Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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Monday, Monday, Monday…wherefore aren’t thou Monday? Because every time I turn around, it seems Monday is here! But Monday means new beginnings and that’s great, right?

So how’s the Bible reading challenge coming along for you? Is it getting a bit tougher with the change of seasons? Spring brings beautiful weather, but wow- we worked hard on the yard this weekend and we still have a ways to go. So if you’re like us, spring is wonderful and loved and beautiful, but our time is filled very quickly.

I’ve found that the best way I can keep up with the reading is to read a chapter or two in the morning, sometimes before I even get out of bed. Then catch the other two chapters in small windows of waiting time throughout the day. That’s working for me, but I’d love to hear what is working for you. Are you still reading? Have you had to shorten the number of chapters you read each day? I get it- really I do. Please, just remember that the point of this challenge is to keep us accountable to read God’s Word each day and fall in love with the Lord just a little more each day.

Do you have a moment to check in so we can continue to encourage one another?

Prayers for you today!


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  1. Vacation happened this past week. I’m behind. I didn’t mean to take a vacation from reading Gods word though…I’m trying not to be hard on myself…

  2. I am actually doing better. Can I just love youversion. that Bible app you lead me to has been fabulous for me. If I haven’t read in a few I get a email. Which gets me caught up. Right now I chose the plan Courage to Stand. wow. just awesomeness there. It has given me the courage not to be silent on what I believe and stand more firmly on the word of God.. Thanks for the check in and the tidbit of the app.

  3. Yep, this week was tough and I fell behind…thankful to be caught back up for now…and Rachel, I like your idea of “jump-starting” the day by reading before getting out of bed. Praying everyone has a blessed week with many opportunities to spend time reading God’s Word!

  4. I am actually working on catching up because I fell behind. I am so excited to be back reading and in God’s Word. With summer break around the corner – in three weeks – I know I’ll be back on top of my reading before I know it. Keep at it everyone and let God’s Word soak into you each day! Blessings!

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