Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

bible sample wide Hey there! Monday is here and today is the first day my kids are out of school.   We’re excited to do all that the summer holds. I’m excited because I’ve committed to more daily time reading and studying God’s Word. Will you continue to help me stay accountable to the Bible reading challenge and continue to read daily?

And how are you doing? Great, good, fair, poor? I want to hear about your reading, so please take just a moment to comment for our weekly Bible reading challenge check-in. Let’s continue to keep one another encouraged in God’s Word! Just remember that the important thing is to read God’s Word for the purpose of growing closer to him. It doesn’t matter so much about the quantity of reading, right? We just want to continue to grow in our faith each day.

Can’t wait to hear from you; have a marvelous Monday!



  1. Hi All. I’m not sure how it happens that I find myself ahead in some books & behind in others. The Lord has blessed me with devotion to His Word 1st thing every morning but I sure get turned around at times! Love this plan and checking in with all y’all. Thank you so much, Rachel.

  2. Hi all! Welcome Ellen! Still maintaining reading schedule-VBS this week, so praying I don’t fall behind 😉

  3. Heather P says:

    Still on track. Amazed at how God is teaching me different things, even outside of daily readings! Will not be checking in next week, due to a short vacation.

  4. Hi Rachel, I’m behind but continue daily to read. I know I’ll be back on track soon. Rachel you are a blessing to me. Thank you for all you do to encourage and inspire women.

  5. I’ve started at the beginning and have been working my way through. New in faith and love of Jesus. I just feel lost in my readings, like maybe there are certain ones I should concentrate on first. Any suggestions?

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