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I’ve been working away today on my to-do list and in the midst of my work, I’ve been pondering a question I’m asked frequently.

What’s your favorite Bible study that you’ve ever completed?

Now folks, that is a SUPER hard question to answer. But as I said, I’m pondering it. And what about that particular Bible study made it SO good? I’m thinking about that too.

I could use a little help with this thought process and the conclusions I really want to discover. In order to get a little help, I’m giving away this AWESOME Bible study on the book of Ephesians, Dive Deeper: Finding Deep Faith Beyond Shallow Religion. This is a book study with 6 sections that include 3 lessons each. So it makes  a great 6 week small group study! This study is also an excellent Bible study for beginners. See it pictured below:



Because I really want someone to have the opportunity to form a trio and do this Bible study together, I’m giving away 3 copies of this study! Woo to the hoo!

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment answering these two questions:

  • What’s your favorite Bible study that you’ve ever completed?
  • What about that particular Bible study made it SO good?


And that’s it! A comment winner will be chosen at random by one of my assistants. (aka children)

Have fun entering! The giveaway closes at midnight, 12/18/15!

By his grace,


Fun Fact: Did you know several ladies groups have completed my new release, One More Step through Bible study, using the personal reflections and group discussion questions included in the book?



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  1. The last one I just finished by Lysa Terkeurst, “Unglued”…I’ve spent much of my life becoming unglued and not truly understanding why, only knowing it was impacting my life and relationships and something had to change. This study helped me recognize what was causing my unglued moments, how to redirect my thoughts and perspectives, and reminded me that just because I have unglued moments doesn’t mean I’m a bad mama or person. I highly recommend it to anyone who comes unglued and wants to learn how to be free from those unglued moments. And Lysa draws from her own experiences which makes the book even more compelling because in we see we are not alone.

  2. I have never done a bible study. I am enjoying the December Light readings though, does that count?

  3. My favorite bible study has been The Sorm Inside by Sheila Walsh. So many ladies at my table opened up their hearts, shared, and found healing.

  4. Lori Kelly says:

    Favorite: Psalm 119 from Sweeter Than Chocolate series by Pam Gillaspie, Precept Ministries because the psalmist’s love of the Word was infectious when studying Psalm 119 closely for several weeks.

  5. Anne Gooch says:

    My favorite so far has been on David. I have learned that he was just more then a shephard boy and a king. For anyone that hasn’t done a bible study on David I suggest getting the one from Beth Moore. I did mine at home and I grew from it. I also read everything I could get my hands on about David.

  6. Thank you for posting this question!! I lead a women’s class at church a d now I have all of these excellent recommendations for new studies!!

    I love so many teachers it is hard to pick my favorite. I love Margaret Feinberg’s Wonderstruck and Jen Wilkins Sermon on the Mount study. Both inspire me to dig deeper and grow more in love with a Holy God!

  7. Jennifer Buckner says:

    One of my favorite bible studies, and the one I refer back to most frequently was the She Ministries Live Awesomely…Exalting the names of God. I loved studying all the things that God is for and to me…depending on my circumstances. El Roi, the God who sees we learned about through the story of Hagar. And what a comfort it is to know that if Hagar knew that the Lord saw her struggle back then, then that means that the Lord sees me, too, in good times and bad. How awesome is that?! We studied about 11 or 12 different names. It is such a joy and comfort to know the Lord is so capable of so many different attributes…He is most high, Almighty God, El Shaddai!

    1. I love studying the names of God also! I spoke at a women’s event on that topic and yes, I agree with you!

  8. The hardest study I tried to do was on the book of Acts, which I got lost in. I think what made it so hard to me was where I am new to bible studies. I have started on One More Step, and so far it is great and I think it is because I can relate so much to my own personal to me. I haven’t yet completed the study but I have completed reading the book and going through it again. I think that for someone who is new to bible study and new to living for God then start with one that you can relate to and it will make it easier.

