A Call to Prayer

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call to prayer

I believe in prayer; you’ve probably noticed that here if you’ve been around much. God has a purpose in prayer and things happen when people pray. I’ve been a witness to that time and time again in my own life, as well as the lives of others.

Last week , I sent out a message to my friend, Stacy, who just moved away recently. For the last few years, she’s been a faithful prayer friend to me, coming to prayer meetings  at my house and attending local Bible studies at my church. We’ve prayed many prayers for each other and frankly, I just found myself missing her greatly. Now I know she is only a text or facetime or skype away. But missing her prompted more thoughts on the importance of prayer.

Then I saw my friend, Darlene’s, blog post about how her book will be releasing to the world and she finds herself in need of prayer. Oh, I sure am praying for her. It’s a scary feeling to pour your heart and soul into writing a book and takes total reliance on God.

Then today I saw the If:Pray Information and I’m praying about how I might be involved in that endeavor.

With all those indicators, I’m making a call to prayer here on the blog. I want to take some time to really pray and seek God’s face. I just need to. For myself. For this book I’m writing. For the writing deadlines I’m facing. For God to have his total will and way in my life. For his direction and purpose to be completely clear. For my husband. For my kids. For some needs we have as a family.

And I want to pray for you. Your needs. Your direction. Your spouse. Your children. Whatever it is that you feel like asking prayer for, I want to pray.

Call it an online prayer meeting if you wish, but I’d love to see your prayers or prayer requests or both in the comments.

Would you pray with me today?


prayer changes me

Bloggers, it’s still Whimsical Wednesday and I’d love to have you both link up to the party and leave a prayer request or prayer as you feel led!

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  1. I am seeking prayer support on making a career decision. I have been in the same career 15 years and am having trouble finding my way. I pray to God to tell me if I should continue on here or is there something else He wants me to do? Please help me pray for the answer. It’s vital to our families finances.

  2. Rachael,
    Your story is such an inspiration to me. Your faith and loyalty is so strong and it is a blessing that you share this with the world. I pray for you today that God speaks through you and gives you the words that are meant for all of us to hear. Open your mind and your heart to him and he will provide you with all you need to complete your journey. Bless you for having courage to start this site for us and trusting in the Lord.

    Lord God, I want to thank you for leading me to this site and allowing me to be open to your work through Rachael’s life experiences. We too as a family are being led by you currently. There are many signs in our everyday life that you are here with us guiding us. I have full trust in you Lord that you are a very loving Father and you will provide what our family needs to have strength during this time of awakening in our family life. Continue to speak to us and reassure us that we are listening and pleasing you. Thank you for our many blessings especially for one another and our relationship with you. In your name we pray, Amen.

  3. I ask for prayers for my daughter, who has Cystic Fibrosis. She is a graduate student for Pharmacy and has a very busy schedule. Last May she had pneumonia and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. That put finals on delay and then worked all summer in a Pharmacy . This year will be stressful for her trying to keep up with studies and her health. I pray that she will have a healthy, successful year. Thank you for all the prayers!

  4. Please pray for my marriage. My husband and I have been separated for almost a year and I am trusting and believing for God to do a miracle and bring us back together. We have three children and they are having a really hard time. He basically just left and started a new life but indonbelievebun the power of prayer. Please pray for us.

  5. Theresa L says:

    I will be praying with you!

    Please pray for me as we start this new school year. I have 2 children in public school and one I’m homeschooling. This is new. I’ve homeschooled in the past and they’ve been in public school, but this is the first time I’ve split them up like this. Also, hubby is going to be in school full time and I’m starting my own business. I’m just praying I can handle it all on top of all the work of being a SAHM. Thank you!

    God bless you!

  6. Please pray that my son will hear the Lord call him from sin and back into a right walk with the Lord. Pray that he will clearly see the deception of the enemy and flee temptation. My heart is breaking and I am fearful of where he is headed. Pray that I will be faithful to pray, trust the Lord and not worry. Thank you so much!

    1. Mindy, my name is Tonya and I just wanted you to know that my heart goes out to you and I am praying for your son…as I am also praying for my little brother…

  7. Good Evening, I want to first start by saying I love receiving your posts in my inbox every day!

    I would love prayer for our family, we are moving to Texas where my husband is from and I am WAY excited for this next chapter in our lives. However, we have been living with his mom since we got married and even though this is not the norm, it truly has been one of the biggest blessings in my life and I’m going to miss her SOOOO much. As I’m packing and thinking of the relationship she has with our children (and with me) and how much she loves them I just almost break down. My husband and I both know this is the best thing for our family, and we know this is where we are supposed to be but this is incredibly hard for me. I just need peace, and comfort. She is a wonderful mother-in-law and grandmother!! Thank you!! God bless!

