Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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Hey Friends! Monday is here already! Wow. As the saying goes, time certainly flies when you’re having fun! I’m behind this week on the schedule. But that’s life. Remember our goal? To stay in God’s Word each day. If we make it through the Bible in a year, then that’s the bonus, right?

I’d love to read about your reading journey. Will you check in today and let us know how you’re doing?

Have a fabulous week!



  1. I would like to join the bible study challenge. How can I participate?

    1. sure, Diana! We’d love to have you join us. We use the MCheyne reading plan. Here is the original link to the beginning of the challenge, but you are welcome to join in at any time! You can find the reading on the website each day, print the schedule or use a Bible app. My favorite happens to be the Olive Tree Bible Study app, but you are welcome to use what works for you. 🙂 Happy to have you!

  2. I have been preparing for a talk on Kingdom of God, thus I am reading all the parables. Love how God reveals something new after having heard these my entire life. The Prodigal Son is so rich with details. Reading, resting, praying and transforming. Thanks Rachele

  3. Heather P says:

    On track! Have you all noticed God’s choice of firstborn during the Exodus?

    1. Linda from australia says:

      isnt it funny the things we notice…i was actually struck by how in genesis it wasnt the 1st born that got the special b blessing,..God really highlighting it is because of Him, He is the one that makes the selection…so i wonder hey…exodus the 1st borns are honoured once again…

      1. Linda from australia says:

        sorry about this : jacob and esau -jacob, jacobs children the younger got the blessing, get this, Moses and Aaron – Moses the younger…the 1st borns set aside after the 1st borns were sacraficed egypt…interesting…so much death for the 1st borns, sacraficed by death, and then sacraficed again but through life, being set aside for God…

  4. On track…really, really trying to read each morning⛅️…before my day starts…unreal how much easier it is to complete then…way to go everybody!

  5. Linda in Maryville says:

    I am on track, and will try to stay there! Praying for the Lord to draw me to His Word each day. I have been behind and it took a couple of days for me to catch up. So grateful for the mornings I start in the Word.

  6. I’m also behind, but I’m not as hard on myself as I used to be. That’s a huge step for me 🙂 Thanks again for the encouragement!

  7. I was a day behind but just caught up this morning!! Like Fiona,I’m thankful! I’ve been blessed with this oppurtunity to read His Word each morning!

  8. I’m a month behind. Please pray for me to have wisdom to find time for reading and bring in God’s word!!

    1. skatblueeyes says:

      Marine, while you might not think this is optimal, have you considered listening to an online Bible so you can at least catch up? Bible Gateway has several different versions to choose from.
      I know it is discouraging when you get behind! I’ve fallen behind a couple of times already.

  9. I’m on track and thankful!

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