  9. I loved a study on sermon on the mount. It lead to great discussion and connect within the group

  10. Frankie Motley says:

    My favorite bible study has been To Live is Christ; To Die is Gain by Beth Moore. I did the study after giving my life to Christ but continuing to live to please myself. I was really struggling spiritually. The bible study helped me to see how hopeless life without Christ was and easy it is to fall into same sin even after giving your life to Him and accepting His call for your life. Truly living for Christ is the way to live and the only way to gain is to die daily to self! That was … 15 years ago and I’ll never forget it!

  11. One in a million by Priscilla Shirer. She made it so simple and her outlook was relatable.

  12. “Believing God” by Beth Moore has been my favorite Bible study because at the time I took it, I was really needing to believe God. My husband had passed away the year before, & I was really struggling with my faith. I had prayed & believed with all my heart that my husband would be healed, so when he wasn’t, I was angry, confused, & so lost. That Bible study helped me renew my relationship with my Savior & survive a very difficult season.

  13. My favorite Bible study is one I am currently in. It is called What’s Your Anchor. Each week someone shares the Bible verses that have been an anchor in their lives and that opens up conversation and others people’s thoughts on those verses and it is neat to see how the Holy Spirit gives different applications to people.

  14. I haven’t done many studies, that is why I am so excited about this. I enjoyed Francis Chan- crazy love book and study. Calls you to love God passionately!

  15. Christina Crowder says:

    I have done Bible Study Fellowship, in 2012 they studied the book of Genesis, in 2014 they studied the Life of Moses and now we are studying the book of Revelation. I like how this Bible study is set up to study just on book, or section of the Bible in the case of the Life of Moses study. The classes are made up of different ages of women, from different religious backgrounds.

  16. First, I have to say that the best part of reading through these comments is now I have an entirely new list of Bible Studies and authors.

    Second, welcome to all the new Christians, my new sisters in Christ.

    Third, my favorite study was by Beth Moore, Daniel. This was one of the first studies our small group did after my husband and I joined the group.

    Lastly, I so enjoyed the way Beth teaches on a subject, all of the in depth information she shares. I would love to see her personal library!!

  17. Wendy Wynn says:

    I would have to say Beth Moore’s “A Woman’s Heart – God’s Dwelling Place.” It was one of the first Bible Studies I was a part of and it opened up the Old Testament for me and showed me how everything in the Old points to the New and Jesus Christ!

  18. Deb Becker says:

    My favorite Bible Dtudy was “waiting on God” – I have always struggled with praying for guidance and then trying to control the situation myself. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August God put this bible study right in my path on The 1st day! I kept up with it every day and following months continued with the new themed studies. It kept me on the right path throughout my surgery and recovery and I will always be grateful!

  19. Diana Bennett says:

    Jonah, a life inturupted. How Good moves in your life regardless of the choices you make.

  20. Jennifer D. says:

    My favorite Bible study I completed was a book study on the Mission of Motherhood. I did the study at a time when I was struggling as a Mom of littles. What an encouragement and boost it was for me to keep going–not just on the practical side of being a Mom but also on the spiritual guidance I’m to provide for my kids.

  21. Mary Tullila says:

    My favorite among many is The Armor of God . suicide loss is my battlefield.

  22. I have never completed a Bible study, this would be a first.

    I’m a total newbie!!


  23. Warrior Chicks was the only bible study that I have ever completed. One of my co-workers organized a bible study for our department. It was excellent. We met every Wednesday to discuss our reading for the week. It started out with four women and eventually there were six individuals including one male.
    I believe that this Bible study was so good because the book was excellent and each chapter discussed life issues that each of us experienced. The book even gave examples issues that famous people faced and how the overcame these issues. There were even examples of people in the bible who faced issues and overcame them. The group of individuals in this study group were very interested in improving their relationships with God and learning to live a stress-free life by talking to God about everything. We are now looking for another book for our next bible study group.

  24. My favorite was Beth Moore on James. My favorite book. My favorite disciple. Practical.

  25. Honestly, I am a fairly recent Christian, and I have never completed a bible study. I have a small group at my church that I would LOVE to do this with! I have felt the Lord working on me recently, urging me to stir something in this small group…maybe this is it??