  8. I ask for prayer to guide my teenage daughter through these difficult years. I need guidance to direct her through all the “girl drama” she is facing as a 7th grader. Also I’m a teacher and I would like prayer to make sure I’m doing in my classroom what God is calling me to do for my students not what “man” wants me to do. Thank you!!

    1. Theresa L says:

      I also have a daughter going into 7th grade. It is so hard! I will pray for you!!

  9. Your ministry is such a blessing to me. I pray that God will give you the desires of your heart.

  10. I am asking for prayers for my youngest son who is trying to get a better job, so he can take care of his family.

  11. Father,

    I pray for Rachel today. Please bless her and draw her close to You. I am grateful for this blog and the way You have taught me more about Your word through it. Help us all to grow in our faith in You.

    In Jesus’ Name I pray,

  12. This is such a sweet, heart-felt post. I love prayer. I even crochet prayer blankets and prayer shawls for people I feel God calling me to (who I have access to give physical gifts to).
    I have been praying for years for physical healing for myself. I have a neuromuscular disorder called Charcot-Marie-Tooth. September is CMT Awareness month in over 12 states this year. It needs awareness, because hardly any doctors know about it, and there are few treatments for the varied symptoms, and no cure.
    My CMT causes suffering for me and my family. I have pain, muscle weakness, and difficulty doing simple daily tasks I would love to be able to do for my family. I also have difficulty doing anything that requires walking or standing, but would love to go on hikes or go dancing with my husband. Please pray that God would show me what to pray for. What to hope for. I’m tired of hurting physically, but I’m more tired of not knowing what purpose He is calling me to.
    Thank you for your willingness to pray for a complete stranger.

  13. Rachel,
    I really appreciate reading your thoughts and prayers. I would like to make a prayer request for a program that I started attending out of a need for my husband in an area he needed healing and found myself being healed right along with him. The group is called Celebrate Recovery (begun by Rick Warren’s church) and is based on the Beatitudes and I attend the one class called Hurts, Habits and Hangups. We are fed by a different Sunday School Class each Monday night, for free, I might add, which is unusual even for this program. Then we go and fellowship and worship and pray. Then we attend small groups where we talk about struggles and give testimony and prayer is given by the leader for us all. Then we go for dessert and coffee. This program has led me to be closer to God and overcome, with God’s help, some issues I had. I would like a prayer for all the workers who do everything for free. I would like to pray for those who are silently hurting and don’t know where to turn. Maybe Celebrate Recovery will show up in their lives, by God’s design. Thank you for all you do, also Rachel. God Bless You! I will be praying for you also!

  14. I am a single mom of 12 years and have been praying fervently for a husband. Please pray for me that God would send me a Godly husband. I feel I am being attacked by Satan every which way for standing firm in my beliefs from family and friends. I really need God’s hand in my life right now!

  15. Lord I lift up all who need prayers to You. You alone their needs and what is best for them. Keep them close to You, strong in You and peace and contentment in their hearts. Guide them and give them a discerning heart to hear Your voice alone and walk the path that you’ve planned for us all. All for your , glory Lord. Amen

  16. Mary Lynn says:

    Rachel, Your prayers have been such a huge source of comfort and encouragement. When I am not sure of exactly how to pray in the midst of anxiety and overwhelming worry, you have a prayer and/or the verses I need to pray throughout the day.
    My husband’s job has been over the top stressful for the past year. This summer I have never seen him so stressed. His stress spills over onto me. I worry about him, his job security, the affect his being away from home and distracted by the job when he is at home has on the kids.
    All of this while we are launching a 2nd campus for our church- I have been convinced much of this is Satan’s attack on us as we work for this launch in a couple of weeks.
    So besides wisdom in parenting my kiddos, we need prayers concerning his job and for our church launch Sept. 7.
    Praying for you and your family as you write the next book and continue in this ministry and any other ministry you are called. God is definitely using you and your family. So thankful for you and your family.

  17. Praying for you and your family even as you reach out to pray for others! Prayer is so powerful, and too often we forget 🙂
    Please pray for our family as both of our adult children are in transition (one OUT of addiction and dependence on us financially – the other as she heads to grad school and is in need of part-time employment and a safe place to live).
    Thank you!!

  18. Hi Rachel!!!

    Thanks so much for this time of prayer! I first want to pray for you and your family.
    I pray for Rachel as she looks to you for guidance and strength during her book writing. I pray all her deadlines come with ease. I pray you guide her in Your way Lord, and keep her close. I pray for her husband and her sweet children. I pray you meet every need they have as a family. In You Sweet Name, Jesus!!

