Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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It’s Monday, Bible Challenge Readers! For those of you participating in the Bible Reading Challenge, that means we’re at check-in time once again. Our agreement with each other was to pause and smile at each other on Mondays and leave a comment saying how our reading plan is coming along. I hope you are falling in love with God’s Word just a little more each day since that is reason for doing this challenge together.

Let’s encourage one another today- no matter where we are in the reading!


You can find all the Bible Reading Challenge information here.

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  1. Hi Rachel, I’m sad to say I’m 2 days behind. I know I will catch up though. I stayed with a friends kids last week so she and her hubby could have some rest and relaxation. They have 4 girls of their own plus 1 foster child. 3 teenage girls and a 8 year old and a 10 year old. Wow 5 girls! It was fun and crazy busy at all times! I was keeping up till Friday then I fell behind. I admire all of you ladies that have children still in the home! My 2 girls are grown up now. Reading 4 chapters a day seems easy till you factor in a busy life. Lol. All of you are amazing!!

  2. skatblueeyes says:

    I’ve fallen behind twice & caught back up twice so don’t be discouraged if you miss a day or two.

  3. Mary McAlister says:

    I’m keeping up and am so enjoying my time in the Word every morning. Thanks for motivating us Rachel!!

  4. Jennifer Massie says:

    Sadly, I haven’t even started and I am in desperate need of God, His Word,& a life change.

  5. Heather P says:

    I was underlining scriptures in Luke and Psalms this morning. Always love being reminded about God’s love and strength. Don’t panic if you aren’t reading Psalms! I chose to read along and read a Psalm a day also!

  6. Congratulations everyone! Isn’t it exciting to have come this far? This is my 1st time to last this long with a read the Bible through plan…and, I love the check-in day, the words of encouragement, and, of course, the olive tree system that simplifies it and helps me stay on target…I like to read in the morning, when I can…

  7. am starting to lag behind but …..its good to have though…and knowing this day of recap was coming helped me along when i just may have thought not today, too stressed, too far behind, too tired, too….It is good to be amongst others, and it is good to be with Him – He has soooooo much to say, and that’s a good thing, a good thing to let Him talk…some days i can listen for what feels like ages…other days i dont have much head space for any conversation…and then there are the times when the two of us just get carried away – theyre good..precious.

  8. I’m finally caught up on my reading! I know this winter’s brought some challenges, but it’s been wonderful to have some extra time to be in God’s Word.

  9. Linda in Maryville says:

    I am loving the reading. First thing in the morning. I too love 1 Cor. Really, I am enjoying all of the books from my daily reading plan.

  10. I am hanging in there! I have found 1 Corinthians to be a book that seems to be written just for me! Powerful! Does anyone else feel that way? Blessings for all on this journey to read God’s word. May your hearts be full of His love and your minds full of His truths!

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