    Thank you, Rachel! And I love your Woo to the Hoo! 🙂

  26. My favorite Bible study that I have ever completed was A Teen’s Guide to Christian Living: Practical Answers to Tough Questions about God and Faith by Debbie Thurman and Jennifer Leigh Youngs . What made this so good for me was that I learned so much about God that I didn’t know before. This Bible study allowed me to take my faith to a deeper level. I feel so blessed to have had this study come into my lie, for it has transformed my faith and how I can stand out from my peers and stand up for Christ.

  27. I think Crazy Love was one of my favorites because it made me realize I was being a luke warm christian. I also love Beth Moore’s studies.

  28. My favorite study was Beth Moore – Daniel. What made it so good was that it was the first in-depth OT study I done. Of course, what really makes me enjoy small groups is the fellowship and growth we each experience.

  29. Andrea Stewart says:

    Truth for Word Bible study was the name of the bible study course I took online. I was given an online teacher that I could ask questions and she graded me on each chapter. I learned many things that I hadn’t known about the bible. Bonus to it all I received a certificate for completing the course 🙂

  30. Andrea Stewart says:

    Truth for the Word Bible study was the name of the bible study course I took online. I absolutely loved it because i was given an online teacher that I could ask questions and she graded me on each chapter. I learned many things that I hadn’t known about the bible. Bonus to it all I received a certificate for completing the course 🙂

  31. Amber Case says:

    My favorite bible study has been Lysa TerKeurst, Unglued. Growing up with a family that fought all the time, this was one family tradition I didn’t want to pass onto my children. This study is one that continues to help me through my walk with Christ!

  32. Wanda Lewis says:

    •What’s your favorite Bible study that you’ve ever completed? The Battle Plan for Prayer

    •What about that particular Bible study made it SO good? This bible study was done with our church group. What made it so good was that it gave me a direction on specific praying. It gave me the tools to open my spirit man to being specific in my prayer time. It really taught me how to pray effectively. It also helped my husband and I with our being able to pray together.

  33. Becky Warf Smith says:

    Mine would be “A Heart Like His” by Beth Moore. I loved this study because it really broke down all aspects of the Old Testament Tabernacle and made it relevant to my life. It’s been around 8 yrs since I’ve done that and I still draw from the study and go back to read and refresh.

  34. I find that I get so much out of all the studies I have done and it would be hard to choose one. But, I did a study on The Feasts of the Old Testament that was very meaningful to my spiritual growth. I have a couple friend who would love to do this study with me.

  35. Tracey Nabors says:

    My favorite Bible study has been Stormie Omartian 30 Days to Beocming a Woman of Prayer. This study caused me to reexamine my walk with God and be reminded of His love for me. The study challenged me to not only pray more, but challenged me to think about prayer, my walk, forgiveness, speaking life and so many other things that I had forgotten as a result of challenges I faced, wrong decisions that I made….I hadn’t given up on God, but I did think that He’d given up on me. Taking those 30 days to commit to studying and prayer was the refresher that I needed. Thank God for my fellow Women of God!

  36. Marilyn Lisenbee says:

    Our Monday Night Study just finished “The Ways of God” by Henry Blackaby. It was excellent. Since I joined the study after they had finished “Experiencing God”, I am doing that one on my own.

    I would love to win this study for my group. Thanks very much!


  37. Christelle says:

    My favorite Bible study has been on the book of Proverbs. Proverbs is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, books of the Bible. This Bible study was SO good because it is so practical and FULL of wisdom. I feel like if we all really study the Book of Proverbs and live by what we learn in this book, we would really be better people and evidently we would have a better world.

  38. What’s your favorite Bible study that you’ve ever completed?
    My favorite bible study is: A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George

    What about that particular Bible study made it SO good?
    It really opened my heart and mind to becoming close(r) to God and provided me with excellent resources that I could research in order to learn biblical methods that have grown my Christian walk. I read this right after I had discovered my husband had cheated on me. It was a lifesaver for me and really got me through this very dark time!

  39. This is the toughest question I’ve had to answer in a very long time! I really enjoyed all of Jennie Allen’s studies. She helped our “young Christian” church group.

