Book Title Reveal and the Bible Reading Challenge Check-In


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Monday is here and you know what that means! It’s time for the Bible Reading Challenge check-in. I’m a little behind on the reading schedule, but the quality of reading has been wonderful this week. How are you doing?

The book I’m writing on perseverance is coming together and I’m down to the wire the next two weeks. I would love it if you could continue to pray that God supplies the words he wants folks to read in this book.  Currently I have 10,000 more words to write and self-editing to finish before I submit my final manuscript to the editor. The working title I’ve been using for this project is “When You Feel Like Giving Up.” I have been feeling that this should actually be the subtitle of the book and have been working towards a concise title. So while this blog post is titled “book title reveal,” it’s actually a request that you comment your ideas for titles. We haven’t solidified a true title just yet. Here are a few I’ve kicked around:

Perseverance: When You Feel Like Giving Up

The Grit Factor: When You Feel Like Giving Up

One More Step: When You Feel Like Giving Up

Everyday Champion: When You Feel Like Giving Up

Hope Quest: When You Feel Like Giving Up

So, whatcha think? I know “whatcha” is not a word. But it’s my Appalachian accent shining.

I’d love to hear how your Bible reading is coming along; so let us know in the comments. If you don’t mind giving your opinion on the book title, I’d sure appreciate your thoughts. You guys always have great ones.

Happy Monday!



  1. Pam Hampton says:

    This title came to me this morning while in the shower…

    “Remember, this is only temporary: When you feel like giving up.”

    So many times in my life when I’m ready to throw in the towel…God reminds me that it’s only temporary. As I get older and wiser I have proven this to be true. In the grand scheme of things….it’s only temporary!

    Love your website Rachael…God bless you!

    1. thanks Pam. That is one of the elements in the book content. 🙂 Blessings to you!!

  2. I like both “One more step” and “Perseverance” but if your mom would say one more step, you’ve got to go with that.

  3. Jennifer Konie says:

    “One More Step”

  4. I Love the One More Step. You can do it One More Step. Press on One More Step. I Love this Title..
    Congratulations on your new book…

  5. I like One More Step because there have been many days where I have had to tell myself to “take one more step, don’t give up I can do this”. I can’t wait to read it!!

  6. Stephanie Zamudio says:

    How about…

    Breathe: When You…

    Surrender: …

    Close Your Eyes: …

    A Still Small Hope: …

    It’s Not Over: …

    Now God Can Move: …

    The Time is Now: …

    For Such a Time As This: …

    Just brainstorming!
    Be blessed!

  7. How to Persevere When You Feel Like Giving Up

  8. “Pressing in” or “Pushing through” Maybe even “Holding Fast”… I know these weren’t in the original options but I was feeling for the opposite emotion that you initially feel when you nip the edges of wanting to give up and then that singular wave that causes you to change your focus. Bless you!

  9. Perseverance as it reminds me not to give up to keep going. Can’t wait to read it!

  10. I really prefer Perseverance!

  11. I really like one more step…afterall isn’t that what perserverence is?

  12. One more step!
    Can’t wait to read this book.

  13. Hello,

    This is I think the perfect title….
    Hope Quest:When you feel like giving up!
    Congrats on your book, looking forward to reading it!

  14. Magan Swaringen says:

    I love “The Grit Factor” or “One More Step.” I don’t like Perseverance – It feels to lecture-y (while we are making up words.) One More Step is like an invitation to keep going. I can almost see you walking forward but looking back with extended hand to help us keep going or take that One More Step. The Grit Factor just sounds cool.

    I do not like Hope Quest at all or the Champion one, they seem to be kind of trying to hard. I have read a lot about being a “spiritual champion” and while I like the concept, it has been done and done.

  15. I’d stay away from “perseverance” – sounds church-y and boring. I like One More Step. Sometimes we forget that when whatever we are going through is a long haul, all we have to do right now is take one more step. We don’t have to look years down the road. We just have to do the step that’s in front of us right now. Good luck, Rachel!

  16. I loved the title “When you feel like giving up” – just as it was! It caught me.
    But secondly, IF there had to be more I would probably favour the “The Grit Factor”.
    All the best with it!

