Easily distracted?… “Squirrel!”

Feeling easily distracted? Ever seen Disney Pixar’s movie Up?  Doug, the talking good dog, speaks exactly what is on his mind.  Watch this little clip:


This week’s Women of Faith devotional by Sheila Walsh is about fixing your eyes on Jesus.   Sheila discusses that she understands that phrase to mean that we should follow His example. The question this week is

How do you practice “fixing your eyes on Jesus?”

So do you find yourself starting your day with the Lord, but all the sudden:


Someone is driving poorly in front of you.


Your kid forgot their lunch.


That conference call didn’t work out as planned.

As 21st century Christians, I believe that we have more distractions from our faith than ever before. So how do we fix our eyes on Jesus? When our daily focus is on His plan for that day, asking Him to order our steps,and staying in close communication with Him throughout the day….then that is what I believe to be the first step in fixing our eyes on Him.

Secondly, when the “squirrel” presents itself, we address it. We take it to our Heavenly Father as Sheila suggested, recognizing that He is in control and gave that “squirrel” to us as an opportunity to be used of Him.

“And the things of this world will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, H. Lemmel
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  1. This is so good and SO true. How quickly we lose our focus from what is truly important and worthy. What an amazing number of things that squirrel could represent.

    The world is clamoring for our attention every second of every day. When will we realize how much better everything is when we focus on Jesus? Some lessons are harder to learn than others! Like Doug we will probably forever be distracted by our worldly squirrels.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. Yes, you are right; the squirrel could be just about anything. Thanks for reading and for your comment; it was a great reminder to me today!

  2. We as Christians need a cultural shift. Our churches need to be our community where we spend our time and talents. The doors need to be open 24/7 in service. How can we even compete with the ways of the world which offers to entertain us night and day with anything and everything– when we only attempt to draw people in for a few hours on Sundays.
    PUT more effort into LIVING the Life God wants for us and making the church a true place of worship and fellowship–being TRUE to Gods word —non hypocritical. We have all the talents necessary to make our churches “great” if we would keep focused on service instead of trying to “keep up with the Jones”. By the way- it is the duty of the entire church body—not just the paid church staff.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I agree: the world has much to offer. When I wrote this post, I was thinking more about the perspective of a personal relationship with God, but I understand where you are coming from regarding the church body! Thanks for your input; it is valuable!

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