Bible Reading Plans for Kids

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bible reading plans for kids

I love receiving emails from folks all over the world for many reasons. When I took the first steps to begin blogging,  I never imagined that would happen. God has an incredible way of orchestrating and intersecting lives and one of the ways he has accomplished this is through the Bible reading plans for kids.

My wonderful friend, Donna, in Australia, wrote not long ago to discuss Bible reading plans for kids. She says:

Thank you sooooo much for your Bible reading plans for children. I teach in a Christian School in Australia and we have been using them for our homework each night to read our bible. My students love them! I have seen so many blessings since the children starting reading their bibles for homework. They have been so excited and God’s Word is coming alive to them. Could you please make more – we have used the gospels and are going to start on Proverbs. God bless you.

I originally created Bible reading plans for my own kids because we really needed a daily guide. I wanted them to have a way to focus the reading. We have a wonderful growing library of Bible reading plans for kids now! You can find them here:






And now today, we’re introducing the Bible reading plan for the book of Acts!  In just about two months, you can read through the exciting book of Acts when you follow this reading plan. If your child loves action and adventure, then Acts is a great book in the Bible to read!

Download the FREE Bible reading plan for Acts here or click on the graphic above.

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start. If you are doing the February Bible reading challenge with us, then we are reading Proverbs 2 today. See you tomorrow!