  40. Debra Cheek says:

    My favorite bible study has been a study of the Book of Acts. This study showed me how the Holy Spirit worked actively in the lives of the believers in the early church, and it awakened me to how He works in practical ways still today. It showed me that those early saints had real issues just like we do, but with the help of the Lord, they made it, and we can too!

  41. Latosha Morris says:

    I did a bible study with a lady in our church on Daniel- I beleive it was a Beth Moore series, but it was the best for many reasons
    *the leader was AMAZING
    *it was the first bible study I had ever done
    *the group was just as amazing
    *I feel I learned so much and retained the information

  42. Karen Lee says:

    My favorite Bible Study was on the book of Job. He was only a man and he faced extreme adversity and still never lost his Faith in God. How many of us give up so easily and he didnt. It was special because he showed his own ancestors that the devil will not win. My favorite saying is….When the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future. Thank you!

  43. 1) My favorite (and only) Bible Study so far was the study of Proverbs and Song of Solomon through Women Living Well this past summer.
    2) For one it brought me closer to God. Proverbs was a good foundation for me to get into the Word and grow in my wisdom and knowledge of Him. God put it on my heart to lead the study with a group of some of my friends and family which ended up opening more doors for me. Song of Solomon was good for me to accept my single season and not awaken love before it’s ready. I’m looking forward to participating (and leading) more Bible Studies in 2016!

  44. This answer may surprise you! I have complete many Beth Moore studies but the one that has impacted me most was the one I did not even do..The Book of James :Mercy Triumphs”. This Bible study impacted a close friend and challenged her to memorize the complete book of James! Desiring God’s Word more even she asked ME to join her in memorizing Ephesians (which we just finished last week). In God’s perfect timing she was just asked to lead a small group on none other than Ephesians – which starts next year! I would be so blessed to continue this legacy with another woman.

  45. The best Bible Study that I have done has been Anything by Jennie Allen. I did it with a friend during the summer and then we did the study with the women of our church and community. It had a profound effect on my life and it was wonderful to see the Holy Spirit work in the lives of most of the women who attended the Bible study. I told the Lord that my life ((and that includes everything in my life and family) is His to do with what ever He chooses to do for His glory. I want to know Him more, to love Him more and to make Him known to others.

  46. This will be the first one that if I shall win be completed. Every time one comes around something always comes around and finaces aren’t there for me to start one.

  47. Cindy Meyer says:

    Beth Moore’s study on Esther was probably my favorite. It came at such a perfect time in my life because immediately following the study we went through a family health tragedy and the lessons learned were so fresh in my mind. To be able to offer hope and encouragement in that moment was such a blessing!

  48. Michelle Hall says:

    I am currently studying Job( my favorite book in the Bible). I am a new Christian and it’s very hard to stay focussed. Regardless if I win the contest or not I became a winner when I accepted our Lord and Saviour. I can actually relate to Job on great deal. Reading Job when I’m down really opens my eyes. I thank God for the good and the bad.

  49. GRACE by Max Lucado is one of my most favorite studies because it really helped me to get a better grasp on the concept of Grace and see just how much God truly loves me.

  50. To date, my favorite Bible study has been The Patriarchs by Beth Moore because it goes deep into God’s plan and promises for us. It also shows the human shortcomings, betrayals, and hurt that we inflict on each other.Despite the pain, He is with us.

  51. Deb Mayes says:

    We studied Mary and her jar of oil. How it was so expensive yet she broke it and poured it on Jesus’ feet. That really touched me, how she was looked at for doing it, yet she adored him so much it was the least she felt she could do.

  52. Lynn Garrison says:

    Believing God
    Taught me to have faith stronger in all times and to believe in God’s promises

  53. Tia Robertson says:

    Im relatively new to Bible studying (returned to church two years ago after being away for 30 yrs), so Im not sure if this counts as a Bible study, but Kay Arthur’s book Lord, Teach me to Study the Bible in 28 days has been immensely helpful in getting back to understanding what the Word is trying to tell me. For years I feel like something was missing from my life. I went through a failed first marriage, and the feeling got worse. I was a single mom for 9 yrs following that, and I was completely lost. My uncle passed in 2011, so I went home to see him put to rest, and the moment I walked into that childhood church of mine, I KNEW what I needed. This book has helped me to remember daily that feeling, and guided me through the discipline I needed to read it!

