My Friend Jesus The Gospel for Kids Book Review and Giveaway

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After sharing the Wordless book and Christmas ornaments project yesterday, I thought it would be a fabulous Friday to offer My Friend Jesus The Gospel for Kids Book Review and Giveaway!

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Now you know I love giving things away if you’ve been around here any time at all. (Speaking of- be sure not to miss the $1000 FaithWorks Financial giveaway while it’s still open!) And I really love giving away books because, well, I’m a nerd like that.

But this book isn’t just any book- this book is designed for children to understand the Gospel story and just how much Jesus loves them. So much that He came to this earth to live in human flesh. So much that He died on the cross for our sins. So much that He wants to be the friend who will never leave us.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from this precious book:

Jesus remains the most important person who ever lived in the history of our world.

Jesus died to save everyone on earth who would believe in Him.

Yes, more than anything, Jesus wants to be your Savior and friend– the best friend you ever had.

In the note to grown-ups at the beginning of the book, the author, Kathryn Slattery, provides a statement that I believe sums up the reason this book should be so important to adults:

“Today, more than ever, children need to be informed and reassured that God is real, that He personally loves them, and that He has a unique purpose for each of their lives.”

Oh I couldn’t agree more! So now you see why I’m excited to give this book away to you today! To keep it simple, I’m just asking that you leave a comment answering any of the following question:

1. Do you have a particular idea or method you enjoy using to share the Gospel with children?

2. What sentence or section of this review caught your attention in regards to this giveaway?

3. How would you use this book if you won the giveaway copy?

Alright, Friends- thanks for stopping by! If you are a Bible Reading Challenge participant, we’re down to the last month- come on- keep reading! I’d love it if you’d leave a comment regarding the reading!

The giveaway is open through the weekend- I’ll announce the winner Monday!

Have a fabulous Friday!



  1. I have an 8 yr. old daughter and I believe that in today’s world, children need to know that God’s love is real, he cares about you and things you are going through and that there is no problem too big for Him. I pray my daughter will come to accept Christ as her savior at an early age. I feel the time may be nearing, because she asks lots of questions. I think this book would help explain God’s love, mercy and grace in a way that is easy for children to understand and serve as a reminder to adults that a child-like faith is what we need when we approach the throne of God with our needs.

  2. “The Gospel for Kids”. I love sharing the gospel with my children (ages 23, 20, 19, 11, and 10). After completing a devotion book we pass it along to friends and ask them to do the same. We would do the same with “My friend Jesus the Gospel For Kids”.

  3. I have one child with such a strong faith and other whose faith is not so strong. I’d love for him to read this book to help his faith grow. Thanks for this giveaway!!

  4. I would love to win this book for my grandkids! This world is getting worse and worse because the devil knows he has very little time. I am glad to have found your blog. God bless you and your family!

  5. I read the Bible to my toddlers most nights, so I can def read this book to them. I have a 9-year-old who loves the Lord and with whom I memorize the Scripture and have Bible study. It is never too early to start with our kids!

  6. Currently using The God Puzzle with my children. My children are DD11, DD 10, DS 5 and they need to know Jesus, this book would be a good way for us to share that with them even moreso.
    we would love to win this and have it in our library and learn from it.
    Linda Finn

  7. shelly barnes says:

    I have a 9 year old son and together, nightly we read his children bible stories or his adventure bible. So He does have a strong foundation of Jesus’ amazing love for us. I also have a 9 year old niece, who does not get the word of God read to her. She tells my son that she believes in Jesus but I worry about the wordly way my sister is raising her. I love my niece and I know that Gods word is as important to our soul as food and water are to our bodies. So if I win the drawing then to my sweet niece this book would go.

  8. Laura Pol says:

    I absolutely love the quotes you gave that are in the book! So simple, but yet so truth so bold! That is what got my attention!

  9. When I share the gospel with my kids, I try to keep it simple. I use teachable moments, when they get in trouble for not obeying. I tell them none of us can obey on our own and we need a Savior and God loved us so much, he sent his only ONE son to save us and die on the cross to pay for our unholiness.
    I’d love a book like this that could help me take the gospel to them on their own terms.

  10. I would love this book to help me encourage my daughters to have a strong relationship with Jesus. It is hard for me to find words to explain who he is and what he did in a way they will understand.

  11. #3: I would love to read this book to my children because I am always trying to impress on their hearts that Jesus is the best everything that could ever happen to them! Children need to know God is always having his arms open as the truest best friend to run to even when other people are not great friends. I would probably read it in a devotional style (a little every night). Merry Christmas!

  12. I couldn’t agree more with the book about “Today, more than ever, children need to be informed and reassured that God is real, that He personally loves them, and that He has a unique purpose for each of their lives.”. I didn’t grow up knowing that and didn’t understand it till my 30s, thankful I know that so I can teach my children God’s love and plan for their lives.
    We go to AWANA and do devotions.

  13. 2. “Today, more than ever, children need to be informed and reassured that God is real, that He personally loves them, and that He has a unique purpose for each of their lives.”
    Sometimes my 10-year-old says she knows God is always with her but sometimes she doesn’t FEEL Him with her. I have to keep impressing upon her that it’s not her feelings but His promises that reveal truth. Our feelings come and go, are topsy turvy but God is always the same. He never changes and He never leaves us. As the only Christian in our family and living in a somewhat anti-Christian community, I need resources to disciple my children. The book might seem young for my daughter but she is a baby in the faith as am, I having been baptized only a year ago. Also, she adores the Jesus Storybook Bible and this one has a similar look.

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