Bible Reading Bookmarks and Happy New Year!

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A HUGE congratulations to all those who completed the 2013 Bible Reading Challenge!! It was quite a challenge for me at times. I started out using the printed schedule until summer came along. Then our family was on the go so often that I switched to the Olive Tree Bible Study App- which I love dearly.

Welcome to Day 1 of  the 2014 Bible Reading Challenge! Our reading for the day is actually live on the website at 7 pm EST the evening before. Until Daylight Savings time, 7 pm EST is the beginning of  a new “blog day.” If you are ever in doubt, check the 2014 Daily Bible Reading Pinterest board for each day’s reading. I am personally using the Olive Tree app again.

I am letting you know that the printable plan and the online/app plan have a few days where they do not coincide exactly around the month of June, but they even out. A few of the days on the printable plan were rearranged when formatted to print. It all equals out the same. 🙂

One of our awesome readers reminded me that last year, I provided a free printable of 4 bookmarks to print on 1 piece of standard cardstock. I’m so glad she reminded me and today we have the Bible Reading Bookmarks for your enjoyment once again! Woohoo! You can use these printable bookmarks to keep track of the four places we read each day if you are using the M’Cheyne plan. Click HERE or on the graphic below to open the .pdf.



Enjoy Day 1 and don’t forget to return on Monday, Jan. 6th, our first check-in day, to let us know you made it this far!

Happy New Year!



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  1. Heather P says:

    I am kind of following what you are doing this year, but with my own twist. I want to have a Psalm or Proverb every day, so instead of the Acts column, I will be doing the Psalms and Proverbs (at least twice) this year!

  2. What a fantastic blessing the little Olive Tree reminders are! Yay! That will be so helpful. Thank you for encouraging others to delve into the Word of God so fully, and with such tangible helps.

    1. I’m glad you like Olive Tree! 🙂 🙂 I really love it and I know I would not have been able to finish the 2013 Bible Reading Challenge without the Olive Tree Bible Study App!

  3. Just FYI you version also has thus plan. I believe you can access You
    Version on your computer if you dont have a Smart phone or tablet. I just finished day 1 reading. Now to record my thoughts. It is a kittle strange to read from 4 different places do you knoe the method behind the madness of this method? Just curious .

    1. Hey Dina! Yes, it is different to read from 4 different places each day. There is a somewhat of a “theme” to each day, but not always. For instance, today’s theme was “beginnings.” So it is often broad. I will say that reading from 4 different places really helps when you get to books like Leviticus and reading 4 chapters in a row gets a little tougher. Does that make sense? You are welcome to use any plan you like and still join us on Mondays for accountability! 🙂 🙂

  4. I started out really well last year, but started to fall behind in February or March. My husband and I have committed to reading the Bible through this year, and we’re using a plan from youversion on our Kindle/Android. Thank you for the accountability in reading God’s word, and I look forward to checking in throughout the year.

  5. Am I missing a printable schedule to follow along? I’d really like something like that because I don’t have a smart phone to use that app on. Maybe I’m just not seeing it. Thanks

    Do we need to sign up somewhere?

  6. Rachel, I signed on last year but did my own thing. I find it really hard to jump from book to book, Old Testament to New Testament…any tips on what works for you? I am going to try it again. I tend to always read it from cover to cover so hoping to see the Bible in a new way…Happy and Blessed New Year!

    1. Heather P says:

      I have enjoyed the skipping around, but have done the Old Testament followed by the New Testament. Still reading in order, in other words, but still following the outline.

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