Another Manic Monday

Found myself talking to Monday this morning.  Our conversation went something like:

Good morning, Monday. How your punctuality is never good timing for me.

Our family has been swamped with three kiddos in basketball for the last two months. Three practices a week; three games a weekend. Throw in a few other extras and wow, do things get busy in a family of 9.

You, Monday, never take that into consideration.  You just roll over like nothing happened. Like you never saw those dishes that got piled up in my kitchen sink.  Like you never saw the email inbox go unanswered.  Like you just don’t even care that laundry is never-ending around here.

And now basketball is over and we take an overnighter to Grandma and Grandpa’s. Dear Monday, couldn’t you give me a little extra time to make up for the day of being gone from home?  I had so much to do!

You swoop in, stealing my weekend joy.  My Friday night happiness. My Saturday sunshine.  My Sunday worship and Word.

You remind me that today, I have a choice. I can seize the day, overflowing with the joy of the Lord, begging Him to lead the way.  Asking Him to show me what to prioritize.  Asking Him to display the difference between urgent and important.

Or I can wallow in the overwhelming thoughts that tempt me so easily.  Those Monday thoughts that say:

Here we go again.

You’re already behind before the week has even begun.

You see, the choices I made over the last few days HEAVILY affect my workload for the current day .  And Monday, I know you get this, but I just want to remind you:

You will not drown me with discouraging thoughts.

I love your routine; truly it is wonderful.

But when I’m forced to choose between your routine or relationships with God-given family, community, and God Himself,

relationships trump routine.




This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24

What do you do to fight manic Monday?

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  1. Mondays find me behind too 🙂 I have a whole category on my blog called “Messy Monday–Tips for Getting it Together”.
    I’ve found having a successful Monday (and week) requires some planning on Sunday (or at least on Monday). But I definitely agree about relationships. I read a great quote once: “People are more important than things, but things–out of control–hinder relationships with people.”
    Stopping by from BMM…

  2. I love this girl! And I love how God isn’t affected by what day of the week we’re in as long as we’re in HIM!!! -Blessings on this beautiful Monday, Amy!

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