Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

ESV Value thinline
Happy Monday! I pray that you are having a good week and have been able to take time to spend in God’s Word. I can hardly believe that we are already to the Bible reading challenge check-in again this week!

Last Monday I decided to make a Bible purchase. I’ve been reading the Olive Tree Bible app daily for the Bible reading challenge this entire year, but I’ve found that when I spend extra time reading it, especially when outdoors, my eyes are feeling very strained.

Just to be able to enjoy reading more, I bought a simple, but pretty ESV Bible at Lifeway. I didn’t own a paper English Standard Version Bible and really wanted continuity to the reading. This Bible is a Thinline, so it fits in my purse, but it’s still large enough to read without a magnifying class. It is only 1 in. thick and comes in several beautiful colors.

The above photo is the one I chose. I personally believe that the actual color of this Bible is much brighter than the photo shown below. Anyhoo, I thought I’d let you know that you can order this Bible and there are some very pretty options:

ESV Thinline Bible, TruTone, Wild Rose, Floral Design, Red Letter Text

ESV Thinline Bible (TruTone, SkyBlue, Ivy Design)

ESV Thinline Bible (TruTone, Chocolate/Blue, Paisley Band)

I really love this Bible since it is just what I was looking for. While I wanted to provide all the links above to you so you could see the detail, I also wanted to tell you that I was so shocked that this Bible only cost me $10 at Lifeway! Can you believe it? I tried to find it on their website and they don’t offer it there.

But I just had to tell you about it. Making this purchase has enabled me to read my Bible for longer periods outdoors, which is really great for me right now with the kids spending a lot of time at the park and pool. This Bible is also a beautiful gift Bible and at that price of $10 at Lifeway, you can’t beat it!

So- that was my Bible reading adventure this week!

How are you doing? I want to hear! Will you leave a comment to share your experience?

Have a great day!


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  1. Amy, my heart goes out to you! I’ll be praying for you. Sometimes it’s helpful for me to just flip open my Bible and read a verse or two right before bed or in the morning. Lean on The Lord and He will give you the strength that you need.

  2. I am really struggling this week. I just need some prayer. Hubby finally went back to work after being laid off since March. The finances are a miss real bad. we have a negative balance in both accounts. The kids are really fighting today. School time can’t come fast enough for me. Then I have apprehensions on that too. I just found out my 5 yr old son has a sensory processing disorder and it causes him to have development delays. He gets overwhelmed with lots of kids being in the room. He starts kindergarten this year. where guess what? At least 15 students to one teacher. He couldn’t even handle VBS this year. I fear I am parenting wrong. Nothing seems to work for me. It’s like I am not even paid attention too. So I am struggling with Bible time. I get discouraged and defeated. thanks for listening… and the accountability

    1. Jesus, I bring Amy before you today. Would you give her the strength she needs in this moment and the grace for this time in her life? I pray that you would reassure her that she is the one you chose to be the mother of her son and there is no one else on earth who can do the job. May this sweet family, and especially Amy, feel your presence in their lives at this very moment. Would you send someone in their lives who would pause to show the love and care of the Father? Amen. Praying for you while I go finish cooking dinner, Amy!

  3. Linda in Maryville says:

    I am keeping up but am worried that I will fall behind when I start my Bible Study and the Sunday school class I will lead. I’ll do the best I can when we move into the fall months.

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