    I just ask you pray for my husband, my son, and myself as we prepare to bring another little angel into this world, and other needs we have as a family.

    I pray you have a wonderful day, Rachel, and thanks again for this prayer time. It is amazing how God knows exactly what each of us needs, and brings us together to meet those needs. =)

  19. What a blessing for you to share with us! Thank you in advance for your prayers for your readers. Much like your friend with her book, I’m just starting to write my blog and start working on a book of my own. It is a huge, scary task. Opening up on a public platform is inviting critics. I’m struggling with the thought of being worthy for God to have called me to this task of sharing my voice in His name. The doubt creeps in like a fog, but I keep reminding myself that He has called me through this so He will see me to its completion. I would appreciate a prayer of courage to stand up, step out and speak loudly for Him and the calling He has placed on my heart.
    Thank you! Thank you!

  20. As I read the comments I prayed for each of you. My request is for a friend of my niece, Joy and her husband Sonny and their family. They have been living with Joy’s sudden diagnosis of a brain tumor(cancer) surgery, paralysis some of which getting better(Thank the Heavenly Father). She still has little or no use of her arms and hands. The cancer is in other parts of her body and has been told that the time left is only months. she has 4 children of the 8yr old and is greatly effect by all of this. please pray Joy’s sister as well who is helping care for her.

    Please pray for them all — God is a Great and Wonderful God Thank You

  21. Abba Father, I lift up Rachel and bless you for her heart to pray for and support others both near and far. Please continue to encourage, equip and empower her as she leans in close to hear the whispers of your heart and bring them to fruition in the ways you lead her to. i pray for her book and also for her friend Darlene’s book, I pray for direction and grace in both their lives. Abba Father I pray that you will lead the right people to them whether it is to their websites, books or in person to both be blessed and to bless them. I pray for their relatives and friends that they will be able to support them through any period of transition or stepping out that they may face, cover them with the banner of your love and protect them with the shield of your faith.

    I pray this all through your Son, Yahushua HaMashiach, Jesus the Messiah.

    Rachel, I would also ask if you could pray for me and my ministry. I have a heart to support Christians with chronic illness and am currently writing a book to giveaway on my website/Amazon. I would like to do more things, for example start a webinar/video course hopefully by October latest as well as vurrently working on a meditation album with a dear sister. My issue is that as someone living with a chronic illness myself, I sometimes struggle with doing all the things God has placed in my heart to do. I try not to pressurise myself but sometimes feel let down by my body. I would also like you to pray for resources whether financial or support to enable me to be able to actually implement these ideas. Thanks so much and YHWH continue to bless you for all you do.

    Shalom x

  22. Your open love of God is inspirational for me. I pray God hears everyone of your prayers and your readers prayers. Ps 20.
    I would love to be included amongst the prayers. Firstly to help me keep my 2 daughters safe and help them to have a heart after God. And for myself too, I’m feeling a little lost and deflated at the moment. I know God promises beauty for our ashes.. I’m expectantly waiting for a blessed change in my life.
    Thank you for your blog Rachel.

  23. I am leading an IF:Pray next month so I need prayer for guidance and wisdom. Also I am currently seeking God for the next step in my life. I’ve been taking care of so many others for so long that I don’t have a clear vision for God’s plan for my life in particular. Thank you.

  24. My husband needs prayers as he is feeling the stress of a new job coming down on him. My son’s teacher and her loving ways of teaching his kindergarten class the ways of God and classical education. Our friend, Wendy, who has ovarian cancer and is finishing up her chemo. Prayers for you and this wonderful blog you keep for all of us out there. Prayers for guidance for us all and courage to defeat Satan and his evil army.

  25. Verónica says:

    You keep him in perfect peace
    whose mind is stayed on you,
    because he trusts in you.
    Isaiah 26:3

  26. Please Pray that me and my husband will receive a financial blessing.

  27. Prayer is something I have been trying to grow in and Gid has given me lots of opportunities to grow. Last year my husband and I were trying so hard to have a baby. through lots of prayer we were lead to the right fertility treatments and are expecting our first in December. I had to learn to let others in on specific prayer requests. I love all the posts you post about prayer. They are encouraging!

  28. pradeep selvraj says:

    I need you to pray for a desire of ours( as a family) to buy our own place and to settle down at the earliest

  29. Yesterday you posted “back to school” prayers and it was perfect since school started yesterday. I ask for prayer for all teachers, students and parents. May the three work together this school year to provide the best education for all. I ask for prayer for teachers that their words honor God each day and the lessons taught include a sense of belonging for each child who walks in the classroom. I ask for prayers for the students that they are able to focus and try their best each day even when life’s struggles feel very consuming. I thank God that we all have this opportunity to teach everyone we come in contact with and pray that God is at the center of our lives.

