7 Creative Ways to Pray

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Today I wanted to share with you 7 creative ways to pray. My prayer is that these ways will make it easy to remember the desired focus when you pray.

The power of prayer is something in which I strongly believe. God has answered so many of my prayers and the prayers of my husband and family that I can’t help but believe in the power of prayer. But honestly, I can get a little distracted with my own thoughts during prayer if I’m not careful.

Does that every happen to you? Good. I’m glad I’m not the only one. 

Having guides or methods to help me remained focused during prayer time is a beautiful thing. When I’m praying for others, I want to give them my attention and be purposeful, not random. Today I wanted to share with you 7 creative ways to pray. My prayer is that these ways will make it easy to remember the desired focus when you pray. Whether the desired focus is to praise the Lord or intervene on behalf of someone else, I hope these creative tools will guide you along and you’ll learn to love your prayer time even more than you do now.

1. Ways to Pray for Your Family

 7 Ways to Pray for Your Husband & 7 Ways to Pray for Your Children are both great methods of prayer that assist you by using an acrostic as the guide. Using an acrostic is an easy way to remember what you want to pray. Check them out by clicking on the titles.

2.  A Prayer Journal Guide for Anyone

The ch@t prayer model can easily be used to focus prayer time on a daily basis. By using 4 simple questions, this prayer model is a fabulous way to stay tuned in to prayer time and a wonderful method of prayer journaling. The free printable bookmark can be used to mark the prayer journal page and contains the guide on the bookmark. Preteens and teens have really latched on to this method of prayer.

3. A Way for Kids to Pray

My friend, The Time-Warp Wife, has some awesome free printable prayer cards 31 Prayer Cards for Kids. A GREAT way for kids to learn to pray and have their own meaningful method. So be sure to check them out- all of them are FREE and also available to print in black and white.

 4. A Way to Pray for Your Kids’ Friendships

When school starts back up, many parents focus on prayer for the friendships of their child or children. I’ve written an article for my awesome friends at Tommy Nelson about ways to pray for your child’s friendships. Check it out on Faith Gateway here.

5. Back to School Prayer Tool

The Back to School Prayer Tool uses the basic eight colors in a crayon box to focus prayer thoughts.   This unique color guide was originally designed as a back to school guide to be in prayer for schools, teachers, administration, and children.

6. Pray By Color Guide

Because the back to school prayer tool has been enjoyed and used so much, I thought I would offer a printable color tool that could be used any time of year. This creative tool was prompted by a reader comment and follows suit with the ch@t model of prayer bookmark. It could be used as a prayer journal bookmark or a Bible bookmark. Click here to download the free .pdf for bookmarks.

7. FREE Printable Prayer Journal

Whether you have been praying for years or you’re still wondering how to pray, this free printable prayer journal is a fabulous prayer tool. With 20 prompts to journal your way through, you’ll love the way this journal encourages simply, committed prayer time.

Which of these prayer tools have you used and appreciated? Which one is your favorite?

By his grace,