  54. 1. “Hope The Anchor For Your Soul” by Women of Faith.

    2. Because it has given me something that I have been missing all my life – HOPE. Real hope.

  55. Michelle Vargas says:

    I think I’d have to say ” A Mother After God’s Own Heart,” by Elizabeth George

    Its special because it Elizabeth give us mothers 10 principles to help make God an everyday part of our children’s lives and showing them the proper way to love..and since us christians are called to pour out “agape love” to our neighbors and others, its a very hard concept and what better way to learn how to do that than by the Creator himself!

  56. 1. The Frazzled Female
    2. At the time (and it still applies at times) I was completely frazzled as a young wife and mother and it helped going through the study!

  57. Natalie Capps says:

    My favorite study was one I did many decades ago called The Philosophy of Christian Womanhood. It was through applying the principals learned in this study that my marriage was able to survive some tough years. What was so good about it was that the principals tought could be applied throughout changing times, and changing social norms.

  58. Julie Cronan says:

    All time favorite wow that’s a hard one I will have to say Tony Evans Full Armor of God. Actually did it twice! It empowered me so much to stamp out the Devil on a daily basis, too cover me and my family daily in prayer, and to understand compelling the Armor of God! I recommend it a thousand times over!

  59. Oh man, I have to pick just one? I’ve enjoyed every study published by my friend Margaret Feinberg but I also loved The Story by Randy Frazee. It enlightened me to the overall story, theme of Scripture. I’m thoroughly enjoying its sequel, Believe, now. In 2016, I want to read the Bible (again) with a different reading plan and do more studies with my friends.

  60. Nancy Miller says:

    The book of Daniel by Cheryl Broderson

    God revealed so much through studying Daniels life about HIS soverenty … He has a plan! And how it all prayed into the Jeramiah 29 prophecy … It’s so awesome! God is so gooooood!

  61. That’s a hard question to answer because there are so many great ones! I loved Jonah and Gideon by Priscilla Shrier but I last completed Seamless by Angie Smith I loved that it helped me to fully understand the Bible as a continuous story and really helped it all click for me. I’ve been a believer for quite some time but this was a breath of fresh air for me. Definitely a study no matter where you are on your faith race.

  62. tracy flores says:

    The very first book/study guide was Rachel’s book the sensational scent of prayer. I came across your website at my lowest point in my life. After years of thinking God could not love anyone like me. Now I have found renewed joy peace and actively study his word. Thank you Rachel!

  63. I’ve never done a bible study, so I don’t know what to expect. I’d like the opportunity to try.

  64. Jennifer Livengood says:

    Children of the Day by Beth Moore was my first and favorite bible study so far. I loved it because she is such a powerful speaker, and I felt like it really spoke to me and reminded me of God’s never ending love for me. It was the start of bringing me closer to Him.

  65. I liked Job because I’ve never really understood the book of Job before the study.

  66. My favorite bible study was a study on Daniel by Beth Moore. It was my favorite because it helped me look for ways to live my life for Christ in our crazy society.

  67. My favorite Bible study has been the book of Proverbs. Over the summer I started following good morning girls and read though the Book of Proverbs. We even started reading it with a group of teen goths at church. Proverbs 3:5

    1. Teen girls not teen goths

  68. Stefani Wilson says:

    The best bible study I’ve ever completed was a series by Dr Charles Stanley (in touch) that I receive monthly. I just really understand the way he explains scripture I’m also a big fan of David Jeremiah & I do the In Touch & daily bread everyday -other than that I don’t have a whole lot of experience with bible study so winning this would be great!!

  69. Stacy Wood says:

    1. Love God Greatly bible study through email with my amazing group.
    2. The fellowshiproblem time with people who want to get close to the Lord!

  70. My favorite study is the study on One More Step that I did with the online group, God-Living Girls. We read the book and did a very thorough discussion of each chapter together in an online chat once a week. I really enjoyed the book and the discussion. I learned so much about myself and how to cope with everyday issues by trusting in God.

