Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

verse a day wide

Hey there Friends! Welcome to Monday and the Bible reading challenge check-in. We have two more check-in Mondays at this point in our 2014 Bible Reading Challenge! WOW! Does time fly or what? I can hardly believe it!

My goal is to announce the 2015 Bible reading challenge next Monday. For the last two years, we have read through the entire Bible together via the M’Cheyne reading plan. While I love reading through the Bible in a year, this year I would love to focus on a smaller portion of Scripture each day and spend a little more time meditating on it. So I’m eager to share next year’s plan with you! Stay tuned!

In the mean time, how is your reading going for this week? Remember that we are using this weekly post to help us encourage one another to read God’s Word and don’t worry about how many verses you are reading.

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  1. Yes, I looked at this one , too!

  2. Do any of you use a journaling bible? If so which one is your favorite?

  3. Linda in Maryville says:

    Reading extra daily to catch up — I will finish on time!

  4. Heather P says:

    Still reading daily.

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