Creative Parenting Ideas for Snow Days

It’s a new day and about 6 am, I get the news.  No school for the day.  For me, this means a ton of change, flexibility and adaptability are now on the agenda.  So what do you do?   Here are a few ideas from one mom who is not so crazy about changes in plans.

1. Think through the changes and pray for the grace to adapt. Seriously! Mentally prepare yourself and plan to enjoy the changes.

2. Get chores accomplished, but make them fun!  For example, our kids have a standard chore chart for each week, with the days of the week outlined.  But there were a few “extra” chores they could do yesterday that were not on their regular list.  So we made a new list, cut the list apart, and then each child pulled a job from the Mystery Bowl.   They loved having new assignments and were rewarded after their job was inspected.

3. Hone a skill that needs some TLC in your child.  Shoe-tying, multiplication tables, you know what it is.  For shoes, choose a “big” shoe with larger laces from Daddy’s closet.    We also have a shoe-tying book, which is great for repetition and seeing completed results.  For multiplication tables, we might use the online games tool from our school’s website.  Think outside the box for a new resource that will make the activity interesting.

4.  Children LOVE to bake and cook.  Yesterday, my 9 yr. old, Michael, followed step-by-step verbal instructions on making homemade pizza dough.  He loved every minute of it!  And was so proud of his finished results, as you can see.  My 5  yr. old, Samuel, made the dessert, which was just a simple chocolate pudding, topped with Cool Whip.  For decoration, he got to choose between large Hershey kisses or mini chocolate chips.  

A few more quick ideas from this brainstorming mama…

5. Dig out a puzzle or game you haven’t touched in a while and play it TOGETHER.

6. Whip out the art supplies and make Valentines.  Then send them to shut-ins, elderly, ill children, or missionaries.

7.  Reorganize that one drawer, cabinet or closet that is out of hand.  Jumping over a small procrastination hurdle can do wonders!   Play a matching game with that basket of  mismatched socks.

8. Take the time to read. Today we are having “reading groups.”  Each child will choose a book they can read aloud (an important skill to practice.) and take turns reading it to the rest of us.  Later on in the day, each child will choose a book that they want Mommy to read to them.

9. Get physical exercise.  Put on a short exercise video or time 10 minutes on the mini-trampoline.  Have a Wii Fit Family Challenge.  Go outdoors if you can, even if it’s only for a short brisk walk.

And finally….

10. Enjoy the day.  This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it!

What could you add to this creative parenting list for snow days?

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  1. love this 🙂 some great ideas 🙂 yesterday was a YES day in our house… where i tried my best to not say no to any requests!

    1. Now that was quite an undertaking- a YES day. Hmmmm. might have to try it. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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