Fascinating Article and Video Share from Columbus Dispatch


Hey Friends!
It’s the typical hopping summer week for the Wojo tribe. HUGE Birthday shout-out to my husband, Matt, on his 50th birthday yesterday!! We are celebrating with a big backyard party tomorrow, so you can imagine the hustle and bustle at our house today. It’s also the last day of school for the middle 4 kiddos AND our family was featured in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper today! Here’s a peek at the video they shared:

You can find the article on the Dispatch website right HERE.

Special thanks to Joanne ViViano for her excellent story coverage!

Just wanted to be sure to share the article with all of you and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. Oh beloved, I pray for you and your family everyday. I am so inspired by you and your family. Thank you for sharing your hope and trust in the Lord with me through your writings. Your assurance of your identity in Christ is evident., and it’s a positive drive for the rest of us.

    Keep on believing, and trusting in the Almighty, because He has a magnificent purpose for your life and that of your family. Keep your eyes on the prize!

    “May the grace of Jesus Christ be with you.”
    Philippians 4:23
    2 Corinthians 13:14

  2. Kiley Aidt says:

    Awesome!! I didn’t know your family lived so close to me…I am in the Columbus area as well!!! Amazing video…you have such Amazing trust in The Lord for Taylor’s purpose while some parents in similar situations would not be as trusting!! Bless you, Taylor and the rest of your family!!! Happy Birthday to your Hubby!!!

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for posting this article and video. It gives and radiates hope, your hope in God’s plan for His Glory through Taylor and your lives and hope for our own lives and experiences to glorify God. You speak truth. I’m very grateful the Dispatch and Joanne Viviano kept in the article and the video the reality of God’s purposes and your foundation built on Christ. This is exemplary in this day and age to keep this truth in the forefront.



    P.S. Enjoy your birthday celebration for your husband!

    1. Didn’t Joanne do a great job?! Thank you, Joanne, for your continued encouragement!

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