Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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Hey there Bible Challenge Readers! Monday has arrived once again and here we are in the thick of the challenge. How’s your reading going? I’m still a little behind the schedule, but with my kiddos on spring break this past week, I was a off routine.

Do you find yourself with the desire to do a little more with your reading? Don’t forget about the Simple Bible Study Guide– 4 questions to use for any chapter of the Bible. Even if you don’t feel that you have time to write down the answers to the questions, you can keep the bookmark handy or screenshot it on your smartphone and use it as a guide to think through one of the daily passages.

Let’s continue to encourage one another! Will you leave a comment with your status or discoveries and perhaps encourage someone else along the journey?

Have a marvelous Monday!



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  1. I’m on track. Praise God! I’m thankful for His Holy Word and that I have the freedom to read, study and discuss it freely with those God places in my life. Freedom to openly be a Christ follower is a wonderful gift! Thank you Rachel for this blog!

  2. Heather P says:

    Still on track. Keep working on it Ladies!

  3. Amanda Hutson says:

    I am off track. 🙁 I will finally be back on track this evening. Thank you for your Bible Reading Challenge. This si the first one I have ever done. I am trying to get closer with my Higher Power, GOD.

  4. Linda in Maryville says:

    I am keeping up with the reading, but so far have not gotten to delve deeper. I have a study to complete–soon–and a Sunday School class. Maybe the summer will allow time to dig deeper.

  5. Good morning, all! I am behind but still persevering in reading and learning God’s Word. I was hoping that my Spring Break would have allowed me to catch up but in reality that was not the case. I wanted to share with all of you a blog my son, Daniel wrote providing a fresh perspective on the Gospel of John. He is a Biblical studies major and currently serves as a Youth and Family Minister but teaches me constantly how to look through God’s Word uniquely. Feel free to share and to read if you have time! Blessings, Mary

  6. Denise Skinner says:

    Off- track from taking a class for a week; but back in the reading routine. Trying to not “just catch up” but to read deeply so will just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  7. On track, finally, after getting behind twice this wk…definitely difficult to stay on target this wk with Spring Break! Look forward to our check-in so much each week-WAY TO GO EVERYONE!!!

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