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I share written prayers because there are times when one of the hardest things about prayer is just figuring out what to say. Sometimes praying a written prayer out loud to God allows my mind to focus on the meaning and not about the words.

I could hardly wait to share this fabulous freebie with you! Because if you’ve been around here long, you know how much I love writing prayers and how much I believe that writing out our prayers draws us closer to the Lord. Prayer journals are my favorite for so many reasons and books of prayers follow closely behind them.

I share written prayers because there are times when one of the hardest things about prayer is just figuring out what to say. Sometimes praying a written prayer out loud to God allows my mind to focus on the meaning and not which words to use.

Don’t misunderstand now. God longs to hear from us no matter our choice of words. But the word choice is more for our concentration and focus. Using a written prayer allows our hearts to center on God, not our own limitations.

My friend, Suzie Eller, has written a beautiful book, Come With Me: Discovering the beauty of where he leads. Not long ago, I mentioned how many emails I receive with requests for understanding how to follow through on what you believe God has called you to do. So many times, we have our “if only” and often we forget that staying close to Jesus is the very best thing we can do in order to gain more insight for the next step. Come With Me is a gorgeous invitation not only to follow Jesus, but wherever He leads.

The statements in this book made an impact on me and I wanted to share a couple with you:


Suzie is offering a beautiful FREE book of prayers that I printed out and have been using to focus my prayer thoughts. Verbalizing our prayers to God is an exercise that helps us acknowledge his presence as if we were talking to another person in the room. He is with us and hears our thought prayers. But oh, how wonderful to give him the gift of our voices alongside our hearts!!

You can find the Come With Me book of prayers here or by clicking on the graphic below.




And now I’m excited to tell you that today I’m also privileged to give away 2 copies of the awesome book, Come With Me! Just leave  a comment below answering this question:

What obstacle has held you back from following Jesus as closely as you intend?

My assistant (aka 12 year old daughter) will choose 2 random winners on Monday, June 13, 2016 at 9 am EST. 

AND THE WINNERS ARE: mollie & Rochelle Wingo. Check your email!!


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  1. Fear that no one will listen to me. I feel God wants me to teach my student some spiritual truths and life lessons as well as the academic lessons, but I fear the students will just laugh and not care what I have to say.

  2. Kate Favor says:

    Failing to set priorities is my biggest hindrance, I sometimes set myself on having a quiet time alone with God and later get caught up in other things and end up forgetting about the whole thing or remembering when I am already sleepy or busy.

  3. Leoni Stegmann says:


  4. We have had many struggles as a family. My middle son was a drug user and a church aided us but instead of him improving They humilated him and he tarting cutti g himself. Then my eldest son has a terrible bike accident which nearly cost him his life. I just am angry with God for allowing these ‘ hardships all the time. I eventually had a complete break down and thought maybe I need to go back to God. So am just back on this journey and am not sure where to start to heal my relationship with Him.

  5. Raising a special needs child with multiple diagnosis’ leaves me feeling exhausted most of the time. I should be leaning on God and prayer much more than I do.

  6. Uncertainty and shame. An unexpected illness hit quickly; I have wondered how can God use me when I can barely take care of myself. I still pray, writing love letters to Him. But maybe it is all part of the plan. Because whatever I’m able to accomplish is only because of God.

  7. Catherine says:

    Betrayal. Twenty years ago, our pastor was accused of behavior unbecoming to her calling. Elders of the church decided to begin proceedings to remove her. My husband was “promoted” within the church to assist with her removal. Of the group, my husband was the only one who did not turn on our pastor. He did not believe what amounted to mostly hearsay. A small, anonymous group had paid to have our pastor followed. The elders had a written copy of this person’s account. We questioned organized religion at that point; whether it was based in God or not. Unfortunately, God was pushed to the background in our struggle with organized religion. We have since welcomed God back into our home and realized that He has always been there for us and was waiting for us to open our eyes and ears to hear Him again. We will be forever grateful that God comes back for His lost sheep. God bless to all of you.

  8. Honestly, … what stops me more often than any other thing… is me.
    I have grown up in the church… I feel like I know what the bible says… but there have been a couple of things that have made it difficult to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
    And I believe that it has everything to do with my lack of daily interactions with HIM. Obviously, not because He isn’t there… it’s b/c I don’t know where to start. How to make it personal. It’s sooo much in my head.
    I am exhausted with this struggle. Wanting more of what I see others have but I do not. I think Prayer is going to be a key part of the journey. I am committing to that now. No matter what …

  9. This frightening roller coaster ride I’ve been on for the past few years with my husband. My faith has been made stronger but his erratic behavior can tear me away at times. It’s as if my husband is jealous of the time I spend with the Lord, very strange, yet it’s the only way I have been able to maintain any form of sanity in a world full of insanity.
    I will admit sometimes I do give up and give in. But, I am very uncomfortable…as if I’m out in open water on a boat without an oar. I know then it’s time to get back into His Word and prayer and then His peace, in the midst of all this turmoil, returns.

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