Etched Upon My Heart Book Review and Giveaway

Today I have the privilege of introducing a brand new book, released TODAY: Etched Upon My Heart by Jill Kelly. Jill is a best-selling author and the wife of Jim Kelly, former NFL star and this book is absolutely beautiful. I’m excited to offer this Etched Upon My Heart book review AND giveaway of one copy.


As special needs mom to a child with MPS, a rare neurologically-degenerative disease, I’ve know Jill’s name and am familiar with her wonderful foundation, Hunter’s Hope, which raises awareness and research funds for Krabbe Leukodystrophy.

Etched… Upon My Heart is Jill’s heart speaking about what we learn and why we never forget.  Each chapter uses one word to describe the life lesson the author is addressing.  While using personal examples from Jill’s own life, the book gives an almost tangible breath to the legacy every parent wants to leave their children. Some of the topics include love, forgiveness, and suffering.  I so want my children to nail down certain life lessons without the hard knocks that often accompany them.  This precious book is thought-provoking and will cause you to be intentional about the legacy of lessons you want your children to learn.  Each chapter concludes with a list of summary statements, a prayer and a list of Bible verses that reiterate the truths discussed in the chapter.

As I watch my Taylor girl undergo the neurological degeneration of her disease, the chapter Jill has written in this book on suffering is one I am sure I will read and read again.  One of my favorite quotes from this section:

Because of the cross and all that Jesus accomplished there, my son’s suffering has purpose, meaning, and even hope.  And your suffering does too.

I’ve only touched the surface of the depth in this book. Etched…Upon My Heart inspired me to be more purposeful about the lessons I want to instill in the hearts of my children and I hope it will for you too.

Would you like to enter to win a copy? I thought you might. Just follow the Rafflecopter and have a great day!
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  1. Melinda T says:

    Great review! I think this book will be able to help me be a more intentional and forgiving person and mom.

  2. A great review. Being more intentional with the legacy we want to leave for our kids.

  3. The book sounds touching and heart warming..I having lost a child myself, soon after birth, I can empathize with the quote..“Because of the cross and all that Jesus accomplished there, my son’s suffering has purpose, meaning, and even hope. And your suffering does too.” We have a Baby Memorial Garden at our lavender farm only because of God’s plans and purpose to bring healing to many, many families that have experienced loss of their loving children. Our beautiful children sit in Our Lord Jesus’ lap, blessed and loved, until the day we hold them again…. Thank you for all your encouraging words.

    1. Oh Diane! What a beautiful place the lavender farm must be! I have a little one we never knew outside the womb in heaven. I can just imagine sitting in the Baby Memorial garden, with the breeze wafting, thinking of how sweet that baby smells to Jesus. I’m coming over to your blog for a visit. Many blessings to you, Diane.

  4. “almost tangible breath to the legacy every parent wants to leave their children”
    I love this! great review and I can’t wait to read the book!!

  5. Such a blessing to enter to win, thank you! The part that spoke most to me in the review is this: “Because of the cross and all that Jesus accomplished there, my son’s suffering has purpose, meaning, and even hope. And your suffering does too.” We’ve been blessed, through adoption, with a handful of treasures with special needs and boy some days are incredibly hard but God is good and that above quote just strengthens me for my call. Again, thank you!

  6. Sounds like this is an amazing book that can touch so many in many different ways.

  7. looking forward to reading this book. suffering is part of all our lives, so everyone can relate.

  8. Christina Dobmeier says:

    Looking forward to this book

  9. Susan Wilkins says:

    Can’t wait to read this.

  10. Beth Stabley says:

    I love the idea of leaving a legacy…you noted in your review that this book touches on that.

  11. I saw Jill last year at a Women of Faith conference. Her testimony was AMAZING! So moving and somehow, though I don’t have the same huge struggles with a special-needs son, I was able to relate to her and find healing for my own struggles. I highly recommend seeing her if you can. I definitely want to read her book!!!

    1. Awesome! I didn’t know she spoke with Women of Faith. I would so love to hear her speak or meet her one day. 🙂

  12. “Because of the cross and all that Jesus accomplished there, my son’s suffering has purpose, meaning, and even hope. And your suffering does too.” This quote alone is enough for me to want to read this book. My testimony speaks to suffering but receiving Hope from our Heavenly Father!!!! God is good!

  13. Nancy Miller says:

    Hoping to read this book. Praying for those who will read it.

  14. This book sounds like it will be heart provoking and I love books like that, and the suffering quote resonated with me and seeing it in a different light.

  15. Suzanne G. says:

    Although we find it difficult, suffering is one of God’s best training for us to become more like Christ. This book sounds wonderful:)

  16. Lori Payer says:

    The legacy of life lessons. What an awesome gift that we as parents can teach our children life lessons that they can use in their lives.

  17. Sounds like an awesome book, Rachel. I love the quote on suffering. Hugs and kisses to your sweet Taylor.

    1. Thanks Friend. Love to your Rachel. And isn’t it interesting that her name is the same as mine? God sure has a way of weaving hearts across the miles. 🙂 PS: You doing She Speaks this summer?

  18. Crystal Scott says:

    The part of the book review that spoke to me is the life lessons that she teaches in the book and how each life lesson is addressed. Sounds wonderful!!

  19. This book sounds like it can offer encouragement as we try to teach life lessons! I imagine I would enjoy this.
    Be blessed:)

  20. It sounds like a great book. I’m always looking for more ways to get lessons across to my boys. Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. I want to read this book just for the chapter on suffering you mentioned. Then I want to pass it on to someone with a child with a similarly difficult condition to bless them.

  22. I appreciated her quote on suffering. My husband is going through cancer treatment right now, and we have been praying that his journey with cancer will begin a discussion about the Lord with his co-workers/others going through cancer treatments. Better yet, if God use my husband’s cancer to bring someone to a personal relationship with the Lord, it was all worth it!

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