Broken and Vulnerable

I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before now.  In 15 years of raising a family, Tuesday we had our first: broken bone.

Can you believe it?  We have a trampoline, scooters,and bikes. Two flights of interior steps, a gymnastics girl and sports galore.  Yet tonight had to be the night that Michael would incur a wrist fracture from a crash landing on his bike.

Bummer. Not only for his arm, but our family safety streak. 😉

The kid looked pretty pathetic. And in major pain. And my mommy instinct told me it was broken.

He’s ten; too big to cry over most things. But he cried.  Oh the strangeness of watching a leader of  a small manhood transform from a state of independence to dependence. He now needed assistance with the simple tasks of putting on clothing and shoes.  His pace slowed for eating and drinking.  He began to rely on his parents for help.

Have you ever had your spiritual arm broken?

I have.  That ol’ arm winds up looking pretty pathetic and how I hate the pain!

Through the brokenness, I become vulnerable.   We typically think of vulnerability as  weakness. But being broken and vulnerable is simply a path of opening.

Through the vulnerability, I have a choice to become bitter or to open.

Through openness, God uses the story to glorify Him.

He uses my story; He uses your story.

Through the pain, the brokenness, and the vulnerability, I realize my necessity for depending on God each and every day.  I can go nowhere without Him and…

I embrace His touch on my life rather than ignoring Him.

Have you embraced His touch on your life today?






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  1. Thanks sister! You’re such a light of God’s love and family! I love how you pull out these God analogies! Hoping for fast healing for your boy! ~ Blessings out girl, Amy 🙂

  2. Love this. Not the broken arm, of course, but the application. So good.

  3. Poor Michael–Praying for quick healing. Our brokenness truly is the pathway to a closer relationship with God. Be blessed.

  4. Tell Michael we are so sorry about his arm. Thinking of you all.

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