Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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Hey there Friends! It’s been a busy weekend around the Wojo house; our Tiffany graduated from Ohio State University with her Bachelor’s degree. We are super proud of her and all her hard work and dedication; however, it sure made for a packed weekend! In fact, since Matt and I arrived home on Wednesday evening, we have been quite busy.

So I’m sorry to report that I’m still behind on the Bible Reading Challenge, but not by much. What about you? Is May beginning to pick up with outdoor activity and busy schedules?! Each season holds its own challenges and just remember that the point of the Bible Reading challenge is to keep us in God’s Word daily. If we complete the Bible in a year- that’s the bonus, right?

So don’t avoid checking in if you are a little behind in the reading and DO stop in for a minute and let us know how you are doing and what God is teaching you, will you?

Have a magnificent Monday!



  1. Linda in Maryville says:

    I am on track, and praying that a quick trip in the middle of the week to my sweet mother-in-law will not put me behind. Life is truly busy at this time of the year when graduations occur and milestones are reached.

    I am loving all of the reading in the 4 different books. Learning something new on Moses today — something I missed before. I’ll be striving to read everyday, and hopefully I will be able to maintain.

    1. Praying you have a safe trip to visit with your sweet mother in law! Enjoy!!!

  2. Still a week ahead on my BIble reading plan, although a busy week with my husband, myself and even our dog having to seek medical treatment this past week. Praise the Lord we are all okay and on the mend.

    1. Oh wow! Praying you ALL make a speedy recovery!

  3. That’s GREAT Fiona! I’ve always liked the Psalms, too (and Proverbs).

    Congratulations to Tiffany, Rachel! What a HUGE accomplishment!

    It’s been a tough week for me. My mom was hospitalized last Mon. and is still there. Unable to tolerate anything other than clear liquids-thank The Lord for IV fluids! She has ulcerative colitis…

    But, again, I was amazed at how convenient the Olive Tree App makes reading…as I read in the hospital , or in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep…

    Have a wonderful week everyone!

    1. Tonya, sorry to hear your Mom is sick. Praying for healing. Strength and comfort for both of you.

      1. Thank you Fiona!

      1. Thank you Rachel!

  4. I’m still on track. My empty nest gives me plenty of time each day for quiet time. I love the Psalms! I always feel so close to our Heavenly Father when reading them. He is amazing!!

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