    Rachel-I am praying for you as you work on your book! May your words be God’s words and may your deadlines be met. Love you girl!

  30. I will pray for you. There is quite simply nothing more powerful than prayer. And I ask that you pray for my marriage, for my battle with anxiety and my family – for God’s protection and His abundance. Thank you.

  31. Hello Rachel. Thank you for who you are in Christ. I pray for you and your family’s needs. I pray for the right words for your manuscript. I pray a peace over your deadlines. The needs of your family and the continued love that you show others, in His name. I pray for your readers and their needs, spoken and unspoken. I too believe in the power of prayer. I was just woken up by HIM to read His word and this blog. And I needed it. I too am a writer and am currently too boggled down with a full time job to write. I miss it and I want to get back to it. Your words of inspiration (here and elsewhere) were, once again, music to me ears. Thank you. Please pray for my husband, our children and grandchildren and the path that the Lord has for us. Please pray that we listen and allow Him to work through us, to reach and teach others. Thank you! Have a blessed day.

    1. Father, I pray for Heather and her husband and children tonight. I don’t know them but you know each of them by name. I pray that you would work in their lives and direct them in the way you want them to go. Thank you for Heather’s open heart and mind and for her sweet prayers and encouragement to me. I pray that you would bless her richly for her strong desire to seek you in all that she does.

  32. Please just pray for me. Please!

    1. God, I don’t know Jen’s needs, but you do. She needs you, Lord, to be close to her and love on her. She needs to know you are with her. I pray that she would sense your presence, Jesus, and I pray that you would send her someone to love on her and let her know that you are in control. You love and care for her and know everything that is going on in her life and we praise you for this.

  33. I just recently discovered your blog and I am so thankful that I did. Thank you for inspiring me to continue in my search for God and peace in my heart. I would like to submit a prayer request for my son who may need extensive dental surgery, I pray that he may be healed and the surgery canceled. Thank you.

    1. Father I do pray for Maritza’s son- that you would heal him. Please guide the hands that serve him in this area of need and heal his body quickly for your glory, we pray.

  34. Hello! Thank you for all your posts and for offering us your prayers! Recently I read something in my church’s bulletin about really thinking about how we pray- and how do we know we are praying the right words to god? And this has stayed with me and I think I am doing my best praying to god- I’ve used a lot of your tools that you have offered to us- but could welcome some more suggestions . Additionally, I would like a prayer request as I am getting ready to go back to work (school teacher) and have a new position where I will be more busy.

    Although excited to go back to work and get Into the groove of things! I am a little anxious because I have been trying to get pregnant for a while, and had a miscarriage back in April, so I am hoping and praying for god to give me strength and patience as I wait for his blessing!

    1. God, I pray for my wonderful friend, Nieve. As she enters this new season of work, may she find her total strength in you. I pray that you would bless her with children and answer her prayers of request, just as you did for Hannah, dear Father.

      1. Thank you so much Rachel. I have identified with Hannah many times and never get tired of reading her story. God bless you and your family and I pray that god continues to bless you and empower you as he always has.

  35. Hello!!!!
    I too, want to join in to pray for and to be prayed for!!!!
    I need to know what are the next steps I need to make in my life. (Jer 29:11)
    Do I stay or do I go?
    May Gods’ will have complete control over my life and choices.

    1. Father, I do pray for Addie tonight! Sorting through decisions can be so tough and I ask that you would give her full clarity on this decision. May peace flood her heart!

  36. Hi Rachel!

    Thank you so much for being such a solid source of Godly inspiration to my life. I will definately join you in prayer 🙂 Your prayers and blog posts have touched my heart many days.

    I’d like to submit a prayer request for my boyfriend. He’s tackling a great deal of challenges in numerous areas and I just pray that God continue to guide him to where He feels is best. I pray that favor falls upon him and that he develops a closer relationship with God in the midst of everything. I’d also just like to say a prayer of thanks for everything God’s done in my life lately.

    I can’t wait to read your book! I know it’ll be great 🙂 In the words of Dory from Finding Nemo “Just keep swimming!”

    1. Thank you, Jasmine!! So much. Jesus, I pray for Jasmine’s boyfriend, that you would reveal yourself in his life. That his path would be straight and he would trust you wholly and fully with each detail in his life. Blessings to you, Girl!

