Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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Hey Friends! Monday is here and it’s time for the Bible Reading Challenge check-in. I can hardly believe how quickly a week goes and it seems like I say that every week. But isn’t it true?

I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the Olive Tree Bible Reading app. If I only kept track of the daily reading on a paper schedule, then I would really have a hard time right now because I’m reading a chapter here and there throughout the day. The app makes it so easy to mark off a chapter at a time. Even if I start to read and get interrupted, then if I have to close out the app, when I’m ready to read again, it opens right up to the last place I read. I’m so grateful for how it streamlines the tracking process.

So how is it going for you? Are you still reading? I’d love to hear how it’s going! Let us know through the comments today so we can continue to encourage one another!

Have a marvelous Monday!


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  1. Linda in Maryville says:

    Had to do double duty this morning in order to stay on track. I don’t like doing that, as then I feel I am not devoting enough time to the message being given.

  2. Like Denise said, I have been amazed at how often the daily readings have connected with the scripture in my “Living So That” Online Bible Study this past week.

  3. I’m on track 🙂 Praise God!

  4. Denise Skinner says:

    I am putting one verse in front of the other; reading from the Old and New Testament every day – getting up early to read first thing. Had to readjust my reading spot – was in a chair in my son’s room but he came home from college for the summer last night 🙂 . Being blessed by readings connecting with sermons or events through the week.

  5. Heather P says:

    Haven’t commented in a couple weeks. Still on track!

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