Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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Hey Friends! Monday has arrived and I hope all is going well for you, especially with the Bible Reading Challenge. Last week we decided we would have a separate post each Monday to check in and keep one another encouraged to continue reading God’s Word, no matter where we are on the reading schedule.

My prayer is that you are falling in love with the reading and that you are enjoying the time spent in God’s Word. And now I’d love to hear from you in the comments today regarding your blessings from the reading. Oh and let’s have a little fun and see how many countries and states are represented in the Bible Reading Challenge!

Thanks for taking this journey with me! I’m grateful for each and every one of you.

So how’s the reading going? And what country or state do you represent?


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  1. I followed your program somewhat last year by combining them with our weekly Bible Studies in the New Testament and reading from Genesis to Job. It worked so well for me that I’m motivated to just keep on reading from Job. Our study is in Acts now and I hope to begin reading a Psalm a day! Your posts and weekly comments keep me going!

  2. Checking in from Ohio-Cincinnati-Polar Vortex back again for another round! I have fallen behind in the last few weeks and caught up again. I would use the following words to describe the stories we have been reading-dysfunctional (Genesis), faith (Esther), grace freely given (Matthew) and determination (Acts). Blessed to be reading God’s word.

  3. Hey Rachel…. Checking in from the frozen tundra in Minnesota. It is actually 0 today (That is warm lol) I have to admit I am still a little bit behind but I am diligently reading away. I would rather be slow and understand what I am reading and meditate on the word, than to hurry and not remember what I read. Thanks for the reading assignment and definitely for the weekly check-in.

    God Bless

  4. Stephanie Geyer says:

    Hi! I’ m doing Bible reading here in Westfield, IN, a great small town. I like the jumping around. I can grab the Bible for a few quick minutes, read one chapter, put it down, and go to the next book when I have another quiet moment! That way I don’t worry so much about losing any continuity I may have had if I were reading it straight through.

  5. Melanie Tindale says:

    Behind on my check-in, but on track as of yesterday with my reading! Yay!!!

  6. Hello from Chicago! Really enjoying the daily devotions. It’s been so inspiring that its given an opportunity for my boyfriend and I to share together. 🙂 I can relate to the “striving to thriving” you talked about. thank you for holding all your readers accountable and open to sharing your experiences. This has been an amazing year so far being in His presence! 🙂

  7. Checking in from the beautiful (and surprisingly almost snow free), chilly Inland Northwest, the Eastern side of Washington State. This year, to stay on track, I have been using Bible Gateway’s daily scripture email option, one old testament section and one new each day. I can take it with me on my tablet, or read it at home on my computer. I sometimes read my Daily Bread that way too. Then, when I have more time, I pull out my NIV Study bible to dig a little deeper if something caught my attention in a particular passage. I don’t have a smart phone yet, so I can’t make use of any apps. However, I am also using the Olive Tree audio bible to stay up on your 4 part reading plan. Whenever I am doing a mindless chore, like folding laundry, or instead of turning on the radio in the car, I can listen to the passages on my tablet. I can easily catch up on the weekend, or first thing early monday morning, if I fall behind on a particular week. I have occasionally woken up in the middle of the night, or the wee hours of the morning, and listened until I am sleepy again; or when my eyes are still too blurry to focus on reading words yet first thing when my alarm goes off in the morning! It’s such a nice way to start my day. 🙂

  8. Hi from Missouri! I’m loving my quiet time of reading with my Lord. I love the 4 different readings every day found on the Olive Tree app. This is an excellent app. The reading in Matthew today….what amazing Savior we have! What he endured for me. I feel so very loved.

  9. This will be my first time reading the whole Bible and I am really enjoying it! It’s great reading God’s words on our cold days here in Tennessee.

  10. Hi! Checking in from Kansas City. I’m WAY behind, as in I still haven’t started. 🙁 I want to get on-track, I just have a hard time managing my day and getting things in order. We get up way too late, and I promised myself I would start getting up an hour earlier to have my “quiet time” (normally late at night for the past couple of years), but I am a night owl and tend to stay up into the wee hours of the morning vs getting up earlier. I’m praying for the desire at the moment, the desire to wake early in the morning rather than to stay up very late. I’m a work in progress! In the meantime, though, I hate that I’m so far behind. *sigh* I want to get caught up before I’m SO far behind that it’s too hard to catch up.