    1. OH Cheryl! I’m so thrilled that you love it so much! Your group has been the biggest blessing to me!

  71. Karen Benedek says:

    My favorite study was the Book of Hebrews. It gave me a clearer understanding of what Jesus’ sacrifice cost him and a very intense study of the Tabernacle and its furnishings; what they represented and how it was a copy of the Heavenly Tabernacle.

  72. The most meaningful Bible study I’ve ever done is “Called to be a Keeper” by Lori Merrill. Here is a link to the website about the study – http://www.keepersministry.com/our-bible-study/description/

    I took this study when my son was four months old. It showed me what the Lord’s plan is for me as a woman, a wife, and a mom. It helped me see my priorities for my life as He would like. It gave me a clear vision for how I am called to live my life as a Christian woman. It changed my life! Awesome! I would encourage any woman of any age to go through this study.

  73. My favorite bible study I completed was a few years ago from the Love God Greatly group. It was about Christmas pertaining to the women of the bible and the struggles and what they over came. It not only helped me grow closer to God but help me grow even stronger in my faith! What made it so good was the involvement of the group and how the study really helped you battle your only struggles and hand them to God.

  74. My favorite Bible study has been Life: Living in Freedom Everyday by Church of the Highlands. Its also a small group at many Arc and Grow churches. It teaches you how to shed the junk of the past and step into the calling God has for you. Many chains were broken off of my life through this study and I understand grace in a fresh, new way. Its a life changer. Christ paid for our freedom, and its for freedom that He set us free.

  75. I have to choose one ? Wow ,that’s hard …lol
    I guess I would say Believing GOD by Beth Moore. It was a real eye opener to me ,because I realized that although I believe in GOD ,sometimes I don’t believe what HIS WORD says .
    It was an awesome study !

    1. That’s definitely one that ranks up there for me too, Linda!!

  76. Brytni Owen says:

    My favorite study was Children of the Day by Beth Moore working through Phillipeans. I loved the practical life applications and I just love Beth Moore’s presentation style.

  77. James: Mercy Truimphs by Beth Moore. Awesome Study!

    I learned that mercy does truimph over all things. That God doesn’t choose the brave & strong. He chooses the meek to carry out his good works.

  78. My best Bible study was on Revelations it was a small study group and I learned so much it was awesome!

  79. Karyn smith says:

    I have done several online with Good Morning Girls & Love God Greatly. The formats are very similar & sharing feedback with others & hearing other points of view or bits of info supported by documentation takes the study to a whole new level. Surrounding myself with friends that are studying the same material (even my online friends I’ve never met) is SO powerful!!!

  80. My favorite Bible study was Women of the Bible. I like learning about all the different women in the Bible.

  81. Jill Schock says:

    My favorite bible study was about women of the Bible. I was the coordinator for our church’s women’s retreat and that was our theme. It was a great weekend and we learned so much!

  82. My favorite bible study was Seamless by Angie Smith. I loved this bible study so much because it made me want to dig deeper into my bible. I have been raised in church and there is so much that I did not know. That is what I love so much about our women’s bible study group, we each have a different take on things and it makes us grow more in the Lord.

  83. Elizabeth Conrad says:

    My favorite Bible study was a course my friend taught on the Psalms in a small group in our church. My friend is a retired English professor, so she helped us all awaken to the beauty of the language, word pictures and literary devices the psalmists used to convey the rich emotion of the Psalms.

    It was so awesome because it opened my eyes to the fact that God accepts every emotion we have and wants us to pour our hearts out before Him. My favorite psalm is Psalm 13 because it runs the gamut of feelings from despair to finding trust and rest in God.

    This study was truly life changing for me. My faith is deeper today because of what I learned all those years ago. I know I can always come to God just as I am and give God my heart, no matter what I’m feeling.

  84. Jess Anne Cole says:

    At first glance it was simple, but it ended up being so much more. I learned how the Bible was put together and how it flows. Now I read the Bible in a different way.

  85. My favorite study so far that I have done in women’s group at church is The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst.

    It really delved into a woman’s mindset and how it related to different women in the bible to help us slow down and find our best yes that God has for us in this world.

