Bible Alphabet Verse List and My ABC’s of God Loves Me Book

bible reading challenge day 183Today I have 3 awesome Bible ABC resources for you, including a Bible Alphabet verse list, an ABC Bible verse app AND a wonderful ABC book giveaway for you!

A dear friend of mine asked me some time ago if I had ever seen the Bible Alphabet Verse list. I had not! She then told me that all her children could spell their names in Bible Verses. For instance, my name would be:

R- Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Ex. 20:8
A- A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger. Prov. 15:1
C- Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee. Ps 55:22
H- Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. Prov. 3:13
E- Even a child is known by his doings, Prov. 20:11
L- Let the words of my mouth, and the medications of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength and my redeemer. Ps. 19:14

So maybe I’m behind the times, but I loved this idea! My friend, Betty, mailed her verse list to me and I’m providing you with a copy of what she sent to me. Her list is King James Version AND I have no way to credit the original creator of the list, but I really thought you would enjoy it. Click here to download.

Another creative option would be to choose verses that are especially meaningful to your child OR your child could choose their own verses.

While we’re on the alphabet topic, I have another wonderful resource to introduce to you today. “My ABC’s of God loves me” board book is a beautiful resource to assist your children in learning the alphabet while learning about God’s love. The colors of this book are bright and cheerful. Our family owns several books illustrated by Laura Ede and her characters are super cute! I thought you would really enjoy seeing them so here’s a preview:

I’m so privileged to give away one copy of this sweet book designed for ages 1-7. If you’re loving the book and want to order it, you can do so here.

bible abc appOne more cool Bible Alphabet resource I wanted to mention while we are on the topic is this Bible ABC’s verse app. The app actually reads the verse out loud to your child and it’s only $.99! Available for iphone or ipad.

And if you’d like to enter the fab giveaway, just follow the Rafflecopter and I’ll see you Wednesday for the blogger linkup and the series, “How To Stop the Negative Internal Chatter.” Have a great day!




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  1. This would make a perfect baby gift! I have other books by Laura but haven’t seen this one. We had all of the kids do an alphabet book when they started to learn their letter. They still have them and can still recite the verses.

  2. My daughter and I have been doing Hello Kitty activities lately. She loves the fun coloring, matching, and word searches. I have her tell me each letter in the directions, then I say the word and she repeats each one. Then we go over it together. She really struggles with memorization but we just keep plugging away!

  3. Lately I’ve been cutting out letters in home made play doh for my lil one!

  4. In a desperate attempt to keep our older son occupied while I was busy in the kitchen, I bought the small magnetic letters for the refrigerator. While I was washing dishes or baking, he played with those letters and learned the letter sounds. As he got older, he started asking me how to spell words and he put the letters together as I spelled them out for him. He learned many sight words this way. It was a win-win for me!

    I love how the ABC book includes Godly principles while they are learning!

  5. We use books, puzzles and even make playdoh letters sometimes too

  6. We always start learning the ABCs with the alphabet song. Not very original, but it works! 🙂

  7. Lisa Manning says:

    This looks like a great idea to teach my child the abcs while still teaching Christ!

  8. tammy bruce says:

    I would love this for my granddaughter Terra

  9. What a fantastic giveaway! We have ABC verses hanging in our kid’s playroom. It’s a great reminder for me daily as I walk around & see them! My 2 year old would love this!

  10. Not quite yet, my son is 7 months old. I do like reading Alligator Alphabet to him, but this would be so much better!

    Check out my blog at:

  11. My grandson Andrew is medically fragile, trached and vented. He has a very rare genetic neuromuscular disorder…they said he wouldn’t live 3 days. Well God and Andrew told them something different! Andrew can only move his head a little bit and uses his eyes for all communication. He is age appropriate in concept development, identifying letters and numbers, counting and quantity, etc. He would love this book! Hope to enjoy it with him!

  12. Lesley M. says:

    I do a lot of hands on activities with my son, who is 2. He loves trucks and cars, we he “hauls” the letters, or dumps them, etc. He also likes doing sensory bins to find the letters. How did I survive without pinterest 🙂 LOL

  13. This summer we started going through the alphapet printing a coloring page with letter of the day and relate to Bible.

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