Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

bible sample wide Hey there Friends! Monday is here and I can hardly believe how quickly the week has flown by. Though it was dragging by at times because my hubby was out of town the entire week for work training. I was so busy with the kiddos that I forgot a few things; one of which was to pin the daily Bible Reading Challenge to the Pinterest board! Yikes- so sorry about that. We’re all caught up now and hopefully I can do a little better management this week. So tell me, how is the Bible reading going for you? We were at dinner with some friends last night and I half-joked that I read my Bible twice as much this week with my husband gone because I needed the sanity-saving moments. I’m guessing you’ve been there. Our family’s calendar for the next few weeks is very full and I didn’t think it would hurt to try to read ahead a little. I can hardly believe that I’m telling you I accomplished that. No matter how your reading is going, can you take a moment to check in and say hi? I’d love to know how the challenge is going for you and remember that the point of the reading is simply to stay in God’s word each day, no matter how much or how little. Have a marvelous Monday! Rachel

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  1. Well, I am still behind but still reading…my app messed up this wk so I switched to the Open Windows paper version of RTBT

  2. Lacy Taylor says:

    How do I find the challenge

  3. I am a little behind. My oldest daughter was leaving for Costa Rico with her Biology class for 9 days. Please pray. They had a mishap in NY and couldn’t leave on time and had to stay the night in a hotel. Fly to LAX and then t San Jose. I a waiting to hear they got there safely. I pray nothing goes wrong while they are there and on the way home. This is the first time she has been away and flying. I plan to catch up this week. So when I feel nervous about tabi and her trip, I plan to bust out the Bible and read and let God calm my heart…. I love this accountability every Monday. Can you help me find a blog geared to father’s? My husband is struggling right now to get into his Bible and stay on God’s path. thanks.

    1. Definitely praying w/you! Thnx 4 sharing…

  4. Linda in Maryville says:

    I’m up to date in my reading. I am definitely liking how parts are repeated.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Just started but like the plan. Thanks for creating it

  6. Heather P. says:

    Hi Rachel and friends! Still on track with reading daily.

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