    1. You can do it, Girl! Read at night if getting up early is a problem! I read at night for years, though I’m a little better about mornings now. Finally. I said a little didn’t I? 😉 It’s ok- any is better than none. So don’t wait for the perfect timing- it will never come. 🙂

  11. Holley Hornsby says:

    Checking in from Mesquite Tx, I lost a week but will be catching up quickly! 🙂

  12. I am enjoying your daily Bible reading plan. Much more enjoyable this way, kinda of relates better. Had never noticed this before.

  13. Hello,
    Checking in from Bakersfield California.
    I’m caught up so far and really enjoy reading the different books in one setting.

  14. Faith,
    I am checking in from Michigan, but right now under another wind chill advisory so schools have been closed the last two school days.Doing pretty good sometimes I am slipping behind, but I am finding my study time in the Word has helped me to better understand about Jesus more and also helps me to grow on the inside. Adding this reading plan to my Bible reading has helped me a lot in school because I use to fear Biology class, but I know that God will be with me.

  15. Heather P says:

    Checking in from Arlington, TX.
    I was noticing this morning something about the readings in Genesis and Esther seemed to coincide. Do not remember exactly right now, but it was interesting this morning!

    1. Beth Moore touched on something similar in her Esther study (we did it the past two summers at church). If I remember what it is, I’ll let you know. I do know what you mean, though!

  16. Touching base from Coooold Grove City, Ohio here ;o) I am running about a day behind, but overall I feel good about my progress. I find myself looking forward to my quiet time each evening, and it keeps getting easier and easier to carve out those few minutes for myself and God’s Word.

  17. Using a straight thru the Bible reading in OH. Not up to where I should be. Have been involved in a couple of Proverbs 31 OBS. But I am in there 😉

  18. Hi, checking in from Illinois! I’m SO glad I started this year, I look forward to my readings and I have kept up wonderfully so far! I had one slip up, but every morning I’m not allowing myself to check e mail or go on any form of social media till I dig into my Bible.

  19. I’m only two days behind, but I’ll catch up today. Thanks again for the accountability. I’m from Ohio! (I actually go to ppc with your sil and bil :))

  20. Linda in Maryville says:

    I am on target! Yeah! This plan is quite different from just reading the Bible in order — book by book. I am still trying to decide if I like this skipping around although it does seem to have a system. However, just being in God’s word daily is a blessing.

    1. Not everyone enjoys the hopping. 😉 But I’ve found over the long haul of an entire year, that I really enjoy this kind of plan the most. When I get to a book like Leviticus, for example, it’s a bit easier to read it through in a chapter a day mixed with other chapters than to try to take the number of days to read Leviticus straight through. 🙂

  21. Checking in from Mississippi…I am still hanging in there, and I find myself looking forward more and more to the quiet moments when I read…LOVE the Olive Tree app…thanks so much for the opportunity to share and to be encouraged by each other!

  22. Denise Skinner says:

    Hello Denise from Virginia just outside Washington, DC although with the current single digit temps if feels more like one of the northern or mid western states! I got a bit behind during the week but got caught up yesterday! Facilitating a Bible study sometimes vies for my Bible reading time. Doing a year in the Bible that is just two readings a day rather then the 4 readings a day I tried last year. I am finding myself more drawn in this time; less confusing.

  23. Linda from australia always interesting reading of God and His messy/difficult ‘family’ observing Him as a ‘parent’ the ‘authority ‘figure…encourages me and gives me another perspective for my own clan. its nice to see God had His hands full too!

  24. Hi. Checking in from Northern California. Loving the reading. I was blessed w/a new Study Bible for Christmas so I’m really enjoying digging deeper into the verses. Thanks for the bookmarks. Can’t wait to print them out.

  25. Rachel, whole family was sick so I lost the week, but I will just keep reading and no worries! I have been reading just one book at a time and it may take me longer, but reading Genesis with the Holy Spirit and a different perspective has been AWESOME!

    1. Forgot to say I am from our “biggeesr little state” Rhode Island.

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