Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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Monday already? WOW- that was fast! It’s time for our weekly Bible Reading Challenge Check-In.

Ladies, I hope I didn’t let you down this week with the pins on the 2014 Bible Reading Challenge Pinterest Board. It was like my brain went on autopilot and I had to go back and catch up today! I’m sorry!

I’m still behind on the reading, but just by a little now. How are you doing? Up to date or far behind? No matter where you are in the reading, remember that our point is to read God’s Word and draw close to Him. Reading the entire Bible this year is just a side order of ice cream, not the icing on the cake, right?

Let me know how it’s going for you and let’s encourage one another to keep going!

Have a marvelous Monday!


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  1. Got behind this past week:-(
    Giving myself grace and going to catch up where and when I can!! Love reading everyone’s comments, everyone’s progress is WONDERFUL! Encourages me to keep going:-)

  2. Heather P says:

    Even with my modifications, I am still on track. I know it is hard to read the details of the priestly garments in Exodus, but think of the fact that God was telling Moses how it was to be done. It was God’s plan for man’s safety. It was God’s artistry that designed it all and man’s talents that created it. God created it all! How amazing is that?

  3. Linda in Maryville says:

    I am still keeping up after my couple days of missing last month. That was all it took to keep me on track so far. I did not want to be behind at all. Catching up seems to take more time for me than it does to do my daily reading every morning. Praying I’ll be able to keep this role going! God bless all you are reading along.

  4. On track-and I use the app-which I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE! Honestly, don’t know if I would have lasted this long without it-just makes it so easy to read anywhere/anytime. I look forward to this time of encouragement n sharing each week-thank you Rachel for setting it up on Mon.! GREAT way to start the week 🙂

    1. I’m so happy that you love the app as much as I do! I felt the same way last year- I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the app!

  5. I’m still on track. I’m enjoying my time with my Lord daily. So thankful!

  6. Doing good. Really only check posting when finish 1 book & look to see where go next so when didn’t see on Pinterest I thought I just couldn’t find it & went to your blog. All cool. We all have life happen, so no sweat. (Do people still say that or am I really aging myself?!)
    Thanks so much.

    1. 🙂 I still say “no sweat” so maybe we’re both getting old? 🙂 Thanks Pam!

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