Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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Hey Friends! Thanks so much for sticking with me through this challenge so far! It’s been a bit more challenging for me this year than last. I’m not sure why other than perhaps the schedule with the children has been more demanding with all the bad weather we’ve had.

Regardless, enough about me, I want to hear about you! How is the reading going for you? Are you keeping up? Struggling a little? Most importantly, falling in love with the God of heaven who loves you more than anything? I surely pray so!!

Leave a comment letting me know how it’s going! Can’t wait to hear from you.



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  1. I am a little behind but not too bad. I too have struggled this year but it’s my first year reading 4 whole chapters a day. I have to say I am enjoying it. I love how even in different books I can see the hand of God working and I am feeling blessed just seeing this in his word.

  2. I’m behind in my Bible reading, but I’m doing the Daniel study by Beth Moore at my church. I’m not on my daily schedule, but I’m in the Word most every day.

  3. I’m doing okay :)) I’m really enjoying the reading each day. I’m loving the accountability of this group. I hope you all have an awesome week with our Lord!

  4. One day ahead and really enjoying this schedule. : ) ~Lyn

  5. Doing ok-weekends are the most difficult for me to stay on track-but so far so good

  6. Mary Lynn says:

    I was finally caught up but got off track again this past week.
    Hopefully I can get caught up and get in a groove- snow days, teacher workdays and holidays haven’t helped.

    1. I agree! I think that’s made it tough for me- so much flexibility required this winter.

  7. Linda in Maryville says:

    I am a little behind, but working to catch up quickly. I am loving the books I am in. It is a challenge with the selection of 4 chapters from 4 different books. I do love how God has worked them to some things happening in my life!

    1. this is so what im finding!

  8. Enjoying it SO very much! Right on track, a little bump in the road one morning but I got it completed later in the day. I actually felt a little off not getting it done first thing!

  9. Heather P says:

    Got a chapter behind last week, but caught back up. Interesting how the passages I read pertain to current crises!

  10. Right on schedule and SO enjoying this!

  11. Well my Bible reading is starting to get back on track I was sidelined by a crick in my neck, and it hurt for almost two weeks so a little behind.

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