Five Minute Friday: See

I love writing any day of the week, but Fridays are especially fun. My writing cohort, The Gypsy Mama, throws out a word and then our fingers feast for five minutes typing out whatever comes in our heads. This week’s word:


And here we go:

At times, life seems a bit crazy and the future… foggy.

With clouds looming heavily and darkness towering, visibility is next to zero.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  

At least that’s what we’ve heard.

But peering through the darkness, our eyes strain.

Searching for any ray of hope that will reflect light. 

Light that is more than a temporary solution.

And then He appears.

The One who created light.

The Light of the World.

The God of the universe who sheds light on our difficulties through the radiance of His Word.

He pours out his mercy and grace in volumes, reflecting rays of hope.

And so we have the opportunity…

to see.







  1. Brilliant word picture!

  2. Love it, Rachel! I can see Him in your words: one big shining ball of light with showering rays of hope. Oh, what comfort!

  3. Beautiful Rachel girl! Thank you! 🙂 ~ Blessings, Amy

  4. The light at the end of the tunnel; yes. So thankful that we can know Jesus as the light of the world. May others see Him in us. May He give us eyes to see.

    Beautiful post!

    Blessings and love,

  5. Coming to you via Lisa-Jo. This post was so full of hope! We need to see the one who sees all. Thank you.

    1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your Friday!

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