  17. I like One More Step. Praying for you.

  18. I was behind for quite awhile on the Bible reading. But I am now only 2 weeks behind and hope to be caught up by next week. I’m now to the part of the plan that rereads Acts and the Gospels. I am skipping those books in order to get caught up on what I haven’t read this year. This won’t be the only time I read through the Bible so I will have lots of opportunities to read what I am skipping in the future.

    I like the book title Everyday Champion: When You Feel Like Giving Up

  19. I too like Perseverance! Praying for you 🙂

  20. Okay, I’m gonna be different and add a new thought. :). What about something that fast forwards to the “end” of the journey of perseverance…like “The Beautiful You”…the difference between giving up or hanging on. OR like “A Unique Strength”…..what difficult times reveal. I also like The Hope Quest

  21. I like “One More Step.” Because sometimes that’s all I can do.

    My thoughts on the word “perseverance” is that it is used in Christian circles but I’m not sure how prevalent it is in greater society. So, it may reduce your potential audience a bit by sounding too churchy.

  22. Without knowing more details about the direction of your book, I’d go with One More Step. Praying for the Lord to pour out His words through you.

  23. I like One More Step. Whatever you choose, it will be great! You got this
    Be blessed 🙂

  24. I love “One More Step”! And you go girl!!! Finish strong – this is going to be such a blessing to so many!!!

    Lots of Love,

  25. I love the image of “One More Step”. It truly defines what not giving up looks like. Cheering you on to the finish line!

  26. The Grit Factor gets my vote!

  27. Linda in Maryville says:

    I like the “One More Step: When you feel like giving up.” Sometimes that one more step is all you need and sometimes it is all you can do. I am caught up and on track in my Bible reading. Praising God for what he is revealing to me through my readings.

    1. Sharon Glasscock says:

      Mom would say “One more step”.

  28. I love “The Grit Factor”, but they are all great. Will continue to pray for God to guide/lead you, and give you the words to write. =))

  29. Denise Skinner says:

    Not on track with the reading plan anymore – going to Zambia for 2 weeks got me off the plan but I am just moving forward not worrying about if I am where I “should” be. So it may take more than a year, but I keep taking “One More Step” every morning when I do my reading. That’s my vote as well. 🙂

  30. Amy Gatch says:

    I immediately thought “Perseverence”. Continuing to pray for you writing.

  31. Laurie Whin says:

    I love “One More Step”! Truly, He gives enough light and strength for one step at a time.

  32. Grit factor is good. Depends on who your audience is. Perseverance is a great word but it’s mainly used as a religious word, isn’t it? Nice topic for this culture, so I bet your book will do well. We sure need to learn how to continue or stick with it or wait for unseen things.
    I always enjoy your writing and lists. Thanks!

  33. Hi Rachel! Praying that God fill your heart with His words and promises as you complete your manuscript! For some reason, I have always loved the word perseverance… it can inspire one to never give up. It doesn’t say everything will go my way, but it tells me that I must keep going. I always think of the Apostle Paul when he describes life’s journey as a race or when he tells me in Romans 12:12 (from my Catholic Study Bible – NAB revised) “Rejoice in hope! Endure in affliction! Persevere in prayer!” So I guess a title that incorporates perseverance would be my vote. Sounds like a book I will want to read! God bless!

  34. Love the one more step. Bible reading is going well. Thanks for keeping me accountable.

  35. Perseverance most definitely. Our word in our home as we kick off the school year and my youngest wants to give up!

  36. I love One More Step: When You Feel Like Giving Up! And Appalachian accents are the best 🙂 😉

  37. Mary Geisen says:

    First I would like to say the Bible challenge is not going so well. I was involved in a Bible study this summer that took me away from the challenge but kept me in the Bible.
    Second, I most certainly will continue to pray for God’s words to continue to shine through your writing.
    Third, I honestly like the title The Grit Factor-When I feeling giving up the best. It seems to have the most impact on me when I read through all the other titles.
    May God grace you with continued motivation and stamina as you wrap up a story to honor Him with your words.
    Hugs Friend!

  38. Whatcha is a word in Wisconsin :). I immediately thought of Perseverance: When You Feel Like Giving Up before I ever saw the list you provided. So, that is my vote. Be praying for you.



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