Bible Reading Challenge Check-In and Don’t Miss this Quote!

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And so Monday has rolled around once more. As you might guess, I’m running a little behind Monday at this point after spending Thursday through Sunday at the She Speaks conference in Charlotte, NC, including my travel time. I’m also running a little behind on my Bible reading, about which I’m disappointed. But wow- did I ever hear incredible messages from Christine Caine,  Lysa Terkeurst, Renee Swope, and Karen Ehman. The teaching sessions I attended for speaking and writing were just what I needed and I’m working on my action list from all that I learned.  I feel spiritually re-energized and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to attend the conference. If you want to catch up on tidbits from the conference or get a feel for what it was all about, check out the hashtag #shespeaks14 .

I have to include special thanks to Tommy Nelson for their sponsorship. You guys are incredibly supportive of this mama.

One of the other benefits of the conference was the privilege to meet with my awesome editor, Laura,  from Waterbrook Multonomah and see my agent, Esther Fedorkevich from the Fedd Agency. They are both the bomb, but don’t tell them I said that, because it just doesn’t seem very writer-like, you know?

Ok, I’ll quit talking about the conference, attempt to catch up on the Bible Reading Challenge and ask you:

How are you? How is your summer and how is the challenge going for you? Were you on vacation and thought you’d read a bazillion chapters, only to soak up 2? Were you loving the travel time in the car, thinking you’d catch up on the reading, only you took Dramimine or Melatonin and fell asleep for 8 hours instead? No? Ok, I’d love to hear about how the challenge is going for you. Do you have a minute to stop by and help us keep one another encouraged?

 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up. I Thess. 5:11

And I simply must tell you that speaking of encouraging, Christine Caine is one God-empowered woman. Her message was EXACTLY what I needed to hear on Friday night and I thought I’d share this one incredible quote with you, though there were many more:

christine caine

Have a marvelous Monday!


PS: Fact, that background is an ostrich pic I took in Kenya!

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  1. my summer, well I can not wait til the kids go back to school. My hubby went back to work finally after being off since March. I hope it is permanent. People went on vacation and they him to fill in. Running out of cash isn’t a joy for me. It puts me into panic mode. I know God will provide, I just get a little anxious on when…

    But however I am staying in His word and that has helped my a lot. I just finished a reading plan on Anger and now I need to put what I learned from God into action. Can you pray for me? I have a problem with anger. But after all these years I have figured out what has caused me to be so angry and I guess that is half the battle.

    thaks for keeping me accountable…. this has been such a blessing to me

  2. Linda in Maryville says:

    I am keeping up. However, as we all know I did fall behind in vacation time. It took me awhile to catch back up. That was twice that I fell behind in this years reading. I’m trying to stay focused and get it accomplished first thing every morning. So far I’ve been successful.

    1. I try to do at least half in the morning before the kids get up and before I ever even get out of bed. Blessings, Linda- thanks for checking in!

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