Emptiness at Easter

How could there be emptiness at Easter? Before the trial. During the trial. At the foot of the cross.I don’t think my mother’s heart can ever imagine what it is like to watch your child die.  To stand at the foot of the cross, as Mary, the mother of Jesus, did, would be unbearable in totality.

Flashbacks of the night at the stable in Bethlehem had to be swirling in her mind.  Childhood memories collectively took turns reminding her of beautiful days.

He is the Son of God. Why is this happening?

The Bible tells us on more than one occasion that she, the mom,

Pondered these things in her heart.

Perhaps her understanding was greater than we can conceive.  The God of the universe born to her, the virgin, fulfilling prophecy and entering the world to become the Son of man and Savior. The Redeemer.

But oh the price.

She weeps. She grieves. She aches at every thought. To watch your child die is horrific enough, but to see his pain, view his agony, observe the markings of his torture. I cannot conceive. With every tear, she must have poured out her emotions and will.  She must have emptied herself to exhaustion until Christ no longer was on the cross.  His body was taken down and guarded in the grave by full force of soldiers.

And then the news came.

Resurrection morning.

He is NOT dead.

He is alive!

The tomb?


He who emptied Himself for us, He who gave everything He had-

conquered death and did the unfathomable:

He exited the grave and




Jesus emptied Himself, then emptied the tomb…

so He could 

fill our hearts.

he emptied himself

May you  have personally experienced the power of the wonderful Resurrection of our Lord and Savior and be filled with His joy and love this Easter!



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  1. Amanda Blazer says:

    Thank you, hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Nancy Miller says:

    Checking in for last week and this week. So very blessed to be reading John 19 today. Happy Resurrection to all.

  3. Absolutely true. Thank you for your always encouraging and heartfelt posts. I posted about broken heart grace this morning on my own blog. God is so wonderful to share his love so lavishly with us…his sacrifice was great. A son. The SON. We have so much to be thankful for. Your post gave me perspective in showing grace to my own sons when they fall short of my hopes for them.

    1. Beautiful Jennifer! Thanks- I’ll take a peek at your post as soon as I get the chance! 😉

  4. Very behind but still here! Needing encouragement 14 month old is waking at five and needing held for naps so not getting a lot done. But loving what I am able to do.

    1. oh goodness. Having gone through those baby stages 6 times- my heart goes out to you. Keep going- you can do it. Little by little in nothing else.

  5. Christina Beebe says:

    Hi! I am a little behind in my reading but catching up fast! I am praying that everyone has a Blessed Easter!

    1. It’s ok Girl! The point of the challenge overall is to be consistent in having a time with God. Reading the entire Bible will be the bonus. 🙂 Blessed Easter to you!

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