  37. Please pray for my brother’s salvation…Dear Lord, I lift up Rachel, and Jessica, and Stephanie and Tamara…thank You for seeing and caring about us all…thank You for the reassurance that You have good plans for us…thank You O Lord for loving us and that love conquers all…in Jesus name I pray…

    1. And I pray for Tonya’s brother. Oh Jesus, would you send your spirit to convict his heart? Would you send someone with a word of encouragement to trust You? We pray this in your name.

      1. Thank you so much Rachel…tears to me eyes…

  38. In the last year, we have had so many prayers answered and seen amazing ways God is working in our family. After moving, we found out our daughter is in need of oral surgery to remove a cyst in her jaw. There are some unknowns as we enter this surgery. I would love for prayers for her complete recovery. Thank you so much…you are such a blessing.

    1. Jesus, we lift Aimee’s daughter up to you. I ask for healing for this problem in your holy name.

  39. My prayer is for continued provision from our Lord for my family. We are recovering from a period of unemployment and the shaky feelings sometimes still creep in. In addition, my plate is full of good opportunities to serve, but I am seeking His guidance for the best places – the places he wants me to spend my time and energy.

    1. Father, I pray for Amy and her family tonight. We know you are the Provider and I ask that you would continue to bless this precious family for your glory. I also pray that you would make it clear where Amy should serve you. I know how hard it can be to discern that with so many wonderful options available and I pray you would provide a clear direction for her. Amen!

  40. Prayers for the health of our Church president Wes.

    1. Jesus, I pray for Wes today. You know all the needs and I ask that you would work mightily.

  41. Thank you so much for this post. It is crucial to understand how important prayer is in our walk/relationship with God, and just how powerful it really is. Please pray for the health and safety of my husband and I as well as out three pets. We have had quite a few unexpected Vet visits in the last few months. Praying its coming to an end :).

    God Bless you and your family!

    1. Father, I do pray for Amber, her husband and her pets. I can understand the financial strain that caring for these animals may be causing and I pray that you would keep them healthy and give Amber what she needs to care for the responsibilities she’s been given.

  42. Prayer for my dear friend Pam who lost her daughter this morning.

    1. Father, I humbly pray for this dear lady, Pam, who lost her daughter this morning. Please surround her with your mercy and grace and thank you for this dear friend, Monica, who has requested prayer on her behalf. I pray that you would bless their friendship, in your name.

  43. I need prayers for guidance on whether to stay in Florida or move back to PA where I am from

    1. God, I pray for Tamara today. Moving is such a large life experience and I pray for clarity on her decision. Give her peace, Jesus, we pray.

  44. please pray for my little family and our finances, better health, for our hearts to open up and be more forgiving towards our neighbors and that our neighbors are open up to our privacy. I ask that you pray that my fiancé and I open up to each other more and start to be more on the same page. Please pray that my fiancé open up his heart and be a man of God and that I am able to accept the things that he says. But most of all that our little family open our hearts to seek the Lord more than ever.

    1. Jesus, pray for Sal’s family and their needs today. You know each one of them. I love that she is asking for prayer to seek you because that is what we all need to do. May we follow Sal’s example in this area of seeking to know you more, even today.

  45. I need a prayer for emotional healing. Dealing with recurring depression. You are in my prayers, Rachel. I think we all could benefit from prayer partners. Sometimes its easier to share with just one other person. It helps to know others are praying for you.

    1. Father I pray for Judy today. Emotional healing can be such a journey, but it is not a journey that she walks alone. Please give her a sense of your presence, Lord. I pray that you would send a tangible person to uphold her in prayer and in person. We thank you and praise you for it!

  46. Stephanie Markos says:

    This post has so much meaning to me because it is through prayer I started a relationship with God and He has answered so many of my prayers. I lost count. Praying is my favorite thing to do. It’s so special to me. Is my personal very special time with our Heavenly Father.
    Could you please pray for my family. My two month old Lukas for The Lord to always watch over Him and for His peace in my marriage and home.
    Also for my dear friend Alessandra who is being induced Thursday for a safe delivery
    Prayer is powerful!!!
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Jesus, today I pray for Stephanie and her family. I pray for her sweet baby and that you would provide peace that passes understanding in their home, just as you’ve promised in your word. I do ask for your hand of protection on Alessandra and this new life she is to bring into the world. Thank you that prayer is powerful and we can come to you at any time in any place. We praise you for this, Jesus.

  47. Jessica Peters says:

    I need prayers for a good report from my doctor’s appointment this week. Thank you.

    1. Lord Jesus, I pray for Jessica this morning. I pray that you would heal her body and give her strength that could feel even now, Lord.

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