An Easter Prayer Book Giveaway

bible reading challenge day 85As the celebration of the Lord’s resurrection is approaching this week, today I have the sweetest little book recommendation to add to your Easter planning. “An Easter Prayer” prayer book giveaway is for an adorable book that holds some big statements for its size.

easter prayer bookx giveaway

This book of thanks is the third in the “Time to Pray” series by Amy Parker. The illustrations are color-perfect for the Spring season and I love the way the book points your children directly to the true reason to be thankful at Easter.


Perfect for ages 1-5, this board book will hold up in hands that often forget to gently turn the pages. 🙂 My littlest one latched on to this book as soon as it arrived and didn’t want to let go.

To add to the fun giveaway today, I’m giving away a copy of my ebook, “The Sensational Scent of Prayer” alongside “An Easter Prayer.” This ebook was birthed from teaching a Bible study on Hannah and her prayer life and my prayer has simply been for God to use it however He sees fit. “The tabernacle’s perfumes waft higher into the air and Hannah’s prayers trailed just behind them, soaring to the heavens, rousing the attention of her heavenly Father…”


Enjoy! Just follow the Rafflecopter and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Book review provided freely. Publisher did not require a favorable review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I have a 1, 2.5, and almost 5 year old. Today we tore up tissue paper and made wax paper crosses for our window. We spend a lot of time at Church Easter week because I sing for our Church, so my kiddos accompany me to all the services. Today we talked about the cross and how it is the symbol of Jesus, and how it is part of God’s plan for us to get to Heaven. I asked my oldest if she wanted to have Jesus in her heart so she could live in Heaven, and she said “Oh yes, that would be good” My prayer is that she will always say so, and draw ever closer as she grows. It is so scary being a mom in these times, but I know God is with us. Thank you for your ministry. And Lisa, to quote the song by Chris Tomlin “I know Who goes before me, I know Who stands behind, the God of Angel armies is always by my side”

  2. Wow. I agree with Ayesha. I came onto this site to enter the giveaway, but will be leaving with my heart touched and hurting for Lisa’s family. It really puts things that I take for granted or things that I complain about as a big deal into perspective. I pray that Lisa and her family can take comfort in the strength of the Lord’s loving arms. As my 4 year old always seems to remind me when I need it the most, “There is nothing God can’t do. Right Mommy?”.

  3. I would love your book on prayer. I also could give away the Easter Prayer book to my great niece.

  4. Our little guy is 2 and this is our first easter together as we adopted him last year. I have been so excited to teach him about easter (my favourite holiday!). We do take him to church and while he’s still so tiny he is the first to pray at meals and in the morning/bedtime so we’ve been adding it in there since he loves praying. We also have a veggie tales book about easter that plays music that he loves!!! I’ve been focusing mainly on teaching him that the cross means someone loves him very much and that it means there is always hope.

    I’m a new follower and love your blog.

    Jessalyn xxx

    1. love it Jessalyn!! Never too early to learn to pray. 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment!

  5. ayesha h. says:

    i wanted to leave a comment so that i could win this book & share The Resurrection with my son, but…. LORD i stand with my sister Lisa. i pray for YOUR redemptive healing power to work in her life. I pray that her pain will be turned into streams & rivers of joy and prosperity of all types. Thank you for the reminder that we should be able to carry each other’s burdens, even when we feel a bit shaky ourselves!
    In JESUS’ Name.

  6. Susan Davis says:

    Our kids are all 5 and under so we keep things simple. Resurrection eggs, reading books like “The Story of Easter” by Patricia A. Pingry and “What is Easter” by Michelle Medlock Adams, reading the Easter story in the Bible and then talking about what happened, making Resurrection rolls, substituting chocolate crosses for bunnies in our “Resurrection” baskets on Easter morning, and one of our favorites – “egg”ing our friends’ houses by hiding eggs in their yards! The eggs all have treats in them that we’ve picked up at our local Christian bookstore but one egg is always empty – just like the tomb on Easter morning and we explain why in a little note we leave on their doorstep. This year, the boys (5 and 3) decided to take little bags of jellybeans to their friends at school with the Jellybean Prayer attached. Even though we do all these things at Easter, it is so important that this isn’t just a once a year thing for us. Easter for us is about our new life in Christ, it is about the victory that Jesus claimed for us and that is something we need to celebrate each and every day!

