Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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Hey there Friends! Monday has arrived once again and I’m excited to see how everyone is doing with the Bible Reading Challenge! I hope you are all enjoying the late spring/summer. Last week was the first week that my kids were out of school for the week, so we adapted to the new schedule, or lack thereof. ;0) I did find myself with a few more minutes of reading time than the past few weeks as I waited at baseball games, gymnastics practice, and medical appointments. I’m so glad that we are in Psalms right now, as I love reading the Psalms.

I hope you’ll check in and let me know how the Bible reading challenge is going for you. Remember, we’re not focused on quantity, but quality, right?

Have a great day!


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  1. From September through May I am in BSF, keeping me in His word daily. When June comes I need to purposely devote time each morning to read & pray. I chose the book of Mark. Distractions are definitely the enemy.

  2. Uh-oh, well, I fell off the wagon this past week, Girls! LOL! Trying to catch up now…hope you all have a GREAT week!

  3. I have been doing really well with the youversion plans. I get up and read and if I miss a day I get an email sent to me telling me. so yea for technology. I am not a big fan of technology for I feel it takes some people out of touch with people. no more calling just to say hi, they text. I’m old school. I like having face to face time. So this summer my kids are kind of disappointed because I told them they only have 20 minutes of computer time and 30 minutes of tv a day unless it is a movie. But only one movie and the rest of the day we are going to be outside s a family. I also want to do board games and card games as well. not sure how that will work with a rambunkous 2 yr. old though…. good luck on your reading…..

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