Considering the Heavens

The glory of the moon, full and bright,
bids me look upon its beauty.

Through the window, the mysterious glow beckons my eyes to be still and gaze at
the creation appointed to rule the night.

Darkness gives birth to fullness of wonder
at God’s mysterious formation of hazy, gleaming sphere.

As the Psalmist questioned,
What truly is man that God is mindful of him?

For the dictator of seasons reveals his character through mindful rays
of the One who dictates his being.

Performing punctual duty with consistency,
the alluring orb stretches full length, 
admirably reigning until service is no longer necessary

When the King who reigns will shine brighter than the stars of heavens combined and reveal eternal illumination.



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  1. Ahhhh LOVED your last line, Rachel!!! Thanks for linking up with us!!!!

    1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

      My privilege! Thanks, Angela!

  2. You got me… pulled me into God’s glory! ~ Blessings girl, Amy

    1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

      Thanks, Friend!

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