Columbus Clippers Celebrate National MPS Awareness Day

Saturday, May 15, 2010, Matt Wojnarowski was up to sing the National Anthem for the Columbus Clippers baseball game and the Clippers honored the Wojnarowski family by announcing National MPS Awareness Day!  Taylor’s photo was shown on the big screen.I am so proud of Matt and Taylor and want to thank the Columbus Clippers for their awesome support in raising awareness for MPS!

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  1. Thomas Wojnarowski says:

    Love you …

  2. We were there that night too. Was neat to be a part of that unexpectedly too.

  3. How about THAT?!?! That is awesome. Her picture looks beautiful on the big screen. How did Matt hold it together to sing the National Anthem with that picture up there? I would have been a wreck. Congratulations. What an awesome memory for your entire family. Very, very cool!

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