen them after they begin to heal. You may have been wounded by someone else or you could have inflicted the wound on yourself. Either way, Jesus is the healer. Come to him. Rest in him.

You may feel like you have been hurt so badly that you can never be fixed. But Jesus- he is the healer. #hurting2healing #onemorestep

I Peter 4:8-19

We often lose strength because of our role. Peter instructs us to remember that it doesn’t matter the role. You could be making executive appointments…changing diapers… Waiting on tables… Taking customer service phone calls… Making beds… Chaperoning a field trip… Baking treats… Grading papers… Answering voicemail… Returning email. It is not the activity or how much activity but remembering God is our strength!

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies—in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. vv. 10&11

Isaiah 58:6-14

Moving from hurting to healing requires a distinct choice. Many times we think we have to be healed before we can help anyone else. And certainly, God gives us seasons of rest to help us heal! But I’ve found that the secret to speeding the healing process is making the choice to begin serving the people God has given us right where we are.

Isaiah 61:1-11

I wonder what Isaiah’s voice sounded like. Whether he was a deep bass or had a quiet mellow tone. Either way, I would have loved to hear the conviction in his voice…”there are no broken hearts Jesus cannot heal….there is no addiction, no slavery, no sin that can keep you from experiencing freedom in Christ. Not one of your prisons, whether tangible or intangible, is so strong that he cannot break it wide open.” Isaiah’s message still rings true today.

I wonder what Isaiah's voice sounded like. Whether he was a deep bass or had a quiet mellow tone. Either way, I would have loved to hear the conviction in his voice..."there are no broken hearts Jesus cannot heal....there is no addiction, no slavery, no sin that can keep you from experiencing freedom in Christ. Not one of your prisons... #onemorestep #hurting2healing

Psalm 28:1-9

When David wrote this psalm, he didn’t pull any punches. His gut-wrenching honesty with God is a beautiful example for us. In today’s world of specialists and experts, we often feel like anything short of perfection is utter failure. When we mess up, Christ makes it up.

Though I'm messed up, Christ makes it up! #onemorestep #hurting2healing


I hope you’ll continue to read along with us this month! You can find the reading plan here and save it to your smartphone or download the pdf to print and share.

Sorry for the delay in posting! We have some new exciting posts coming up this week; can’t wait to share.

Have a super Saturday!



  1. Where can I find week one?

  2. Jazmin and Donna, praying for you both.

    Jazmin, do you attend a church nearby where people you know and trust can help you during this time? So sorry you’re going thru this. Please know you are loved by God.

  3. Jazmin,
    My husband died suddenly of a heart attack in November. I have a 22 yr. old & 10 yr. old. My heart aches for my little one as her tears flow as often as mine. We get in doubt and unbelief when we try to figure out the “why” instead of just knowing that nothing is a surprise to God and He has it all (and us) in the palm of His hand. I look back and see how the Lord slowly, gently prepared me for that day as best as humanly possible. Have major conversations with God. He can handle all of your anger, uncertainty and pain. I promise you, if you do the grief work, it will begin to get easier to breathe as time marches on. I will remember you in my prayers.

  4. After losing My dear dear husband (Roland) to cancer 6 weeks ago, I struggle at times with My faith i God. All the questions of “Why did this turn out like this?” come and go. Having been married 33 years it’s not easy letting go. It just doesn’t seem fair having your life being riped apart like this.
    You see I’m left living on the farm where Roland was born and raised. Every where I look, I see Roland. I’m left alone with My youngest son, 15 yrs old with down sydrome. All the decisions, all the stuff, machines and what not that are to be sold, where do I go from here? My life is in shambles, everything is calling apart, all our dreams are flushed away. At times I want to disown God but then on the other hand I don’t having anyOne or anything else to fall back on. Lord, hear My cry, wipe away my tears, heal My broken heart, help me!!
    Reading your post, Rachel, helps a bit. It gets me to think that there HAS to be something more than just this life. That there is an eternity and eternity is much closer than before. That there is hope. And what more that Roland and I will meet again. // Jazmin

  5. Julie Martin says:

    I love your website and am inspired by scriptures and thoughts you share. However, reading the pale letters is hard on these old eyes. Am I the only “old” person who reads Encouraging Fresh Faith? I pray your posts will not have to go away for me like some other sites I used to visit. I realize this is the latest greatest thing, causing eye strain for older readers, but it certainly is troublesome for some of us. Thank you for your consideration.

    1. Is it the light green letters on links? Cause I actually struggled with this post on that section. I think we can change those! Bless you for reading and for letting me know your concern!

      1. I have trouble reading the text too. The main color of the posts that is the darkest is slightly difficult to read. And the lighter texts, that you usually use for scripture, is extremely difficult to read. I usually highlight it with my mouse so I can see it. I still love your website though!

      2. Thanks, Brittany. I put in a request to change the text colors to make it stronger. 🙂

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