  86. My favorite Bible study has been a Kay Arthur study about holiness! It was called “How to Become More like God”, I think, but I really enjoyed it because I did it with some good friends and it really hit home on a lot of points!

  87. Annette Coronado says:

    My favorite bible study is from Beth moore-Breakthrough
    The reason I enjoyed it so much is because it was very personal & helped me deal with my past-healing.

  88. Michele Stutzman says:

    Patriarchs by Beth Moore. Loved how God promised Abraham to be the father of many nations. And how that was still the promise through the generations. I have a lot of questions for Abraham.

  89. I recently did a study of I Peter with a group of women. I was also doing a study on my own on the topic of marriage. It was interesting where at times the studies intertwined. It was a wonderful time of learning.

  90. Teri Barr says:

    My favorite Bible Study to date was The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst! I was never good at saying no! I was overwhelmed with PTO, Band Boosters, Theater Boosters, Book Fair, School Store, Santa’s Workshop, etc.! I did anything I could possibly do, but take care of myself! I learned that I don’t have to do everything to please others, that I need to do what pleases God! It was a study that I wish I had done when my children were small, it would have saved me much stress and anxiety!

  91. Michele Stutzman says:

    Patriarchs by Beth Moore. There is so much information and I loved how God’s promise carried through each generation. I have so many questions for Abraham.

  92. I participates in an Online Proverbs 31 Ministries Bible Study, Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman. I loved it! I thought it was a great, practical study with very real-life scenarios and situations that i could totally relate to. And, Proverbs 31 Ministry Team did a great job facilitating it.

  93. I recently did a Bible Study on I Peter with a group of women. It was wonderful because it was a deep study into the chapter, but also because I was doing another study on my own and the I Peter study brought out more in the other study. It was awesome! I learned so much.

  94. The Bible study that I found most memorable was when I taught the children in my Sunday school class about Jesus asking Peter to feed His sheep. They loved that lesson. And I loved knowing that they were so engaged in the material. That’s why it is my favorite Bible study.

  95. Dawnielle alden says:

    When Godly People Do Ungodly Things. First one I facilitated for our Women’s group at church

  96. My favorite Bible Study was with a rabbi who spoke about the Book of Ruth. She was a good speaker, and I love to explore the example of Ruth following Naomi and accepting her even in their shared misery.

  97. Kathy Duggins says:

    The Shelter of God’s Promises by Sheila Walsh was my first and favorite bible study so far. This bible study really hit home with me because of my personal struggles I’ve had with my mom’s passing several years ago and most recently my divorce from the man I had planned to spend the rest of my life with. It’s the bible study that brought me in to a group of very faithful women who have become my dearest friends and sisters in Christ!

  98. I loved Angie Smith’s seamless that study changed the way i looked at the bible. I recommend it for all believers. I recently bought Armor of God can’t wait to start that one too.

  99. Kathy Walker says:

    Beth Moore study on Esther. This was the first study that I felt I really dive into the Word. I loved how she used history to better understand the context. I’m not sure if it was the study itself that was so good, my commitment to the daily work, it where I was on my walk to understand and apply. I’m sure it was a combination, but whatever the reason, I got the most out of this study many years ago.

  100. Lisa Rettig says:

    Beth Moore’s Daniel…interested in prophecy, and love learning how books of the Bible tie together.

  101. This is hard to answer…every time I am doing a study that becomes my favorite. But if I have to choose…

    Lord, Is It Warfare? Teach Me to Stand…by Kay Arthur.

    It was through that study that I learned so much about who our enemy is and how to recognize and counter the attacks.

  102. I just finished ‘Growing in Faith: A Bible Study for Catholics’ a few weeks ago. I thoroughly enjoyed this one because it was really appropriate for the upcoming year of mercy called by Pope Francis. There was a multitude of thought-provoking points and I found myself changing certain old habits to try and become a better Christian. I felt a lot of points resonate deep in my soul and I truly feel my life will be made better by what I’ve learned.

  103. I remember learning and growing so much through a bible study about motherhood. The women found common ground and created a nice community. I was reminded that I was still important to God and that many struggles and joys were experienced by all of us. I saw the older women step up and guide the younger ones.

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