Finishing: Easier Than We Think

We’ve all heard the little fact:

Starting an endeavor is much easier than finishing it.

And I completely agree.  Reflection on this topic, however, brought me to the premise that really….

Finishing is easier than we think;

it’s the center, the uninteresting middle ground, that most often prevents success.

Now obviously this premise won’t apply to everything.

Take Oreos, for instance. Definitely no application.  And donuts. The middle is NEVER uninteresting…unless you eat donuts with a hole. Now there is the epitome of my point….

When I take an afternoon run and head back to round the corner where my house is in sight, a little transformation takes place upon seeing the finish.  My body earlier in the run just had to walk, take a breather, find some adrenaline to draw on…My mind was stalling and pushing…grappling to fight through the miles…

but as soon as I saw the end, once that finish was within my view,

I found that I could run faster than I thought. I became more motivated.

Each step put me closer to my destination.

I get so incredibly excited when I think about this from a spiritual perspective.

Sometimes the Christian journey gets tiresome.  The feeling of using up all our energy overwhelms our life and we just want to quit.  We don’t have to see the finish right now. We just need to take the NEXT STEP.

The next step is the one that takes you closer to your destination.



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  1. That’s right girl, 1 step at a time! Great post, thank you! Blessings, Amy

    1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

      Thanks Meredith!! Appreciate you!

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