  7. Melinda T says:

    We attend Easter Service, read the Bible and will be doing the Resurrection eggs.

  8. We are enjoying the Resurrection Eggs. Easter Sunday we will be attending Church and focusing on Jesus.

  9. I always read the book “What is Easter” to my son and then we are sure to focus on the fact that Christ rose from the dead and not on the Easter bunny.

  10. Chastity Cooper says:

    We will be taking our boys to Easter services early Sunday morning. We recently found a great church and they are sponsering a peepfest celebration for the children that we will attend also. Lastly, we will celebrate with our family and friends, and then come home to watch the conclusion of The Bible together on t.v. Lots of exciting things this week going on, and all to glorify Him!!! He is risen!!

  11. we are involved in our church and its ministries 3 times a week 4 if Sunday school and morning service count as two. it’s easy for the Christian life to become busy and boring. they have heard the ” easter story ” multiple times a year. since they were born. So we do resurrection cookies andthe crescent rolls with the marshmallow. that melts and disappears.when we do that we talk about the sweetness of living a life serving God and the many blessings that come from working hard in or Christian life. it’s a great life with the Lord!

  12. Cecily R Bornemann says:

    Looks like a good giveaway, thanks.

  13. Jessica K says:

    We talk about it, will be doing the jelly bean poem with her this week, awesome exposure through Sunday school, and have a book my sister in law sent for her second Easter. Would love to have another book to share Jesus’ story with her. ♥ my girl and with her learning to read it would be great to have something at her level to let her read too.

  14. Jennifer Shaw says:

    I would love to have this for my 2 yr old, I am trying to teach her to pray and the true meaning of Easter!

  15. This year we’re going over an E-book that’s kind of like Resurrection Eggs. I like the simplicity of the explanations.

  16. April Lopez says:

    When my kids were little we lived the resurrection daily. Always talked about it. My boys are grown and all serving The Lord. I have a neighbor who just had a baby. I would love to gift this book to them.

  17. I take my kids to Easter service,so they can hear the story of Christ’s resurrection,and we have a brunch potluck after. I will be missing my oldest 3 this year,as one is moved out and getting ready to go into the air force,one is living far away(and far from God & family),and on is in AZ,with her 3 lil boys,one of which was recently diagnosed with Kawasaki’s Disease. So I would be thrilled to win this and have it sent to her. She needs some peace,love,and grace in her life. She is 21,and was in a horrible accident with her two brothers(my stepsons),her aunt,and her cousin. They were all injured(even the recent military recruit-stepson,17),but my son(stepson,14,but I call him mine) got the worst of it. He is paraplegic and has recent health issues and we are facing a major surgery and oldest girl is so far from home(we are in OR,she is in AZ),so please pray for us,and our kiddos. We could use an Easter miracle ourselves! God bless you all! Sending our love…..Lisa

    1. OH Jesus. My little problem of little heat at our house this morning due to an ailing furnace seems quite tiny in the midst of this heartache my sister Lisa is facing. Please be with her today in a special way- may she see your Presence all around her. Prayers for you, dear Lisa!!

      1. Thank you,Rachel. Prayers are always welcome around here. I truly appreciate it. Thank you.

    2. Susan Davis says:

      Lisa, I pray that starting today and going forward God will grant you peace and that you will feel enfolded by His loving presence. He is always with us, even through our darkest hours when it is hardest to see Him. I pray that you will have a beautiful Easter season and that those who are hurting, stressed and anxious will be touched by God’s grace and love even more in these coming days and that healing will come for you and your family’s hurts, both physical and emotional. God bless you, sweetie. I wish I could give you a big hugs in person, but know that I’m sending them virtually.

      1. Thank you so much Susan. I feel your virtual hugs from here. 🙂 I am praying for miracles upon miracles. Hope you all have a beautiful,blessed Easter also.And to everyone here,Happy Easter! Praise God! 🙂

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